Watch Greg stammer when explaining the ‘$50 million supposedly, reasonably’ shortfall of the hospital which is ‘attributed’ to ‘illegal’ immigrants. Why all the stammering and disclaimers of supposedly or reasonably well it’s because it’s not PROVEN! It’s a feeling. I personally spoke with a representative from the hospital who I asked for proof that undocumented individuals and not just the poor were the ‘self-pay’ ie ‘no-pay’ problem to which she replied – ‘it sure feels that way.’ Sorry folks, I’m not buying this ‘feeling’. Show me the numbers or give me the best numbers you have. The hospital is a non-profit and files 1099’s online, so I looked there without any luck. Otherwise, they don’t release their annual report to the public but I’d really like to look at those numbers. Otherwise, I get the feeling that it’s just scapegoating the undocumented community.

14 Thoughts to “Help Save Manassas – Mexicans Without Borders 3/7/08 Part2”

  1. Juturna

    Part I was enough for me……!

  2. Juturna

    Facts??? Ha, that’s what happens when you leave the cave and run into intelligent life.

  3. Do you think GL is allowed to speak for Prince William Hospital? When I went to that Human Rights panel discussion and the PWC Hospital Director was there, he didn’t pin any of the issues on illegal immigration. He also said the hospital is private. How does the Hospital feel about GL representing him? Maybe we should write to the Hospital and ask, eh?

    Now I know even more why GL hates the schools. Of course! John S. is a substitute teacher!!!

  4. Anyone care to write these folks a letter and ask for a written statement from the hospital? I mean, do they really want GL going on television spouting off a “position” on their organization?


    Donna Ballou, APR
    Director, PR
    (703) 369-8322

    Mary Beth Gibson
    Public Relations Specialist
    (703) 369-8703

  5. Bravo two zero

    Greg said 15 million, and that number is verified. The head of the PWC hospital presented that number to the Chavez Human Rights commission, and he did attribute that to hispanics who give fake names.. Facts aren’t important to you all or Stienbach. You’ve already made up you minds.

  6. Juturna

    Ahhhh….. sounds like Mr. Ops.

    So now you believe them? Can’t keep up. Do you have a decision tree you could provide to allow us simple folks to keep up with who you believe and under what circumtances?

  7. The head of PWC Hospital said there was no way of knowing who had documentation and who did not, that they were a private institution and that they would treat them anyway.

    GL indicates that these people are “illegals.” That is NOT what the Hospital Director said. Too bad GL thinks he represents the hospital and the rest of the free world.

  8. Kevin Mitnick

    I think the Ops Man is too busy looking at all the intel he’s gathering on the blog owner, admin, and the individual posters here, not to mention all of the cached pages he’s most likely gathered. That’s his job, isn’t it? Hope everyone’s retainers are all paid up.

  9. Juturna

    LOL LOL Kev. Weren’t you already arrested in NC? Go back to your sandbox and leave us alone. We live in the part of the US that permits free speech. Scoot along now…

  10. Moon-howler

    He can bite me. Gather away. Bring it on.

  11. independent thinker

    Hey “Kevin”,
    “talk to the hand” as my niece likes to say!

  12. Joe Enders

    I think someone or maybe even a few people are just trying to get a rise out of you with threats of legal action. I also doubt that this is coming from Greg or the gentleman referred to as “ops man”. As some have indicated on previous posts, there are imposters here. My guess and that is all this is, some people with an overly sensitive loyalty to Greg and HSM and they are trying to cause mischief on this forum. That is too bad since this will not do anything to further the debate and it won’t sway any individual opinion here. Meaningful productive debate is what we all should be seeking.

    I highly doubt with a such large venue of his own, a family and living to earn, Greg would really spend time playing games here. If he wanted to engage in tit-for-tat, he can answer on his own blog.

    Had a great weekend with family getting away from it all. Tidewater is beautiful this time of year. We did get some rain, but it forced us to slow down and spend quality time together. I am looking forward to catching up on all the posts and comments I missed while away.

  13. Funny how whenever you start to write to people about this (i.e. “Let’s write to the Hosital PR people”) the legal threats come out. You want to know when I got threats from GL? After I posted my letters. Yup. That’s right. It’s okay for him to go on national television but it’s not okay to tell our reactions or voice our concerns about it.

  14. Joe, I’m jealous. I’ve been sick all weekend!!!

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