54 Thoughts to “Letiecq & NumbersUSA Team Up”

  1. Moon-howler


    You are kidding me. Is that really part of the Resolution? These people have to prove legal presence? What was that you said about settling up with St. Peter?

  2. Juturna

    I actually did a bit of preaching about it…… how we are justified in doing this and are rightous in the name of you know who!

  3. anon

    Your allies in MWB would like you to join their Communist May 1 parade in DC – just look at http://www.mexicanossinfronteras.org/1o_de_mayo_2008/index.htm – you crazy leftists will fit right in with the other Communist groups!

  4. Juturna

    I’m a lefty for not wanting to pick on the elderly. Thank goodness, then. Thank goodness.

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