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    You don’t seem to understand that virtually all LEGAL residents also have undocumented relatives in the area. I’m an American born citizen and my husband is undocumented. If things don’t change, we will be putting our house on the market in May. I’m not going to walk away from my house. We have lived here for 7 years so even if I sell it at a foreclosure price, I’ll make enough for a deposit on another house. I don’t want to stay in an area that has as much intolerance as I’ve seen on display in the last 6 months here. I know now that there are people in PWC that are willing to stand up to the ignorance, but until a few weeks ago, I really was starting to think that all people felt as you do and I don’t want my son raised in that kind of environment. We will go to Fairfax where “mixed” couples don’t stand out as much as we do here.


    Sorry…meant to say “virtually all LEGAL IMMIGRANTS” not residents!

  3. Emma

    TWINAD said on 20 Apr 2008 at 5:08 pm:
    I really was starting to think that all people felt as you do and I don’t want my son raised in that kind of environment.

    Excuse me, TWINAD, but how exactly DO I feel? I simply asked for numbers, want to know whether it is really true that droves of legal workers are leaving just because of the resolution. That’s a pretty hefty claim that is really not being substantiated here. I’m sorry if that makes me someone you would not want to live around, but I like to make my opinions and decisions based on facts and numbers, not just on vague conjecture.

    Go to Fairfax if you feel so threatened. You have no idea what my ethnicity is, or that of my spouse, for that matter. But whatever YOU say must be truth, right? Everything else is intolerance.

  4. Emma

    oh, and by the way, I don’t live in PWC, but have a large family living throughout Fairfax County–lots of mixed-race folks who “feel as I do.” Oh, and I work in Fairfax County.

    See ya around.

  5. Moon-howler


    Well! Hrumpffff! Was that what we used to call going off in a huff? I don’t want my family around people who feel as Emma does either. It seems she protests too much. To quote a good friend of mine, I don’t have to feel every drop in the ocean to know it is wet.



    I do apologize…I thought I remembered this quote as being yours…but it was Laurie M’s:

    I have no sympathy for those who hide, aid and abet their illegal alien relatives.

    This is the quote I was referencing when I said “how you feel”. Obviously, I did get the wrong poster and I’m sorry. Everyone who knows me knows my husband is undocumented and not one person has ever said anything even resembling such a thing to me. They know we are happily married and intend to stay that way. I do not consider myself a “lawbreaker” by loving my husband, but some people (such as Laurie M, I guess) do think I should just throw him away since he can’t, at this time, get documented.

  7. Emma

    Apology accepted, Twinad.
    You know, we DO have some common ground here, it’s not all-or-nothing, and if you have read some of my earlier posts you might see that. I have what I believe to be genuine concerns and a lot of questions, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers, either.

    Nice, Moon-Howler.

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