Could our reputation in the forecoming months get much worse?

Last month, Prince William County had the most new filings of any Washington area jurisdiction, followed by Prince George’s, Fairfax, Montgomery, Loudoun and the District, according to RealtyTrac Inc., a California-based company that tracks real estate trends.

When foreclosures rise, crime often follows, researchers said. A 2005 study by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Woodstock Institute found that, holding other factors constant, each foreclosure in a 100-house neighborhood corresponded to a 2.4 percent jump in violent crime.

Admin is busy, so I (Elena), thought this would be a great topic to discuss today.  What I want to know is, how does the pro “fully fund the immigration resolution” side, reconcile this quandry:

A) The resolution is working because we have seen an exodus of hispanics from neighborhoods, the ones that people complained about were responsible for overcrowding, chickens and roosters in their yards,  day laboreres at 7-11 ‘s, ESOL enrollment reduced, etc.     Where did these people live, well, they lived in homes, either as renters or has homeowners.  Were they ALL “illegal”, I would venture to say NO, but even if they were, their houses are empty now, and  forclosure consequences to these neighborhoods are the same, irregardless of the immigration status of the occupants who once lived there.


B) The resolution is NOT responsible for the increased forclosure rate, ESOL dis-enrollment, or the multitude of empty shopping centers, or the mass exodus of hispanics from neighborhoods. Therefore, the resolution is not working and is a waste of money from the pro resolution perspective.

Let me clarify one point,  I am not suggesting the resolution is responsible for the ENTIRE forclosure disaster, I AM suggesting that the reason PWC is DOUBLE that of our neighbors, and is number one in the region for forclosures, is the one variable that sets us apart……………the illegal immigration resolution.

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  1. Censored bybvbl

    USMCWife said:The systemic discrimination against Europeans and others who share our language and culture is pretty much complete.

    Which Europeans share our language? Do you mean the British? Wouldn’t Indians who were British subjects speak English more fluently than most French? Do you think European immigration is more important than African or Asian immigration?

    I would think that Stafford County would generally be more conveniently reached by I-95 from Fort Belvoir or Quantico than would Manassas. (I hope your opinion of Hispanics is not one shared by most of our military who fight alongside Hispanic soldiers.)

  2. USMC, you said, “Maybe the solution is just to make it known to Europeans that as long as they can get here they can “earn” a path to citizenship and stay with only a slap in the wrist.”

    But that’s how it USED to be pre-Clinton, which was NOT that long ago. Why do you think people have still come? Do you think they really knew the “rules changed” or ALL the rules before they got here? I’m not saying ignorance is okay but I am saying, we opened that door LONG ago by allowing people in and THEN earn citizenship. Yes, we do have to CLOSE that door, but we can’t do it by slamming it in the faces of those who have helped build this country for the past decade.

  3. “the majority of Europeans have respect for civil laws and the sovereignty of nations.” LOL! Long live the Queen.

  4. Luckyduck

    Kgotthardt, I have not stated that I am in favor of spending money on teh resolution, in fact, I have expressed frustration over our politician and their actions. I do support the 287(G) program in the jail. If you are here illegally and prey on others, you need to be deported after serving your sentence. As for the police checks, I must admit, I am torn about it. I do not fully support it, but I can see where prohibiting the police from questioning immigration status could inhibit investigations. But I do believe that if the County is putting the officers in this position, we should fully fund their request – Stewart is hanging the officers out to dry.

  5. “If you are here illegally and prey on others, you need to be deported” Agreed, though I don’ know how we can hold them here if we have no room.

    “As for the police checks,” I don’t think anyone should be checked unless they are taken in for a criminal violation. It’s safer that way and we don’t have to pay extra for it.

    “Stewart is hanging the officers out to dry” That’s right. He’s saying, “Do my dirty work and take the consequences for it while I just wash my hands of everyone.”

  6. Luckyduck

    Kgotthardt, do you know how most undocumented immigrants get into trouble with regards to traffic offenses? Its by driving without a license. An offense by the way, that usually, if not always, requires the officer to physically arrest the person and take them before a magistrate. This is the most common introduction to the legal system for the unlicensed undocumented (I am using your term for you) person. BUT, when a citizen is charged with the same offense, they TOO are most likely brought before the magistrate for a bond. So the police checks in which a physical arrest is made is the same process for the most common method of undocumented people getting into the criminal justice system. But the citizen can usually prove where they live and show they will appear in court by having ties to the community.

    By the way, from your post above..if someone commits a crime and preys on people, we must find space for them – regardless of status.

  7. anon

    Also the undocumented immigrants have no insurance, so the unlucky person who gets in an accident with one of them ends up footing the bill – regardless of whether it is their fault or not. And good luck suing an undocumented resident – they will probably move out in the dead of night and you’ll never find them. We also pay higher insurance rates thanks to undocumented immigrants having no insurance.

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