Note from 9500Liberty: the video is temporarily down while we revise to include a couple of more details.

This incident with the day laborers dates back to January 7th, 2008, Mr. Letiecq goes to the 7-11 on Coverstone Drive dressed in army fatigues with a camera and begins to take pictures. According to the day laborers, Mr. Letiecq calls them the trash of Manassas, after re-reading Mr. Letiecq’s account he doesn’t directly provide any additional details about a verbal exchange except to attribute the following statement to Officer Sanchez –

had screamed racial epithets at the day laborers, [and] was counting them to see how many buses it would take to ship them all back to Mexico

What’s most disturbing, and it caught my eye at the time, was the following statements by Mr. Letiecq –

If the risk to my person is as great as Officer Sanchez alleges, perhaps I should take his perspective into consideration and make sure that the next time I will lawfully be carrying an appropriate defensive firearm, just in case the day laborers are just as dangerous as he suggests.

Sounds like Mr. Letiecq’s weapon of choice next time might not be his camera but a firearm.

The combination of the war rhetoric, the talk of forming an army, the army fatigues, the membership to Virginia’s Citizens Defense League, the suggestion of carrying a firearm, the inability to recognize racist statements and on and on are a dangerous combination that should be taken very seriously.

47 Thoughts to “Day Laborer Incident – Revisited”

  1. Prince William Moderate

    Greg Letiecq should be prosecuted for harrassing and threatening the police officer and the workers.

  2. Independant

    This is the guy whispering in Corey Stewart’s ear? Wow! I would guess Corey’s aspirations for higher office are over. The Democrats have all they need to keep him from running for anything.

  3. Anon

    OK, it’s time to get a Federal prosecutor involved.

    1. Greg is (or was) in the reserves. He wore his uniform (BDU’s) while probably not under orders to perhaps intimidate civilians. This is a potential Federal violation. There are clear rules for wearing uniforms issued to you for active duty.

    2. In any case, this sounds like a hate crime reminiscing of the KKK and its treatment of African Americans, Catholics, Jews, etc. and should be prosecuted!

    There’s a difference between influencing public policy and intimidating minorities for “sport” (as his actions served no clear public policy purpose other than giving him a little “fun”).

    And this is Corey’s Number 1 fan. If you’re judged by your friends, Corey should resign immediately! So, how do you recall the BOCS Chairman again?

  4. Onevoice

    Can you add a counter to collect votes for recalling Corey Stewart to see if it’s feasible (i.e., do we have the numbers)?

    The actions of GL that you have documented have pretty much neutralized him as a voice of reason in PWC. If ths guy is driving the BOCS, they all should go (sooner vice later.) We will see who “gets it” tomorrow.

    I’m also interested if the HSM croud actually supports GL after seeing these videos. Reasonable people of faith will abandon him quickly once they understand what’s in his heart.

    As for those who would stay with him… they are the ones who should be deported for the good of the community.

  5. casual observer

    Yes, Independent, the only good thing to come out of this steaming pile o’ mess is that any political aspirations that Corey Stewart had beyond the BOCS lie in ashes at his feet.

    These videos will haunt him forever.

    Of course, this means we’re stuck with him. 🙁 We can, however, continue to apply pressure to the other BOCS members that will effectively marginalize Stewart and, consequently, John Stirrup, his political ally on the board. Together, they are but two votes and can be overruled so long as the rest of the Board has the courage to stand up to them.

  6. I think one of the more distressing parts of this is the fact that so many were scared to sign the complaint. Chief Deane warned the BOCS (and us) that the Resolution would have a chilling effect on victims who could be afraid to work with police and report crimes because that contact could lead them to an interview with ICE. Just imagine how gangs and thugs could use such leverage to their advantage to further their own criminal endeavors. The PW Police Dept. has been working for years to develop relationships and trust within the immigrant community of Prince William, and now that’s all shot to Hell.

    I know what the response will be from some to this:
    Exercise your 2nd Amendment right and buy a gun. Get a concealed carry permit. Arm yourself.

    I’m sorry. I thought I had moved to a modern day suburb of a 21st century city. I didn’t realize this was the Wild West of the 1800s.

    I sure feel safer now.

  7. GL and his bunch need to be arrested for hate crimes. Thank you for posting all of this information, Admin. Knowing how dangerous this guy is makes it actually safer for all of us. That CS and JS worked with this man, took their policy from him and inflicted all of this on our community means one more time they should be removed from office. GL is a member of the armed forces, is he not? Where are his CO’s in all of this? Hello? Defense Dept.? Are you going to get his head checked?

  8. Casual, why should we be stuck with a Chair and a Vice that have conspired with hate groups?

  9. Onevoice

    Time for a Federal Prosecutor.

    1. Illegal use of a military uniform (for commission of a hate crime). GL was (perhaps is) a member of the National Guard. There are rules for wearing a Government issued uniform. Use in this manner is a Federal Crime.

    2. Commission of a Federal Hate Crime.

    Many complain that the Feds aren’t doing their job. Let’s see if they will move forward with these complaints. So… who is the lawyer in our midst?

  10. notGregLetiecq

    Army fatigues?!!! I’ll repost my comments from last night because I am now more convinced that I am right about my hunch.

    Frankly, I’m wondering if Greg is a militia guy. Remember he was a Maryland Army National Guard infantryman. If it’s true that he began his political activities in 2003 and he is now 42, what did he do to occupy his active mind between his military stint in Maryland and his engagement in this new Battle of Manassas? What attracted him to Manassas? The militant language of HSM has always bothered me. The fact that their newsletter looks like a military newsletter and is called the Front Line; the fact that Robert Duecaster, the author of the resolution, thinks that there is a foreign invasion; the fact that after the election, Corey Stewart said Prince William County is the second Alamo. What kind of childish, imaginary war game are these guys playing? So Greg’s Army will invade the McCoart building tomorrow playing their war game. Are the supervisors supposed to just roll over? The county residents elected them. There are over 350,000 people in this county. Even if it’s true that HSM is an army of 2000, it’s still an extreme minority. They do not represent the will of the people. I’m going to say it. I think the organizers of HSM are militant insurgents and extremists. They should not determine county policy with repercussions for an entire generation.

  11. casual observer

    Hi, kg
    Unlike the recall procedure in other states, it’s practically impossible in Virginia. Following a successful petition drive, there has to be a trial before a judge — who makes the final determination. In other states, a successful petition drive ends in a special recall election where citizens vote on the fate of the elected official facing recall. That’s how Arnold Schwarzenegger came to replace Gray Davis as governor of California.

    Here’s where I found the info below:

    Virginia is not listed as a recall state because its process, while requiring citizen petitions, allows a recall trial rather than an election. In at least 29 states (some sources place this number at 36), recall elections may be held in local jurisdictions.>/blockquote>

    If I’m correctly recalling my earlier research on this, I believe the only elected official to be successfully recalled in Virginia was an Henrico County judge.

    I think our only recourse with Chairman Stewart is to continue to expose him for who he really is (and, boy, does his love of the camera make that easy). We need to continue to uncover his ties with extremist groups within AND outside the county, which will marginalize his influence on the board and give the remaining supervisors cover when they refuse to follow his lead.

  12. casual observer

    Oops. I formatted my post incorrectly, which makes it hard to follow. I’ll try again. 🙂

    Hi, kg
    Unlike the recall procedure in other states, it’s practically impossible in Virginia. Following a successful petition drive, there has to be a trial before a judge — who makes the final determination. In other states, a successful petition drive ends in a special recall election where citizens vote on the fate of the elected official facing recall. That’s how Arnold Schwarzenegger came to replace Gray Davis as governor of California.
    Here’s where I found the info below:

    Virginia is not listed as a recall state because its process, while requiring citizen petitions, allows a recall trial rather than an election. In at least 29 states (some sources place this number at 36), recall elections may be held in local jurisdictions.

    If I’m correctly recalling my earlier research on this, I believe the only elected official to be successfully recalled in Virginia was an Henrico County judge.
    I think our only recourse with Chairman Stewart is to continue to expose him for who he really is (and, boy, does his love of the camera make that easy). We need to continue to uncover his ties with extremist groups within AND outside the county, which will marginalize his influence on the board and give the remaining supervisors cover when they refuse to follow his lead.

  13. Juturna

    I am with NGL – army fatigues? That was simply an attempt at intimidation. I don’t want him representing me. Guess he ran when they called the police though. If what he was doing was so gospel-ish and legal why run?

    I am just disgusted with everything and just about everybody. I am sure this will prevail today and I just want it over with.

    Hopefully Mr. Stewart will find an office to run for and GL’s influence over the rest of the BOCS will wane…..

  14. Onevoice

    If a recall is out, perhaps the community (and the BOCS) can continue to develop strategies that encourage him to resign gracefully. I believe his pride will be his downfall.

    I think his days of running for higher office are over.

  15. If CS and JS had ANY brains, they would resign. I’m waiting for the ACLU, Anti-Defamation League and Civil Rights Commission to bring these two out into the open even more and force a resignation.

  16. If JS and CS are brought up on Federal charges, can’t they be removed?

  17. /\/\3|)iç 64

    I have read through several threads and I have yet to see any productive solutions to the current problem. I see a great deal of bashing and name calling. I am through with the blog until it can get back to the business at hand. I will check in once in a while to see if the GL, HSM and BVBL bashing isn’t taking up all of your time.

  18. Onevoice

    What /\/\3|)iç 64 said on 29 Apr 2008 at 12:11 pm

    A few recent headlines from BVBL:

    Principi Runs And Hides

    John Jenkins Considers Endangering Public Safety

    Does Judy Feder Have A Gambling Problem?

    And these are just the recent thread topics. I won’t go into thread content (but, you’ve read it.)

    What were you saying about bashing? I guess it depends on your point of view.

    I also check both blogs and would observe that the “bashing” evens out. I would say that the biggest difference is the absence of self-serving reporting on “this side”

  19. /\/\3|)iç 64

    I just feel that instead of spending all of the time focusing on trying to bring people up on charges and focused that energy on supporting the resolution and finding a solution within it, things would be much better off. As I said, I am taking a leave of absence and will check back occasionally to see if things have worked around to the positive and see if people are ready to focus on solutions instead of trying to create more problems.

    I had grown tired of the BVBL blog a couple of weeks back. I do not read it as often as I do this one.

  20. anon

    Yes, lots of name calling, trying to find ways to threaten people’s jobs, etc. on this board. My first post I was told to “go back to my scumhole” when I hadn’t used any derogatory terms. People being branded unfairly as Nazis – not helpful at all. If you disagree with the position of this board, you must be a Nazi and a racist! The tone of this board is no better than BVBL. It is obvious that anyone who disagrees will be called names and told to “leave the board” on their very first post. I am also out of here. I don’t look at BVBL anymore (never posted on there) and I’m going to stop looking here too. Hope they call people Nazis at the meeting and offend some more Jewish people besides me. I’m beginning to think this board is anti-semitic, when I tell them I resent the term Nazi they just call me names and tell me to go back to my scumhole!

  21. casual observer

    Do what you have to do. I have to say, though, that the level of rancor on this blog in now way compares with what’s happening on the other site. In fact, my impression is that a few folks from over there like to come over here now and again, drop a few troll bombs, and then jump on us all for “bias,” “bashing,” “hysteria,” “name calling” and, yes, “PMS” when we respond.

    In short, those folks like to come here and provoke confrontation.

    If you prefer the other site, then I suggest you spend your time there. No point coming here if it’s only going to upset you. 🙂 That’s why I stay away from the other site.

    Oh…and at least our Admin lets you complain about this site, uncensored. Try that over there and see how long you last.

  22. casual observer

    Another point, Medic. I think many of us here believe that a big part of the solution is shining the light on Greg L, who has been allowed to hold way too much sway over our elected officials (individually and as the founder of HSM).

    You may consider that bashing, but I prefer to call it exposing his motives and his connections. What’s wrong with that? Why were Greg L and John Stirrup allowed to craft a resolution with direct assistance from FAIR and their attorneys? Short answer: Because the resolution was rushed to a vote by Corey, without allowing public hearings or the BOCS, county attorneys AND media time enough for due diligence. Now we know the truth, and we’re shining a light on it.

    Speaking for myself, I also see the resolution as seriously flawed — for reasons that have been clearly and frequently explained on this website. As a matter of social and economic policy, it flat out stinks. I support Prinicipi’s resolution, which I see as a good first step toward the solution you so desperately claim to want. Then, I’d like to see some of that money re-directed into hiring more FTE inspectors for Neighborhood Services, so we can ratchet up the county’s ability to respond to reported code violations in a timely matter.

    Those are two very small solutions that have been proposed over and over and over again here, Medic.

    Your solution is to give the resolution two years, then check it again. I see that as no solution at all.

  23. Censored bybvbl

    Anon 12:46, are you the same anon who was smearing everyone with the large size paint roller in the other thread by saying everyone is calling “racist” or “Nazi”? Back up your charges.

    Re: Greg and the army uniform. He may have been wearing hunting camo. It would be interesting to see Officer Sanchez’s report for the details – if his(Greg’s) outfit was even mentioned.

  24. inon

    This is terrible. I’m just glad that the man called the police right away. In fact he said they all pulled out their phones to call the police, so at least they aren’t scared of the police. They knew the police would help them.

    I guess we don’t have to worry about them being scared of the police anymore. Chief Deane has done a great job of educating the latino population that the police are there to help all citizens regardless of their status and if you need help, you should call without worry of retribution. He has communicated his message loud and clear as evidence by this tape and he should be commended for that.

    No one should ever be frightened of the police if they are in need of help.

  25. TH

    Where is AW and SA to defend GL?
    Is there any way to find out what Officer Sanchez reported?
    I think it is dangerous when you combine religion and religion. I guess that he wants to send some of the immigrants directly to God and not with love.

  26. Onevoice

    What Censored bybvbl said on 29 Apr 2008 at 1:12 pm

    I find it interesting that after the police were called, he went home to change into military clothes and then returned. What’s up with that?

    I’m also a vet, closet full of BDU’s. It isn’t rocket science. I’ll bet there are camera phone pictures out there (and that the Washington Post is following up… this story is too good to drop… smells like a Pulitzer).

    Doesn’t it make you wonder what other “extra curricular” activities are going on unreported (because of fear of the Police) in PWC? This is clearly a human rights issue. Those who prey on the weakest among us deserve no mercy.

    Nice reporting, Annabelle.

  27. Pat.Herve

    Can we get this blog to focus more on issues than to just bash Greg L.

    I am not a defender of Greg, far from a supporter of his, but this constant bashing of Greg is just not right. It is just an annoying distraction.

    His head must be ready to pop just about now – as he really does enjoy the attention he gets.


    now it’s time to show the FBI all these threats, I wish we can do that,

    we can put all the evidences together then give it to the FBI, I’m sure that they can stop this cancerous and evil man.

    let’s show them that they can go further, only if we allow them

    Elena, let’s stop this man!!

  29. Pain

    I agree, there could be less name calling and unfocused comments, but one thing is certain… the comments are coming from people posting here, NOT from the owners of this site, unlike the ugly and ignorant comments Mr. Letiecq posts on his forum.

    You can’t control peoples opinions, but Mr. Letiecq tries to control the dialog on his forums by censoring comments he doesn’t like or that call him out for being the racist he is.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  30. Moon-howler

    Perhaps we should notifiy SPLC and alert them that the BOCS in PWC is another hate group.

  31. elvis

    if he showed up in a camo thong would he be a militant or gay (or both?)

    ever think he’s trying to keep the drunk day laborers over there at that open-air toilet they call 7-11 from throwing beer bottles at him, maybe he needs to blend in a bit. I was over there today on the way over to the BOCS meeting getting coffee and saw a day-laborer openly urinate on the side of the 7-11, all in the course of about 5 minutes. they then proceeded to approach my vehicle while I was leaving looking for work. Regardless of what they say they are here for (families, money, whatever) actions like these dont help their cause at all.

  32. Red Dawn

    Wouldn’t this have been a good reason for cameras in the police cars, for all parties involved?

  33. amister

    After watching this video, my spouse is yelling “take my wallet and give them money!” Is there a fund to support this filmmaking or this blog or a recommendation of an organization to support your efforts with a financial contribution?

    I have tried to keep an open mind to both sides, having met Greg at a couple of local events and finding him pleasant, but the thought of Commando Greg roaming the streets is frightening. His association with Help Save Manassas is rapidly sliding it from a political action group to a hate group. I hope this blog continues its work – there is value to seeing both sides. If antibvbl didn’t exist, I would never had been presented with this side of the story that I initially read at Greg’s site.

  34. Moon-howler

    Pain is correct. Any unproductive comments are not coming from the owner nor Elena. They ask thought provoking questions without trying to stir people into a frenzie.

    Pat, I think things will settle down once the budget is settled. There are some people here who have been treated really miserably on the other blog and who have also been censored pretty much for just stating their opinion. Surely you can understand their anger. Didn’t you notice people just disappearing?

  35. Michael

    As a former military pilot, I know for a fact you can wear a flight suit in public all you want. The legal issue is you have to remove your rank, and any reference to a specific military service, such as the US Air Force labels on your uniform. Remove these and they are legal for “casual” public attire. Before you get hysterical, get some facts straight about what is legal and illegal about wearing BDUs and flight suits.

    To much “jump to spew hatred” activity here. Start thinking rationally and focus on facts and the truth, not wild-eye hysterical assumptions, beliefs and fears.

    This resolution is about upholding and enforcing “illegal” immigration law. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no conspiracy or “military army” involved, only citizens concerned about stopping “illegal” immigration and the effects of “illegal” immigrants (like an over-run, abused 7-11) on their once peaceful, lawful, financially well off and quiet communities.

  36. Michael

    Once you understand that simple lawful concept, your fears become unfounded.

  37. Michael

    and unreasonable

  38. Michael, threats make us fearful. Please don’t undermine us. And if the issue were really illegal immigration, then we wouldn’t have had all these problems and such racial strife. We would have found a better way. Nothing is simple, and we should never assume people’s words mean nothing. I’ve been grilled about my word usage and why I use them, and I’ve been honest in responding. We have seen neither honesty nor an attempt at a peaceful, reasonable solution from the extremist other side.

  39. Censored bybvbl

    Michael, how often do retired or former military personnel wear their uniforms? My father saved his old Navy uniform but never wore it. My husband save a pair of fatigues for work (garden, changing oil) but ended up never wearing them. He did wear his brother’s pea coat minus any insignia back in the Sixties. How common would it be for a Manassas resident to put on a uniform to go to the local 7-11?

  40. Laurie M

    I see people in hunting camo all the time at the 7-11 in Nokesville. It’s not military BDUs. My husband also wears his old-style BDUs stripped of insignia and name tapes if he is doing “yucky” work on the weekends. It’s not a crime and lots do it.

    As far as GL harassing the day laborers, I don’t agree with the tactic but I certainly understand the frustration. I also fail to understand why the police didn’t check their immigration status for loitering. I don’t like being harassed when I go to the 7-11, which is why I stopped patronizing those businesses on that side of town a long time ago.

    Nary a whisper about the aggressive manner in which these “day laborers” harass women. Some here think that’s perfectly okay. I don’t.

  41. Laurie M

    Agreed that it is the behavior that is objectionable. Stopped by the 7-11 across from the hospital after a dentist appointment with my kids in the car. Two guys came out of the 7-11 the same time we did. They had two quart size beers each, and proceeded to climb into the cab of a dumptruck and guzzle the beers. The truck didn’t have proper registration and the load was not covered as required by law. I pulled up behind the truck so they couldn’t leave and called the police and then called the company tel # listed on the truck to report what I was seeing and to advise them I had called the police to report the drinking. They claimed to be “shocked” that their employees would drink and drive on their lunch hour.

    I’m not going to tolerate drunks or even those “slightly tipsy” on the road behind the wheel of a gross ton vehicle. That’s just a weapon in a different form.

    Again, another reason why I don’t go over there anymore….

    Which is why I don’t go over to that side of town anymore.

  42. Censored bybvbl

    Laurie, a former neighbor of mine was a schizophrenic who drove a dump truck. She also kept five semi-feral dogs which barked all night. My husband used to go out and squirt the dogs with the hose because she ignored their yapping. One time I called her on the phone around 1 a.m. and asked her to put the dogs inside or on the other side of the house. Her response – “Why did I wake her up? Now she would be sleepy while driving the truck.” No responsibilty on her part! She probably stayed doped up enough to sleep – and drive.

  43. Juturna

    Laurie, We all understand the frustration, it’s how it is handled that sets people apart.

  44. Anchor Baby

    I spoke with a few people yesterday during the board meeting and I will say publicly that the Virginia Citizens Defense League in no way has a position on the illegal immigration issue.

    Greg is a member of VCDL and what he says or does is on his own. During the video of him talking about raising an army he only mentioned VCDL to talk about the success the organization has in motivating people that are pro-gun in voting for pro-gun legislation and pro-gun candidates.

    I am also a member of VCDL because I believe that the only way to protect the constitution is thru the use of the 2nd Amendment. I only started carrying a firearm once the resolution happened because I felt that the BOCS and the police were not acting in my best interest as a citizen and that the BOCS had violated the trust of this county by defying the consitution. I refuse to carry identification with me at all times and I have literally walked away from a police officer when he’s asked me for my ID.

    Now that the resolution has been changed to only perform checks at the jail, I’m content with that compromise. However, I will now always carry with me a defensive firearm because I can no longer trust this county government to look out for my best interest. They ruined that faith a year ago.

  45. Elena

    Life has been crazy the last few days and am now just viewing this debacle. Part of me wants to put Greg and his behavior aside, like Medic suggests, but the problem, is that we can’t ignore Greg and his undue influence on our government. Honestly, I actually feel sorry for Greg after hearing this account. How sad that he feels the need to intimidate people in such a manner. It does concern me that Greg feels compelled to take “matters into his own hands”.

    One Voice,
    Nice to have your “voice” here. I keep wondering, how bad will it get before Corey makes a break with Greg. It hasn’t happened yet, but call me “crazy”, I still have hope he will make the right choice.

  46. Ruby

    Call me “crazy” too. I still have hope for Corey and I would also like to see OUR supervisor back away too. The phrase guilty my association comes to mind.

  47. Rick Bentley

    Why not make up a better story? Like, Greg dressed up in full Nazi regalia and said he would gas the illegal immigrants and make soap out of them. Or, he brought a rifle and started shooting the men like dogs, laughing all the while, and several died but the police covered it up. Or perhaps Greg entered the 7-11 and subsequently offered the laborers poisoned slurpees.

    I mean, if we’re going to believe this stuff based on the word of these day laborers why didn’t they make up jucier stuff? I guess they lacked imagination. Though I think they showed some imagination.

    Anyone who has heard Greg speak at any length knows the illegals’ version is nonsense. And who exactly are the day laborers who told this story, and how do they live, and what is their background? Nobody knows.

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