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Deane & State Department Involvement?

March 31st, 2008 14 comments

Obviously, if this is the case, we are in over our heads and should rescind the resolution immediately.

From –

UPDATE: I’m hearing that the U.S. State Department has contacted county officials today in order to find out what’s been going on. Now that the federal government has taken an interest in what has transpired, I imagine answers are going to be coming pretty quickly, although the citizens may not be able to hear what those answers actually were if the information is deemed to relate to matters of national security.

Again, what about Chairman Stewart meeting with the German delegation and their discussion of the resolution?  Back in November it was reported both in the Washington Times and the DC Examiner that Supervisor Stirrup and Stewart had what was described as a ‘debate’ with four German lawmakers which apparently was their sole purpose for meeting with them.

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04/01/08 PWC Board of Supervisors Meeting

March 31st, 2008 5 comments

The Board will have both a 2:oopm and a 7:30pm session tomorrow.  The agenda for the meeting indicates that Chief Deane will provide an update on enforcement of the ‘Illegal Immigration’ Resolution.

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9500Liberty: Aftermath of Immigration Resolution in Prince William

March 31st, 2008 16 comments

Let me just say, Woodbridge has a problem.  Marumsco Plaza has changed dramatically since last summer.  The buildings have been dilapidated for quite some time; however now they are abandoned which makes them look a hundred times worse.  What’s going on with the revitalization program for the Route 1 Corridor?

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Supervisor Jenkins on Chief Deane

March 31st, 2008 36 comments

Supervisor John Jenkins reminds PWC citizens of Chief Deanes community efforts regarding the immigration resolution

I have known Colonel Charlie Deane for all of the 25+ years that I have been a member of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors and am proud to say that I supported his appointment as Chief of Police some 20 years ago.  Under his leadership the PWC Police Department was one of the first departments to achieve full accreditation in the Commonwealth and continues to be among the best in the nation.  Colonel Deane has been the lead in creating the Criminal Alien Unit to handle Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the county and is following the guidance given to him by the Board of County Supervisors in educating the public about the new ICE program.   I am proud of the job that he is doing as Chief of Police and he has my complete support and vote of confidence.  Listed below are some of the many activities that Colonel Deane and the Police Department have been engaged in since last July to help educate the public on ICE:Coordinating and educating government agencies, and key community stakeholders regarding the policy. “Last July, when the Police Department was first directed to undertake a greater role in enforcing illegal immigration, we realized one of the greatest challenges was going to be in the area of public education,” said Police Chief Charlie T. Deane. “Since this is a new area of responsibility, one of our greatest challenges has been responding to the differing expectations of those in the community, and clarifying what police officers will be doing, and also what they will not be doing. That is why we have taken every opportunity to meet with all groups who have expressed interest in learning more about the illegal immigration enforcement policy.”

Examples of community groups that have received presentations include the Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Manassas Soccer League, Dar Alnoor Mosque, Northern Virginia Community College and Holy Family Catholic Church. In addition, police staff have given presentations to school faculty and superintendents, social services , and victim/witness program members, as well as offered informational training sessions to more than 300 county employees. (A listing of community meetings appears at the end of this summary).

The Police Department invites and encourages all interested groups who would like to learn more about the new policy or to schedule a briefing to call 703-792-7245. Comprehensive information regarding illegal immigration enforcement can also be found on the Department’s web site at



3/27/2008 Hispanic Community/Hi-Mart
3/24/2008 Belair Women’s Club
3/6/2008 General Counsel El Salvadore
2/23/2008 Manassas Soccer League
2/6/2008 7-11 Franchise Owners
1/28/2008 School Board Coalition
11/12/2007 Crime Prevention Council
11/9/2007 Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce
9/27/2007 Nancy Lyall/Ricardo Perez
9/27/2007 Help Save Manassas
9/24/2007 Hispanic Business Owners/Todos Market

Religious Organizations

12/2/2007 Manassas Church of Brethren
11/18/2007 First Baptist of Woodbridge
11/13/2007 Eastern Prince William Ministerial Services
10/5/2007 Manassas Mosque
9/30/2007 Holy Family Catholic Church
9/30/2007 Dar Alnoor Mosque


3/26/2008 Panorama Latino
3/26/2008 Radio Fiesta
3/25/2008 LaLay Radio Station
3/19/2008 Louise Schiavone – CNN
3/14/2008 El Zol Radio Station
3/6/2008 Washington Post
3/5/2008 ArloWagner – Washington Times
3/5/2008 Alberto Ojeda – Nuevo Horizontes
3/3/2008 Radio America
1/18/2008 Justice Talking Radio Show – NPR
10/23/2007 Sky News w/ Lisa Holland

10/23/2007 News Channel 8
10/19/2007 WMAL Radio Show Live
9/27/2007 Fiesta 1480 Radio

Educational Groups

3/1/2008 – ongoing School Faculty (High, Middle, Elementary, Specialty)
2/6/2008 NVCC – Students & Faculty
1/28/2008 School Board Coalition
1/9/2008 School Board Supervisors
12/6/2007 NVCC – Woodbridge Campus

Law Enforcement/Government

3/20/2008 Leadership Prince William
12/14/2007 US Commission on Civil Rights

County Agencies

3/20/2008 Victim/Witness Program Staff
3/12/2008 School Security Staff
2/26/2008 Social Services Staff
1/9/2008 School Association Supervisors

County Staff
2/26/2008 – 3/7/08 County Employee Informational Sessions (7 Sessions)

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Doing the American Job

March 31st, 2008 5 comments

Last week the United States reached the 4,000th fatality mark in Iraq.  This article, from the San Antonio Express-News, tells the story of a Mexican immigrant soldier who was among those who died while serving his country:

Army Spc. Jose Rubio Hernandez believed America had given him a lot, and joining the military was his way to give back before becoming a full U.S. citizen. The Mexican-born 24-year-old died Monday with three other soldiers from wounds suffered when a roadside bomb destroyed their vehicle in Iraq.

He was in the 4th Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, Ga.

He just felt that there’s so many American citizens here that won’t go to war, and he felt like this country had done so much for him that this was his way,” his wife, Jennifer Joan Rubio, 25, said Thursday.

Rest in Peace Army Spc. Jose Hernandez

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Mom Lectures Boys

March 29th, 2008 56 comments

Accusations of censoring are leveled again…  I thought I’d grab this comment before it disappeared.  Do you think it really serves a point to silence people who express an opposing viewpoint?  What is gained by that?  Perhaps it’s just to make it look as if everyone is in agreement with his position? Since starting the blog I’ve only censored two comments, one was a residential address and the other gave too much detailed information about the school that a Supervisor children attended.

Anonymous said on 29 Mar 2008 at 10:09 pm:


What’s the matter Frenchie? Skin a little thin?

Enough already, Greg, you’re an idiot. If you want to change things that
badly run for office and assume the office and RESPONSIBILITY to go with
your mouth. It is very easy to sit on the sidelines and attack without an
understanding of what it legal and what may cause long-term harm, fiscal
and otherwise. Until then, if you don’t understand the statues or the
process, I would suggest thinking before opening you pie-hole (I would
however suggest waiting till after the next census so you might run against
Wally as opposed to St. Stirrup).

As for you Mr. Royce, if your comments are truly indicative of your
positions, you embarass me as a loyal LONG-STANDING member of the GOP. You
are seemingly no less self-serving than our idiot savant chairman. Oh, and
AWC, I’ll fire the pre-emptive strike, spare me your indignance based on
past efforts as its clear you’re past your prime and relevance.

It’s well past time most of this echo chamber grew up a little.


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All That’s Good in PWC…

March 29th, 2008 105 comments

This is a very good exercise.  Let’s focus on the positive.

We have beautiful vistas.
Historic & well-maintained Battlefields.

Okay, let’s keep it going…

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‘Welcome To Da Hood, Boyz’ Double Huh?

March 29th, 2008 24 comments

Anyone familiar with Manassas knows an airlift between Stonewall Jackson Highschool and Prince William Hospital is ludicrous.  What, they’re going to call a helicopter to transport someone the 1/8th mile between these two locations?  So in addition to having an 18 year old ninth grader, I would question the necessity of an airlift.

Here’s the quote from

By Greg L | 29 March 2008 | Crime, Prince William County | No Comments

Meanwhile, a different sort of thug culture was on display at Stonewall Jackson High School where an eighteen year old ninth-grader (huh?) by the name of Keith Diego Cano Anaya was arrested for inflicting head injuries on an unidentified fifteen year old ninth grader in an after-school altercation so severe that the victim required an airlift to Prince William Hospital.

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Chief Deane Forewarned Us

March 29th, 2008 27 comments

Unfortunately, his predictions about what will happen in Prince William County are starting to come to fruition.

The trust factor in the immigrant community is eroding which could translate into an increase level of unsolved crimes. Perceptions of racism have increased just as suggested. We have a more divisive community with more radicalized, polorized camps which cause both groups to be more difficult to deal with. Calls are coming into the police station for things that are trivial in nature. For instance, an immigrant woman phoned in to complain that a police cruiser was following her to closely and she felt intimidated by this action. Just as he projected – there will be higher taxes.

He goes on to make further predictions that have yet to been realized, but if we continue down this path, these scenarios seem entirely plausible. He suggests that there could be a surge in crime by disenfranchised youths and angry immigrants. Additionally cases of vigilantism could occur which will further erode trust. Overall, his forecast has been correct, which causes me concern for these other items which he envisions could happen.

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Powell, Deane Parallel

March 29th, 2008 53 comments

Interesting analogy between Secretary of State Colin Powell & Police Chief Charles Deane that was submitted:

WhyHereWhyNow said on 28 Mar 2008 at 1:02 pm:

After listening once again to Chief Charlie Deane stand tall in the face of Prince William County’s dissolution, an analogy occurred to me:

Anti-immigrant hysteria 2007-2008 = run-up to Iraq War hysteria 2002-2003
Chief Charlie Deane in 2007 = Sec. of State Colin Powell in 2002

The difference is that Chief Deane has so far stuck it out to make the best of a bad situation. Colin Powell failed to stop the Iraq War, then resigned and left the aftermath to less capable, less moral cronies. Let’s hope Charlie Deane doesn’t desert us too.

There are similarities between the case for war and the current immigration hysteria. For one, there are the claims of patriotism on one side and accusations of being unpatriotic leveled against individuals expressing a different viewpoint. Additionally, it appears there’s a concerted effort to either remove from office or force out individuals that are perceived not to be ‘towing the party line.’ Could we be looking at a case where Chief Deane is effectively removed from his position because of concerns voiced over the implementation of the immigration policy?  What if anything can be done to bolster Chief Deane?

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