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May 19th, 2015 36 comments

pink irisIt’s almost time for iris to bloom.  I think they are my favorite flower of all.  They are tall, regal, and majestic.

This iris used to be in my garden, before it got “changed.”  I made the unfortunate discovery that if you plant different iris too close together, their colors will blend.  This pink lady was beautiful the first year.  The second year she was yellow.  I know this because I took pictures.

Beware if you plant premium iris.  Spread them out real well.

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The Cooch had better stick to oyster farming…

May 23rd, 2015 5 comments

Is anyone else horrified with this rhetoric? Family values is a dog whistle for something, I am just not sure what. I can’t even figure out these people’s hidden agenda. I think they think about sex or not-sex entirely too often.

Politicians who align themselves with these kinds of people will find themselves jobless in the public arena. Cuccinelli needs to stay with his oyster farming. He will get no where in politics if he associates with people like this.

Good grief, and to think people have been worried about Bill Ayers. Domestic terrorists or incestuous child molesters. What a choice.

Captain George Harris: Memorial Day 2015

May 23rd, 2015 5 comments

Our own poet laureate of Moonhowlings, Captain George Harris, has once again agreed to  shared his thoughts with us for this Memorial Day.



This year marks the 147th anniversary of the first Memorial Day, known to many as Decoration Day and it is just six weeks past the 150th anniversary of the assassination of the president who led this nation through this great war to knit our nation back together again.  This day was originally set aside to decorate the graves of those valiant men who gave their lives in the greatest and most divisive war our nation has ever experienced-our Civil War or as it was known in the Confederate states, the War of Northern Aggression.  We have fought many wars since but none as divisive or as malevolent as this war.

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The Duggars need to dig a hole and crawl in it

May 22nd, 2015 23 comments

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

The Duggars seriously need to disappear off the center stage and go do whatever it is they do away from the public eye. How do you forgive child molestation? I am all for second chances. The fact that this young man isn’t in prison is his second chance. He shouldn’t be held up as an uber-Christian.

The American public has been deceived.

I have never watched the show. I have heard about it and these people. There is something seriously wrong with these people and they do not represent any Christianity I want to be associated with.

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Skeeters and critters in PWC

May 22nd, 2015 No comments

raccoon                                 skeeter

Animal control in PWC is almost non-existent if you aren’t a dog.  If  a raccoon or skunk moves in and decides to live under your porch or in your shed, you are on your own.  If a rattlesnake takes over your patio, you had better hope you can outrun it or knock it in the head with a big stick.  You had better not shoot it, that would be illegal in some parts of the county.

Mosquito control is really sketchy if you live in my neighborhood.   I have been told again and again that the spray truck cannot come on my street because the speed limit is 35 mph.  In the first place, the  speed limit hasn’t been 35 for at least 20 years.  Secondly, if it comes to cars going to Splashdown or me getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, I am going to vote for my own personal comfort first.  They can just follow the mosquito truck that is going 25 mph.

Mosquitoes are horrible in Sudley and Westgate.  It is impossible to go outside in warm weather without spraying up  with Deep Woods OFF.  We live very close to Bull Run, as the crow flies.  News flash, Prince William County:  Rivers and creeks attract and breed mosquitoes–millions of them!

Memorial Day marks the beginning of my annual fight with the country over mosquito control.   Once more I will insist that my street get sprayed.  I expect I will get told no, once again.   Maybe this is an area where my supervisor can help.  Maybe the county will be commanded to spray my street.   I am not counting on it, however.

While they are at it, the County  can start providing animal control services again, especially for wild animals.  During the recession, it was decided that the citizens were on their own.  Animal services other than for dogs was simply not affordable.  I think it’s time to provide some assistance with larger animals that are places they shouldn’t be, especially as the danger of rabies increases.

What services do other localities provide with skeeters and trespassing critters?

Wish me luck!  I will be reporting back.



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A twitter account and the racists will come

May 20th, 2015 8 comments

Isn’t this just a damn shame! Regardless of what thoughts are in a person’s head, haven’t most of us been raised to have good manners? Calling someone, anyone, the N word, is just bad manners. Calling the President of the United States anything other than (to date) “Mr. President” or “Sir” is just ill-mannered and a tremendous breach of protocol.

Maybe the First Amendment just isn’t all it is cracked up to be.  Can we at least take away people’s Twitter account for just being low class?

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gets the death penalty

May 15th, 2015 7 comments

From New York Times email:

A federal jury on Friday condemned Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a failed college student, to death for setting off bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured hundreds more in the worst terrorist attack on American soil since Sept. 11, 2001.
The jury of seven women and five men, which last month convicted Mr. Tsarnaev, 21, of all 30 charges against him, 17 of which carry the death penalty, took more than 14 hours to reach its decision.

I am not sure how I feel about this one.  I think I would be more comfortable with life in prison with no chance of parole.   I think his age has something to do with it.  He is young.  He would be around for a long time.  I felt the same way about Malvo.  I was glad he got life.

For the record:  Generally speaking, I am not opposed to the death penalty as long as there is absolute certainty of guilt.

How do the readers feel?

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Demonizing the Poor

May 14th, 2015 11 comments

I think the Foxies are confused.  I believe the goal, in this case, is to feed hungry children.  No one in America should be hungry.

It seems like too much talk and too much legislation is aimed at decreasing the number of people on food stamps not because America is more prosperous but because some people see think the poor are getting something for nothing.  There is a general tendency, especially among the Faux News types,  to stereotype those who receive food stamps as being lazy.  Sure, some people are lazy.  That adjective really doesn’t fit the majority of people who receive assistance.

Maybe it makes the accusers feel better to belittle those on assistance.  I feel badly for those who don’t have enough to eat.  There are all sorts of reasons why people don’t have enough food.  Probably the most ubiquitous reason is that there is unemployment in the home.  Others might have physical or emotional issues that make it impossible for them to work.  Still others are in school, have huge child care bills, or are just down on their luck.

Perhaps its time to take some pride in America and rewrite the food stamp script.  How about deciding, as a nation, that we have no hungry people?  Hungry people don’t work well and they don’t learn well.  Cutting off food stamps is simply mean and vindictive in most cases.

Good for President Obama for calling out Faux News.  Faux News just has to have someone to hate.

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Imprisoned man receives unconditional pardon from McAuliffe

May 14th, 2015 3 comments

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) on Wednesday granted an absolute pardon to a convicted sex offender, ending a decades-long campaign by an imprisoned man whose claims of innocence were eventually joined by prosecutors and police.

Final proof that Michael Kenneth McAlister, 58, was wrongly convicted came when another man — a serial rapist who bore an uncanny resemblance to McAlister — recently confessed to the 1986 attempted rape and kidnapping in Richmond, the governor said.

The unconditional pardon wipes away a prosecution that has haunted officials familiar with the investigation for decades, and came days before McAlister faced what his attorneys called the “Kafka-esque prospect” of being locked away for years more under a Virginia law that allows the civil commitment of sexual predators after they complete their criminal sentences.

“A number of individuals in the law enforcement community . . . have concluded that this crime was committed by another individual, and that Mr. McAlister should be freed to return to his family and his community,” McAuliffe said in a written statement. “I have reached the same conclusion, and I have acted in accordance with the law.”
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Conflict of Interest? Marilyn Mosby appears on stage with Prince

May 11th, 2015 36 comments


In what universe is this behavior appropriate? More to the point, how can the 6 police officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray possibly hope to get a fair trial?

Prince told everyone at his concert to wear gray to honor Freddie Gray. I am not sure why Freddie Gray deserves to be honored. What did he do honorable? [Crickets] It sounds like 50 Shades of Gray has come to Baltimore.

Mosby needs to step back and take a look at herself. Her integrity has already been questioned because of various alliances. Is she trying to be a professional prosecutor or is the media attraction to stardom seducing her away from justice. Right now, she isn’t making a very pretty Lady Liberty.

Prince may do what he wants. He is an entertainer. A prosecutor must put him or herself far above question and stop listening to the sirens of stardom. So far she has failed.

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