Herndon holds elections today and all eyes are on the race for Mayor. Harlon Reece looks to be a consensus builder and hopefully if elected will be able to turn around Herndon’s reputation.

12 Thoughts to “All Eyes on Herndon & Harlon Reece”

  1. maribel

    “Also, the city will deny peddler permits to anybody not in the country legally (ILLEGALS). This is not actually a new measure, but rather an enforcement of federal law. The city MUST DENY a commercial permit to anybody here illegally (ILLEGAL ALIENS)”……MJM, “Our Opinion”, May 6, 2008……..Oh NO…such madness!!!! This is RACIST! ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL! DISCRIMINATORY! The City, Feds, MJM are ALL racists!……k goathart, Ricky Juarez, John Steinbach, Nancy Lyall, F. Principi, M. Nohe, Ms. Caddigan…..WHERE ARE YOU???? HELP!!!!!! OOPS, I forgot to celebrate cinco de Mayo yesterday…..I’ll just have to celebrate 26 de Julio. Y’all have nice day now.

  2. Red Dawn

    Seriously….was that really necassary? Do you feel better?

  3. Bring it On

    Great catch on the illegal ice cream vendors, keep up the good work.

  4. Just CAUSE

    Ok I am confused now. Is Maribel calling everyone on this site Racist? or the people that are asking for immigration reform racist? The first thread has me all confused..are you calling the papers racist as well?

    Maribel- What exactly are you trying to say? Please tell me but leave out the sarcasim (if there is any)

  5. park'd

    Hmm, I wasn’t aware that Herndon had a reputation problem. If enforcing the law is grounds for having a reputation problem then we should all be lucky enough to live somewhere like that. Manassas Park could learn a thing or two about that…

    I’m assuming that Maribel was tongue in cheek.

  6. Firedancer

    He, I mean She, was being sarcastic.

  7. Anon-100

    Looks like DeBenedittis the Mayor that wants illegal aliens out of Herndon was re-elected.

  8. SecondAlamo

    Did anyone see the news report on channel 6 last night that showed the destroyed mess that some of these abandoned houses have been left in by the fleeing illegals? Pretty telling if I do say! This is exactly what people have been complaining about. I know, they’re still human, and so is everyone who is sitting in jail so what’s your point?

  9. Actaully, SA, many houses that go into foreclosure or that are abandoned are in pretty sorry shape once those living there leave whether they were illegal aliens or not. I’ve seen this first hand in coal town in West Virginia and outside Pittsburgh. In both cases, those leaving the properties were certainly not illegal aliens. It’s all too common that people forced to leave their homes aren’t exactly going to leave them in pristine shape.

  10. SecondAlamo


    The news report was on channel 8 not 6. So basically since other people have trashed houses before, that makes it acceptable? Not in my book. It’s almost as if these folks have a total pass on bad behavior in some peoples minds. They can do no wrong. Couldn’t you at least show a slight aggravation with what some of the people have done? I would hate to think that people here were raised in a similar manner.

  11. admin

    They are just people like everyone else.

    Their immigration status doesn’t make them into a ‘drunk driver’, murderer, child molester, rapist, slouch, slob etc… Nor does it mean that they will destroy/degrade this country. It’s insulting that somehow my children & spouse could be construed as contributing to the destruction of America. Actually, frankly, it’s absurd.

    There are millions that have adjusted their status from undocumented to documented and are contributing members of our society. Some are serving in our armed forces and to imply that there’s some relationship between a person’s immigration status and their character as a human being is somewhat flawed. Case in point, and I have used this example before but what about the Cuban illegal immigrant’s experience? Does their character change when their foot touches land? If they make land then they are considered legal; however if they are caught at sea then they are illegal and sent back. Do you believe something inherently changes in that person that makes them a better person solely because they have reached land? Dry foot on land makes a person an upstanding human being raised in an upstanding reputable way but if their foot is wet, well then,they just don’t live like we Americans do. Same could be said about a person that overstays their visa by a day, do they automatically become some disgusting slob that was raised in a barn? Am I making sense?

  12. Moon-howler

    SA, I saw one of the trashed houses shows. Some mortgage companies were offering cash incentives not to destroy the house. That is just screwed up. It isn’t a legal vs illegal issue nation-wide.

    I am just going to say that people who go off and leave trash and things torn up for others are just trash. I don’t care who they are or where they come from. It is making a bad situation so much worse.

    To all, who knows what Maribel’s intent was. the regulars disregard the rants.

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