Quick reminder, we’re still on for 6:00pm at Casablanca in Manassas.

The address is 7911 Centreville Road, Manassas, VA 20111.  If you need further directions, the restauant’s phone number is (703) 365-9000.  See everybody there!

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  1. What’s up with holding the parties at mexican food places? you trying to send a message or something? why not pick a good italian joint or maybe a pizza place?

  2. pvogel

    Nice food and a nice event tonight.
    Very depressing to be in PWC, I had no Idea how bad it was there.
    It didnt even seem like the USA to me.

  3. Elena

    Nice meeting you pvogel! Thank so much for making the long trip to support our efforts here. It makes a difference!

    The party was great, we had a good time, especially all the kids, what a hoot to watch them dancing and singing!

    Alanna, once again, I just want to say that without you, I just can’t imagine we would be where we are today. You took a brave chance by starting this blog and have helped inspire us all, I know you inspired me!

    I hope we can make Tuesday a big day for changing the direction of this county!

  4. Moon-howler


    Perhaps you missed the meeting at Starbucks. Nary a taco was to be had. MANY businesses in PW are hurting. A good time was had by all.

  5. Yes, the party was another success! So much fun. I loved my shrimp fajitas and margaritas (had 2 this time). More importantly, my mom had a great time. Jane Lee, the owner of Casablanca, said that it was an enormous financial help to her at this critical time. We should all feel good that we helped her out.

    I was thrilled to meet Marie, pvogel, Twinad and Turn PW Blue. It’s fascinating to actually meet the people whose words and souls you’ve imbibed virtually for weeks late into the night in your pajamas. Don’t have the right word to describe that unique form of intimacy.

    Maybe it’s because of all the children and the presence of strong and lovely women like Censored, Moon-howler, Elena, and Alanna, both parties have felt like family gatherings to me…the best kind of parties in my opinion. I look forward to seeing this family grow. I think it will. I’m hopeful.

    For the next one, please let us know about other restaurants struggling financially in Prince William. We are open to any cuisine. It will probably be Saturday, May 10th.

  6. Mizburd

    It was great being there last night. The man who used to live in Upstate New York was especially eloquent. My husband (pvogel) and I live in Alexandria, which I’m proud to say is a very immigrant-friendly place to be. As he said, we had no idea it was that bad in PW County.

  7. admin

    Agreed. It was another great evening. My kids had a wonderful time playing with all the little ones. The food was great and the people are incredible. I really enjoy putting a moniker with a face. Interestingly, there were some people who said they are reading but not yet posting. I’m sure it will continue to grow.

  8. admin

    Oh, by the way Viva, the owner of this particular restaurant is Korean but the food was Salvadorean/Mexican.

  9. Turn PW Blue


    The point is to support businesses in the county that have seen their business decline with the passing of the resolution. If you know of some restaurants that meet this criteria, let Annabel know. While it is a Chaney to socialize, it’s also a way to show support for a business that may be suffering through no fault of their own.

  10. Valley Girl

    Hi everyone-

    I just posted on the previous thread but I wanted to repeat here that I am so sorry I missed the party. I had two out of three kids with high fevers so we were pretty immobile.
    It sounds like it was a great success. I look forward to the next one to finally get a chnace to meet so many of you.

  11. Marie

    Welcome, pvogel. Hope you will continue to be a part of our efforts here in PWC. You are correct sometimes it does feel that we are not living in the USA,

    The party was a great success!!! It was a very precious time spent with wonderful people. I brought my two grandson’s, ages 17 and 15 as well as other family and friends. My grandsons both told me they had no idea how things really are in PWC and Manassas City. Up to that point they had only listened to their “crazy” grandmother. They were so touched by Mr. Hernandez and his story that when they left they asked their mother to take them by to read his sign. They both said they were thankful there are people in our community who care.

    I, too, was thrilled to meet so many wonderful, caring, concerned men and women. I think our numbers will grow because we value others, value their opinions, don’t resort to name calling and are committed to a righteous and just cause. Let us always remember and be committed to take the higher ground.

    Looking forward to the next gathering.

  12. Moon-howler

    Valley Girl,

    I hope everyone is on the mend and that you can make it next time.

  13. It was nice meeting so many of you. It’s always fun to put names with faces.

  14. TWINAD

    It was a pleasure to meet and talk to so many of you last night. There were a few I only got to meet quickly…I will catch up with you next time!

  15. Censored bybvbl

    It was good to meet so many of you and hope to see you again next time.

  16. Elena

    I had a really wonderful time, AGAIN! Putting a name to a face is really important I think. I also enjoyed meeting Marie, Twinad, Turn PW Blue for the first time! And, of course, seeing censored and moon-howler too!

    Hopefully I see some of you again….very soon!

  17. A PW County Resident

    Is there a reason that the article in the Post has not been mentioned today?

  18. Moon-howler

    A PW County Resident,

    Is there a reason that you wanted more said here? The Black Velvets seemed to handle the story quite well, as a matter of fact, and many people congratulated Chris and Allison on their comments in the WaPo.

    I feel like that story is best handled over there.

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