Help Save Manassas – Mexicans Without Borders 3/7/08 Part2

Watch Greg stammer when explaining the ‘$50 million supposedly, reasonably’ shortfall of the hospital which is ‘attributed’ to ‘illegal’ immigrants. Why all the stammering and disclaimers of supposedly or reasonably well it’s because it’s not PROVEN! It’s a feeling. I personally spoke with a representative from the hospital who I asked for proof that undocumented individuals and not just the poor were the ‘self-pay’ ie ‘no-pay’ problem to which she replied – ‘it sure feels that way.’ Sorry folks, I’m not buying this ‘feeling’. Show me the numbers or give me the best numbers you have. The hospital is a non-profit and files 1099’s online, so I looked there without any luck. Otherwise, they don’t release their annual report to the public but I’d really like to look at those numbers. Otherwise, I get the feeling that it’s just scapegoating the undocumented community.

HSM ‘Frontline’ article – ‘Cultural Chaos’

The March edition of ‘Front Line’, Help Save Manassas’ marching orders is on news stands now.  (Please stand back while I hurl.)  And what brilliance are we in for this month?  Cultural Chaos.  According to Dan Arnold, Vice President of Help Save Manassas Prince William County is in a cultural chaos.  Okay, and what does he validate his claims on, well ‘a strange phenomenon.’  (Keep reading this is a classic.)  According to Arnold, Prince William doesn’t enjoy a ‘pleasant mix of ethnicities’ as other cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Saint Louis and Minneapolis.  You can’t make this up folks.  Yes, he said a pleasant mix of ethnicities, please tell me, Mr. Arnold what is so unpleasant about the ‘mix’ in Prince William?Read More