104 Thoughts to ““Prince William Scales Back Illegal Immigration Crackdown””

  1. Red Dawn

    Thank you for the very kinds words and I think that each of YOU are role models too.
    Now back to my movie 🙂 ( Into the Wild) pretty good so far…..

  2. Censoed bybvbl

    Elena, well said. I agree with you –
    in situations such as what we’re experiencing in PWC, one shouldn’t ignore the little things. They have the potential to become larger.

  3. Elena

    You know Censored, what concerns me, is there seems to be a push right now to expand the Help Save model into Maryland and other parts of VA. FAIR has it’s fingerprints all over these help save groups.

  4. Censored bybvbl

    Raising Kaine has a review of Jeffrey Feldman’s “Outright Barbarous”. It sounds like an interesting book about how the right has used
    violent language to limit the exchange of ideas. (The argument of “You’re with us or against us” comes to mind.) The emphasis on fear and the inability of the government to protect us sends the message that everyone is on his/her own (with the protection of a gun/guns, of course).

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