The March edition of ‘Front Line’, Help Save Manassas’ marching orders is on news stands now.  (Please stand back while I hurl.)  And what brilliance are we in for this month?  Cultural Chaos.  According to Dan Arnold, Vice President of Help Save Manassas Prince William County is in a cultural chaos.  Okay, and what does he validate his claims on, well ‘a strange phenomenon.’  (Keep reading this is a classic.)  According to Arnold, Prince William doesn’t enjoy a ‘pleasant mix of ethnicities’ as other cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Saint Louis and Minneapolis.  You can’t make this up folks.  Yes, he said a pleasant mix of ethnicities, please tell me, Mr. Arnold what is so unpleasant about the ‘mix’ in Prince William?

Well you see in those cities –  the Polish, Italian, Puerto Ricans (note: Puerto Ricans are Americans), Germans and Lithuanians they ‘subject’ their ‘native, ethnic culture’ to the ‘dominant American culture.’  News flash Mr Arnold, those countries primarily immigrated last generation what would you expect?  And the only Hispanic group named are the ones that are already Americans.  This is a joke right?  Wait, it’s not over yet.  He proclaims, in those cities, ‘they are naturalized citizens’. Really?  Okay, what did you do a survey in all those cities and Prince William, so you could come to this ‘determination’?  No?  Well, what did you do, just pull this out of thin air?  Then he goes on to say, they are ‘second, third generation or legal residents pursuing citizenship.’  Exactly, my point Mr Arnold. And I actually wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today.  These guys make it so easy.  Let’s keep going.  He states, ‘I couldn’t pinpoint it initially’ (I wonder why!) ‘but there was always a palpable something missing every time I would step foot back on Northern Virginia soil.’  Yeah, I’d really like to tell you what was missing from Virginia while you were away but I’ll refrain myself.  Here’s where he loses it – ‘it strikes him what is missing in No. Va. is… the overwhelming presence of Mexican and Central and South American culture in Northern Virginia’.  Personally, I don’t think that’s what he meant to say exactly but we get the drift.

Every time I get home, within 10 minutes or less of deplaning, I inevitably hear people speaking Spanish. And loudly, as if it were the American tongue. I have barely taken the onramp to Centreville Road and already I am seeing the little Honduran rearview mirror flags, and the Mexican bumper stickers. I reach Yorkshire and the business marquees in Spanish begin to appear. And then, as I enter Manassas, now just blocks from my home and family, the pain of this overwhelming deluge hits hard. All this change has swept through our community in but a few short years.

Here we go, in his final paragraph he admits that he doesn’t know people’s status’, he surmises – either ‘illegal immigration swarm is either less of an impact, or at least less apparent,’ in these cities. And he ‘relishes it.’ For these reasons, Mr. Arnold is ‘more convinced then ever that we must continue to fight the scourge of illegal immigration and all the negative effects it brings.’

Do we need anymore reason to discount what these people are saying? Do you hear their motivation? Hello?
Let me translate that, areas where there are ‘illegal’ Germans, Polish, Lithuanians etc… appear as though there’s less of ‘an impact’ of ‘illegal immigration’ and that’s what he relishes.  So as long as they don’t look ‘illegal’ that’s okay?

This article is exactly why Help Save Manassas doesn’t sit well with me.

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  1. Jo Blow

    So, you think Disney was a Nazi for using Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries in Fantasia, too?

  2. Moon-howler

    Jo Blow,

    This Nazi thing really is eating at you isn’t it? I rather enjoyed the mini history lesson.

  3. Jo Blow

    moonie @ 12:37 AM, take a pill and get more rest.

  4. Moon-howler

    Blow I do not do drugs. I am veeerryyyy careful about what goes in THIS mouth. I am probably the most well-rested person in Northern VA. Thanks for the concern though. Just a different time schedule than the rest of the world.

  5. Juturna

    Redawn!!! Nice to see you!!

    I have to say when I first saw the SJSMS video and watched the OPS guy start the cassette, my very first thought was I’ll bet those people can think Wagner’s Ride of Valkeries was written for Apocalypse Now. I think you are giving these poeple who clearly lack exposure to culture at and on on so many levels far more credit than they deserve. Especially in the arena of classical music.

    Being raised by opera enthusiasts has taught me that the majority of folks think that most great music was written for movies.

  6. independent thinker

    I agree Juturna, I believe they did not understand the history of Wagner and how inappropriate that music would be, given the circumstance of their HSM meeting. Which, actually, solidifies my point even more, the ability of that group to think in broad terms, in a comprehenisive manner, to understand more thant the small box they have confined themselves to, is why we are facing a social and fiscal nightmare in this county.

  7. Juturna

    Bingo Gringo. Being far far more articulate than I, you summed it up exactly. That is my perception of this cluster of individuals.

  8. redawn

    independent thinker said on 6 Mar 2008 at 9:44 pm
    Juturna said on 7 Mar 2008 at 9:07 am

    Hello, that was a warm welcome 🙂 Thanks~

    I posted that on both sites and sure enough it only showed up on this one.
    The weird thing is, from my home computer is shows as though it is posted on BVBL.
    I was at a different computer today and it does not show. I get back home and it SHOWS that is on there as a comment. Can anyone explain that?

    I understand that some of my comments were taken down due to being off topic on a thread.
    I have seen other poster’s comments as well as mine, that have been deleted that I really could not understand why because they were not of ILL will or directed toward anyone.

    I only speak the truth that I know to be and if I am wrong I welcome the correction and/or have apologized.

    If I don’t know, I ASK!

    I am NOT an illegal apologist BY FAR and I do understand the complex issues of the cause and effect.

    I have NO other agenda other than to LEARN!
    I do NOT take things at face value, I RESEARCH.

    The name calling is so childish and puts people on the DEFENSE and deafens the ear.
    I know that there are some VERY good HSM members who have done a lot of good for our community.

    I am NOT knocking anyone in particular when I say, with ANY group, you cannot always control the actions of others.

    I was at one time, a proud member and ONLY chose to ask for my removal as I thought it best not to be tied to ANY group that involves politics. That is ALL.

    I am my own INDEPENDENT person and have my own beliefs and find it better to speak for myself.

    I just wish that everyone would treat each other with respect and watch how much you can learn by doing so.

  9. independent thinker

    Greg is very devious when it comes to his blog. He lets you THINK you are posting, but in actuality, they are invisible to all but you. He doesn’t have the common decency to tell you that your posts are not being seen. Maybe he likes to laugh at all the people who are under the false impression that they are part of the conversation, even though he knows they are being completely censored. He has even started blocking people’s IP addresses so that they can’t even view his blog.

  10. Censored bybvbl

    Redawn, it’s probably saved in your cache. If you clear your cache, it should disappear.

  11. redawn

    independent thinker & Censored bybvbl,


    “I am NOT choosing sides and if ( and it seems it has) come to this,
    I hope everyone wakes up! This division in dialog will bare no fruit.”

    I guess there is NO division in dialog if I am the ONLY one reading it. WTF? I am half laughing but WOW, I look at our own government trying to gain much more control for themselves and NOT the America citizen and will not stand for that…..unbelievable, not!

  12. independent thinker

    Yes, it does make you laugh, just a little, to think of what a jerk someone must be to do such petty things. It seems to me ,that the purpose of some blogs is to give the “appearence” that all citizens are like minded. That tact, in and of itself, seems like propoganda to me.

  13. redawn

    I agree with you relating it to propaganda, whether it be blogs, media, government and/or of private sector.

    NOW, my question is How does one get the “WHOLE truth and nothing but”…out there?
    (in ANY scenario)

    Land of the free? hmmmm….. I think I know get the meaning of “nothing is free” you have to always EARN it…..that is why it takes research and being vigil to never stop ASKING questions and learning.

    I do have to quote Albert Einstein as seen on “kgotthardt” when I clikced on the the moniker and saw it on the page it led me to:

    “The most important thing is to never stop questioning.”
    –Albert Einstein

  14. Firedancer

    Well, now redawn has been blocked from bvbl? She was far from being one of us “illegal alien apologists”! Every day brings a new surprise from He Who Shall Not Be Named. Personal experience revealed several degrees of being blocked. In the beginning, one’s name was merely blocked, but that didn’t last too long. Now the first stage of banishment is that you can post, but only you can see it. Ha Ha Ha. Soon you become suspicious when you start noticing your posts are invisible on different computers, and no one seems to give any indication of having seen your words of wisdom. Kind of like the ghosts in the movie The Sixth Sense. When you find ways to get around that system, and become even more pointed in your comments, apparently thus further enraging Lord Paranoid, you are prevented from posting at all. When that doesn’t work, you are completely blocked from even being able to view the site (beware the “FORBIDDEN” message). Perhaps by now the banished ones go from invisible posting to FORBIDDEN, since I detect a rapid decline into ever deeper paranoia.

    So now even allies are being kicked out of the kingdom. Who will be left?

  15. moon-howler

    And to think, all we used to dread was the dreaded blue screen of death.

  16. redawn


    Thanks for the run down, the good giggle. 🙂 I know who I answer to and HIS Kingdom is the only one that I pay attention too 🙂

    I guess I have to say as I try to live by and have said MANY times, YOU cannot hide from the truth.

    The truth shall…..

    and WHATSOEVER, I will not hide behind MY faith, as I stand for it and live by it.

    IF people don’t agree, as I suspect (duh),I REPSPECT and will not pass judgment.

  17. Firedancer

    Redawn, I think you will find a warm welcome here. I haven’t had much time lately to post, but I’ve been enjoying reading. People are trying to be civil, and to create a different atmosphere from the Other.

  18. Firedancer

    redawn, I clicked on your link of one more for the road. Too scary looking for me, though. Religion is not my thing.

  19. redawn


    I am just being who I am and respect your views 🙂


    “IF people don’t agree, as I suspect (duh),I RESPECT and will not pass judgment.”

  20. Moon-howler


    Nice Wolves. Howwwwwl!!! I especially liked the one with red eyes.


    I was somewhat off-put for a moment until I saw the point being made. I do not think you would disagree.

    Now you all have me thinking about my favorite commerical :

  21. independent thinker

    very cute moon-howler!

  22. Juturna

    You all stay up far too late for me!! Welcome Redawn!! Glad to see you here. Moving away from the Prince of Darkness is a good thing. Anyone else besides me see a theme here regarding outspoken women that have been blocked or censored????? Should we add misogynist to the list?

  23. Juturna

    So Redawn,

    Are you here for good? Are you finished with THE OTHER? Anyone here read THE OTHER by Thomas Tryon? That is why I started using that monniker for >>>>>>>>.

  24. redawn


    I liked that commercial to and would giggle, it is cute 🙂


    I know I stayed up too late..tee-hee.

    I am PRESENT for roll call!

    I got tired of talking to myself! LOL

  25. Juturna



  26. Firedancer

    Juturna, I had noticed the thing about women. I wonder how many of the “censored” are men.

  27. Juturna

    This is just one aspect of ‘discriminatory’ behaviour that is indicative of larger issues as evidenced by “articles” on websites. Just another piece of information adde to the growing list that one should keep in mind.

  28. Censored bybvbl

    I’ve noticed the disdain for outspoken women there as well. I think that is why the far right wing of the Republican party is falling on hard times…too many of its positions are founded on the good little woman being subservient to her husband. You can’t expect most centrists, modern women, democrats, or moderate republicans to support those extreme positions….particularly when your far right social agenda is coupled with a tax and spend spree both at the national level and locally.

    The sense of white male entitlement still comes through at the nameless place. I think they’re extremely upset at losing control. Luckily for me personally, the men in my life are confident, have a sense of humor, aren’t threatened by others (and I don’t mean that they are belligerant, just accepting), along with a myriad of other positive traits, My dh is a negotiator, compromiser, mediator. He can put his ego aside and look for the common good.

    How many others think quite a bit of sock-puppetry exists there as well? It is a good way to make up for lost posters. Haha.

  29. Juturna

    Oh I think there is a bit of sock puppetry there – not sure if it is making up for lost posters or an illness. Have noticed similar verbiage and phraseaology here from some posters reminicent of THE OTHER, guess they are running out of things to say to each other….or no one to take their frustrations out on. Gee, maybe the rise of blogs has a correlation with the decline of telmarketers calling and providing that end of the day yelling outlet??

    They can chose any role that suits their lifestyle but don’t force it me. That was the feeling I always got, was dismissal simply becuase of what I was, not what I had to say.

  30. Bring it On

    #1. Doesn’t Anyone Proofread these newsletters? Do you mean nobody else picked this up?
    #2. He’s upset because people at Dulles INTERNATIONAL Airport are speaking the second most spoken language in the world – SPANISH but what he really doesn’t like is that they are speaking it LOUDLY.

    This guy is UNBELIEVABLE.

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