If you pay close attention, the man filming states ‘Hispanics are cluttering the landscape’, and that doesn’t phase Greg in the slightest? What the heck! Thus far, I haven’t called anyone a racist even though it has been attributed to me. What I’ve said in the past is that there’s a racial component and that there’s racist statements. For sure that’s a racist statement, and it’s dispicable that Mr. Letiecq doesn’t recognize it as such.

29 Thoughts to “Hispanics Clutter Landscape?”

  1. WhyHereWhyNow

    Sounds like Fairfax has it’s own Gospel Greg “Mini Me” in the making.

  2. Ruby

    Keeping with the “mini theme”.

  3. Pebbles

    This isn’t even funny. I do not now where to begin to start.

  4. Pebbles

    Ooops. I mean know not now.

  5. It’s blatant bigotry. These fairfax people openly say that there’s too many hispanics in their communities.

    Then Greg jumps in to explain how they can manipulate the law to act on their bigotry.

  6. Elena

    I hope our Supervisors have seen this!

  7. SecondAlamo

    The copious use of ‘bigotry’ starts to wear thin when it’s thrown at every comment made by a frustrated homeowner who just had Pancho and the gang move in next to him. People in Fairfax aren’t against diversity, as stated in the TV debate, but then they’re now dealing with a whole new ‘class’ of immigrant. Ones who have little respect for the community in which they set up shop. This is where the people of Fairfax are going to rapidly come to the realization that not all immigrants blend in. The same size house in Fairfax costs 50% or more greater than the that in PWC, so their home values will be even more at risk when the boarding houses start appearing. That’s when they’ll change their tune, and start sounding like PWC! Not bigotry, just frustration.

  8. SecondAlamo

    Plenty of videos here, but where is last Sunday’s TV debate between Greg and Annabel? No reference here at all? I assume Greg won that one otherwise you’d be basking in its praises along with multiple quotes!

  9. SecondAlamo


    “manipulate the law” now that’s funny! In support of people who have little respect for the law. Wow, that’s the pot calling the kettle black!

  10. Marie

    Second Alamo-
    First of all I saw the George Burke show. I actually thought George did a great job and that he respectfully put Greg in his place.

    Maybe you are too young to remember the wave of Vietnamese Refugees who came into this area in the 80’s. Extended family and multiple families lived together. They had chickens in their backyards in GTS. The Vietnamese were are new “class” of residents then. They had to learn about the culture in the US. They only way they learned was by kind, caring people educating them about our customs, ordinances, etc.

    I would propose that instead of being so hostile get to know some of this new ‘class’ of immigrant and help them along the way. Maybe if you knew these immigrants and were interested in educating them instead of demeaning them, they would “blend in” better.

    About potential overcrowding in Fairfax-I am sure they have ordinances that are similar to those in PWC and Manassas City. Maybe they will just enforce their ordinances. PWC and Manassas never did that they just went for the jugular.

  11. Moon-howler

    Second Alamo,

    I might counter your argument with why isn’t Holy Smoke on Greg’s website? Surely he isn’t ashamed of it? He was well-spoken and engaging to his audience, if that’s the message you want to hear. I don’t think our supervisors would want to be associated with political tactics like that but perhaps I am wrong. Oh I forgot, one of our supervisors was there.

    The show you are looking for can be found at:

  12. Juturna

    Well this is not the worst I’ve seen. I would like to see the confidential start up kit!

  13. Pat.Herve

    I am not a defender of Greg, but this video seems more like they were trying to set Greg up. Geg did not use racist words here, and he should not be held accountable for what others say, and no, Greg nor I need to make sure that others are politically correct in their speach.

  14. anon

    Anonymousisawoman has a good post up, titled When They Come for You Who Will be Left? Check it out at http://anonymousisawoman.blogspot.com/

  15. Poor Richard

    What “clutters the landscape” are name callers on both sides
    of this issue – if you don’t agree with me then you are
    a racist,bigoted, communist Zapatista and,no doubt, a damn
    Dallas Cowboy fan! So there.

    Suggest reading David Brook’s op/ed piece in today’s NYT.
    The subject is Obama/Clinton but part of it is germane to
    the immigration issue.

    “The mental maps people in different cultures form are
    infinitely complex and poorly understood even by those
    who hold them.”

  16. anon

    No, if you don’t agree with me you are a NAZI, as defined endlessly on this blog.

  17. “if you don’t agree with me then you are
    a racist,bigoted, communist Zapatista and,no doubt, a damn
    Dallas Cowboy fan! So there.” LMAO! I always thought “zapata” meant “shoe.”

    Anon, we can agree to disagree but when threats and violence and persecution are used as political and physical weapons, I draw the line. It’s then we refer to Nazis and racists. Please remember the distinction.

  18. anon

    And you still don’t get the distinction between Nazis and racists. Not that I’m defending racists even. Yes, we agree to disagree. But not all people in favor of the resolution are Nazis, and they are not all racists either. Many of them are just tired of having their neighborhoods deteriorate with townhouses holding 15 people, and in my own personal case the crime resulting from that, which there is a good police record of. How many legal citizens would not have fled in the middle of the night, with stolen property, and not shown up for their court date? Unfortunately this happened in the City of Manassas or that person might have been immediately put on an ICE detainer.

  19. anon

    I meant to say legal immigrants – not legal citizens in the previous post. Just in case someone here tries to accuse me of saying I don’t want any immigration – knowing how various things like to get stretched here to fit someone’s views.

  20. Moon-howler


    You make an excellent point. And I do remember when the Vietnamese boat people came to the county and city. They lived in overcrowded conditions and were fairly uninformed as to our culture. I remember some of them were sponsored for 2 months by the buddist society. After that, they were cut loose. No help. Sink or swim. People seemed kinder back then. I can remember the neighbors bringing the families clothing, baby furniture, flashlights, food. These people had almost nothing but a roof over their heads. They had water but no heat.

    Where are those people today? Many of their children have become valedictorians of their classes. They aren’t living 15 to a townhouse. They assimilated, often with the help of neighbors.

    Are we doing that today? I have found that a little kindness goes a long way. My neighor has done several odd-jobs for me, no charge, just to be neighborly because I was kind to him. My neighbors have a strong work ethic and a strong sense of replaying kindness. Oh, I don’t know if my neighbor is legal or illegal. I wouldn’t think of asking.

  21. Red Dawn

    “Poor Richard said on 29 Apr 2008 at 10:01 am:
    What “clutters the landscape” are name callers on both sides
    of this issue.”

    Yes, I agree. It reminds me of this game.

  22. Poor Richard

    As a member of Manassas Presbyterian Church, I
    participated in the “adoption” of a Vietnamese family and we
    gladly helped them adjust to their new country.
    But please remember:
    – They came here legally as part of a program officially
    supported by the US government.
    – Locally, they were small in number and put little
    pressure on the schools and almost none on the judicial system,etc.
    – Most were literate and educated or became so PDQ.
    – They respected the people and communities in which
    they moved. One request would have any “issue” quickly resolved.

  23. Ruby

    Poor Richard,
    Yes, MPC did a lot for the community. My grandparents were involved with MPC’s efforts too. A lot of them lived in WestGate Apts. in the townhouses. There were also support from the community as a whole. You are right they were here legally and our government. I remember attending school with those kids, and they were not using ESOL for years on in. They were submerged in regular classes much sooner than the ESOL students are today. Of course in the late 70’s and early 80’s the ESOL program was no where’s near as large as it is today. Assimilation is the key. IMHO.

  24. TH

    All the stories about old immigrants assimilating. It has been documented for example that between 1880 and WWI, 5 out of every 10 Italians returned to Italy. The second generation learn the language and assimilated. their parents called them “Americani” because they couldn’t connect with the old country.
    I see the same thing with the Salvadoran mothers. The kids understand Spanish but they usually reply in English. You see all the stories about second generation immigrants getting into college. I would say that it shows that they are trying to assimilate but some people still call them anchor babies.

  25. SecondAlamo

    I moved here in 1980, and I definitely don’t recall the conditions I’m seeing today. Otherwise I’d never have located here. I was free to buy a home in any number of places. If the Vietnamese came, then the numbers must have been way less than that of the Latinos, and there was an end in sight. It’s all a matter of numbers. We gave amnesty to illegals years ago because the numbers were low, but now we are being inundated with no end in sight. These are very different conditions indeed!

  26. “But not all people in favor of the resolution are Nazis, and they are not all racists either.” Anon, I KNOW that! And I repect the anger that people are having but this isn’t the way to fix it.

  27. anon

    Perhaps, but equating what is going on here to the Holocaust doesn’t seem to help find a solution and just diminishes what really happened in the Holocaust. If you knew people who went through the Holocaust you wouldn’t be equating what is going on here with the Holocaust. Again, I have to disagree with that. We are talking orders and orders of magnitude of difference. The Holocaust is not something to be referred to lightly, as it appears to have been here.

  28. Michael

    Yeah, take a phrase that was “bait” from a cameraman, and attribute/transfer/superimpose that concept to the person being interviewed. Every term in Greg’s answer is clearly focused on solving the “illegal” and lawless behavior problem. He is not talking one bit about anything resembling a racist comment or statement, though in your dilusioned brain you heard it.

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