Manassas City

Member, City Council
Steven S. Smith 1,238 32.93%
Jonathan L. “Jon” Way 1,199 31.89%
Mark D. Wolfe 1,234 32.82%
Write In 88 2.34%

Member, School Board (MANASSAS CITY) Scott M. Albrecht 1,092 20.89%
Sheryl L. Bass 1,163 22.24%
Arthur P. Bushnell 1,019 19.49%
Kermit Holmes Dance 998 19.09%
Edward W. Pratt, Jr. 910 17.40%
Write In 45 0.86%

Harry J. “Hal” Parrish II 1,422 95.88%
Write In 61 4.11%


Mayor – Herndon
Steve J. DeBenedittis 1,313 52.43%
J. Harlon Reece 940 37.53%
Jasbinder Singh 250 9.98%
Write In 1 0.03%


Mayor, Town of Haymarket
Pam E. Stutz 93 75%
Write In 31 25%

Member, Town Council – Haymarket
John C. Cole 84 12.31%
Susan E. Edwards 85 12.46%
Bryan A. Garcia 49 7.18%
Christopher A. Johnson 31 4.54%
Charles F. King, Jr. 37 5.42%
David M. Leake 60 8.79%
Sean Roberts 40 5.86%
Susan M. Shuryn 67 9.82%
James E. “Jay” Tobias 31 4.54%
Oswald Vazquez 69 10.11%
Robert B. “Bob” Weir 75 10.99%
Write In 54 7.91%


Mayor, Town of Occoquan
Earnest W. Porta, Jr. 125 96.89%
Write In 4 3.10%

38 Thoughts to “Election Results”

  1. Congratulations to the winners of today’s City Council election. Of course, when you don’t have any opposition, there is no surprise that you will get elected.

    I know that when you have no opposition, H. Parrish, S. Smith, J Way and M. Wolfe have no initiative to make any kind of outreach to voters unless your personal compass suggests that you ought to campaign and ask voter what direction they think think this City ought to be going in. None of my neighbors ever heard from any of these gentlemen.

    More to the point, I was surprised to see NONE of these white guys out at my precinct to campaign and ask for my vote.

    I did find what they did say to voters as revealing. Check out these published comments:

    Hal Parrish, who is going to be our next mayor, could not even reply to the question of what he saw as the biggest issues facing Manassas and what he would do to address them. What hubris! I know he has a popular political name in town, but, please, do something to earn my support and not rub my face in the fact you have no challenger.

    Steve Smith says that we need to “present a positive image.” But wait, hasn’t he been on Council for at least 4 years? Yikes, if he doesn’t think Manassas has a positive image in 4 years, why should be re-elected? Sounds like he hasn’t done anything to help improve the city.

    Jon Way says that we need to “control taxes to inflation plus citizen-supported initiatives.” Wait a moment, did he not vote for a 23% increase in the personal tax rate? Golly, what a candidate will say when he has no opponent. And he says he is Republican. With that kind of tax hike, who could afford 4 more years of Mr. Way?

    Newcomer Mark Wolfe says that Manassas’ quality of life comes from, among other things, “an effective and efficient local government.” Guess he has never seen how many trips it takes the city utility department to change a street light…three iseprate trips with three different trucks in my neighborhood. Or watched various city inspectors go to a job site only to get into 2 different vehicles and drive away despite the cost of gas these days…or wait over 20 minutes for city police to respond to a gang fight which included destroying local property.

    I would have been happy to share all this with these candidates, but since none of them chose to campaign, it is tough to discuss these issues with ghosts.

    My prediction is that with the re-election of Parrish, Smith and Way and election of newcomer Wolfe, I can expect higher taxes, continued government inattention, and no interest in what residents and property owners need and expect unless they can sum it up in the pitiful 3 minutes tossed like a bone to citizens during “Citizen Time” at City Council meeting.

  2. Herndon VA. The Immigration Issue has lost prominance to the battle for housing values and economic preservation. All the canidates for Mayor said they would not re-open the tax payer funded day-labor site.

    Oddly enough when pressed for clairification on the issue of opposing “Any” Day labor hiring site in Herndon, the newly re-elected Mayor and Council agree that if a private or faith based orginization were to create such a site at their own sole expense, the council would not interfere. I had a close friend ask now ex-vice mayor/ councilman Dennis Husch his opinion about a privately funded worker center just yesterday at the polling station, and he said he would not be opposed.

    The key issue in Herndon now is domestic spending, whether the rejuvination of Down Town Herndon would be a waste of money, or a project that would provide jobs and raise housing values.

    Last night it was determined by a slim margin of a small portion of registered voters that it is a waste of money, that further constructions on Condos and McMansions by corporate developers will be the saving grace of Herndon.

    Time and Economy will tell, but one thing is clear, the construction market slowdown in the area in general has been the key factor in forcing the Illegal Immigrants to migrate. The big question now is will the economy pick up in time to fill these vacated housing units and the new ones planned for the future?

  3. Elena

    Thank you Rod for your insight into Herndon’s election.

  4. Wow thanks for the feedback, Tom and Rod. I assume you are from Manassas and Herndon?

    So what happened to Herndon’s big anti-immigration guy anyway? Any thoughts?

  5. 9500 Liberty was there filming everything yesterday so keep an eye out. The farthest the Town Of Herndon has ever gone to combat “Illegal Immigration” is to hire more town staffers to investigate overcrowding claims, make our police force 287g certified (but leaving the screening to their own discretion) and closing the Official Herndon Workers Center, but only after the county withdrew the funding (supposedly because the former Vice Mayor Dennis Husch insulted them in a private e-mail)

    While that sounds like a lot of preassure, it’s more bark than bite. A lot of migrant workers have left due to declining opportunity, not town pressure. The Genie Schmit Free Clinic and Reston Interfaith are still in full opperation and have not been threatened by the town, they provide services to all humanity. Members of Help Save Herndon and the now defunct Herndon Minutemen have been turning their sites on these humanitarian opperations in a further effort to socially engineer Herndon to benifit Upper Income citizens only, but I have it from the inside that even the Anti-Illegal Immigration Council members will not support them in this endevor.

    “Polling Station Intimidation”

    Yesterday I witnessed some attempts from indivduals to intimidate the minority voters at the polling station in Herndon. Aubrey Stokes and Philip Jones, the founders of Help Save Herndon had a large Great Dane on a leash and stood at the main entrance to the polling place greeting people as the Dog struggled on the leash. I saw a few voters trying to aviod the fearsome animal to get to the polls. Stokes and Jones took turns holding the dog but later moved away from the main entrance. I have photos of them with their intimidating animal and I also know for a fact that niether of them own the dog, it belongs to another citizen who i suspect is a member of HSH. It was “rented” either as a prop or as a deturent to people who fear dogs.

    I also witnessed an unidentified caucasion man in a black business suit (in 80 degree weather) taking secret photos of every person who went to check in at the VMPAC (Virginia Muslim Political Action Commitee) tent. The bearded man in glasses was handing out sample ballots for the incumbents which also covered a camera that he would only pull out to take hip shots of the people who came up to the VMPAC tent for any reason. I also got photographs of this man in action. I did see he was in a long conversation with Dennis Husch.

    Other than those two incidents, the atmosphere at the polling station was very civil, and despite the attempts of HSH and other hate group opperatives to interfere with the Democratic Process, they had little if any effect. Dennis Husch, the most radical of the canidates only managed to hold on to a council seat by just 10 votes!!! and we was toppled from his much coveted status of Vice Mayor, meaning he will never be in the drivers seat of our community. Richard Downer, a proponent of fairness and equality in Herndon, who has a good vision for the future managed to take Harlen Reece’s old seat, so their will never be consecutive vote on unconstitional resolutions should the other members of council become corrupted through HSM style electronic intimidation.

    This is by far not an absolute victory for Social Control, but a sign that, though slowly, Herndon is starting to reflect upon who really is to blame for the lowering housing values and declining quality of life.

    If anything, perhaps the failures in PWC government are showing us the consequences of electing emotion over reason.

    my 2 cents


  6. admin

    Thanks Rod for that very insightful write-up! I had no idea that things had atleast taken a slight turn for the better. So that’s good news to hear. Honestly, I don’t understand what’s going on at the polling stations. With evidence of this type of behavior, the DOJ needs to take a more active role in patrolling the polling stations. Do we know if these were actions have been reported?

  7. Yes, Rod, I do hope you have reported these incidents. I’m tired of the way democracy is underminded in our county and in this country.

  8. Upcoming Pubic Hearing on Immigration

    BTW, why aren’t the Commission on Immigration Chairs bi-partison?

    For immediate release: Contact: Carla Harris
    May 6, 2008 (804) 726-7107 or
    Matt Gross
    (804) 726-7087

    Community invited to speak on immigration issues
    Virginia Commission on Immigration to hold public hearing at GMU

    Fairfax, Va. – The Virginia Commission on Immigration will hold its first
    of five statewide public hearings on Thursday, May 22 in the Johnson
    Cinema on the campus of George Mason University. The Commission is
    public input on how immigration issues are affecting Virginia.

    The public is encouraged to focus their input to immigration issues
    affecting Northern Virginia, as the Commission will conduct additional
    hearings in other parts of the Commonwealth. Public comment will be
    to three minutes per person. Sign up for public comment will be onsite at
    1:00 p.m. Written comments can also be submitted in advance for
    review prior to the meeting via email at, or by mail to:

    Virginia Commission on Immigration
    c/o Matt Gross
    7 North Eight Street, 6th Floor
    Richmond, VA 23219

    The Virginia Commission on Immigration is charged with studying,
    and making recommendations to address the costs and benefits of
    on the Commonwealth related to education, health care, law enforcement,
    local demands for services, the economy and the effects of federal
    immigration and funding policies. The Commission is chaired by Senator
    Watkins (R-Powhatan) and co-chaired by Delegate Jackson Miller

    For more information, contact Matt Gross at (804) 726-7087, or or visit

    # # #


  9. In terms of the dog incedent, it’s hard to prosecute because other people had thier dogs their as well, but considering the people holding the dog, the fact that I know it’s not their dog and their stratigic placement, I would say it points to intimidation.

    I talked with the head of MPAC about the man in the suit with the camera. If MPAC felt intimidated by the man they could have called the police, but being used to this type of thing and seeing the mans actions were having no noticable effect on the Muslims that came by to say hi, it was decided to let him just stand there and shame himself, but we pointed him out to all sorts of people and i did see the election monitor talking to him at one point.

    I’m ready for these haters any day they decide to cross the line, but for now they are loosing their fear appeal to the citizens so the most I want to do come here and expose them in all their shame. Their cause is dying and there is nothing they can do to stop it, civil rights will always win in the end.

  10. inon


    So let me get this straight:

    “an unidentified caucasion man in a black business suit (in 80 degree weather) taking secret photos of every person who went to check in at the VMPAC (Virginia Muslim Political Action Commitee) tent.” and according to you, this is a blatant attempt to “interfere with the Democratic Process”

    BUT also according to you:
    “9500 Liberty was there filming everything yesterday” wasn’t a blatant attempt to “interfere with the Democratic Process”
    “I also got photographs of this man in action” wasn’t a blatant attempt to “interfere with the Democratic Process”

    So it is okay for one side to film and take photos but not okay for the other side to film or take photos….I’m confused? Doesn’t 9500 Liberty film to ‘expose’ certain people and wasn’t that exactly what the man who took the secret photos trying to do as well.

    Help me out here, weren’t both sides were doing the exact same thing in regards to filming and taking photos?

    And another point, why is it suspicious that the man was in a business suit in 80 degree weather? Perhaps the man had a JOB and wears a suit to that job.

  11. 9500 Liberty was there in the morning interviewing everyone; Dennis Husch, The Mayor, Harlen Reece, etc. for the purposes of Documenting the event from an objective perspective, as they do with everyone they interview. The only thing that “Exposes” the people 9500Liberty interview is their own words.

    The man in black was not so fourthcoming, we would cast side glances at the MPAC booth, waiting for a person to walk up then he would whip out the camera from his pocket, take a hip shot, and slip it away really quickly.

    What he wants with those pictures is beyond me? Does he get turned on by photos people (and kids mind you) talking to Muslims? Is he collecting some type of “Evidence?” Perhaps he’s planning a giant revenge killing and is getting to know his target?!?! He is in his rights to take the pictures, that’s not in question, but the manner in which he took them gives me reasons to have some concern.

    Asside from the canidates, he was the only guy in a full black suit and he was handing out “Sample Ballots” in the stark sunshine.

    My camera is more in self defense, people seem to keep in check when there is a chance that evidence of their actions can be used against them in a court of law. This man was acting suspiciously and I took his picture so i could indentify him to the police should anything untoward happen in the future to the people he was taking pictures of.

  12. Why the hell would they even LET dogs be at the polling site? That sounds bizarre all by itself!

  13. Censored bybvbl

    rod2155, if this were the Fifties or early Sixties and the guy in the black suit had on a white shirt , a tie, and a hat, I’d say you had one of J. Edgar’s G-men. Haha. That’s just a flashback after having seen my father leave for work for decades.

  14. Elena

    Thanks for your personal impresssions and your detailed account of the voting precinct!

  15. “rod2155, if this were the Fifties or early Sixties and the guy in the black suit had on a white shirt , a tie, and a hat, I’d say you had one of J. Edgar’s G-men. Haha. That’s just a flashback after having seen my father leave for work for decades.”

    Ha…it felt a little like that, but to be on the fair side, Herndon, Reston, Cascades and Sterling have a large Muslim Community. The Primary Mosque we (I’m also a Muslim) go to on Fridays is a place called the ADAMS Center which is located just outside of Herndon. It is also one of the most politically active Mosques in Virginia, the president of MPAC attends there as well as the president of the local chapter of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relationships). The presence of the Muslims in North VA has been the focus of much critisism and contreversy. At one time the New York Times listed Herndon as being on a list of top ten towns holding “Active AlQadea Cells.” Front Page Mag has done multiple stories on how the Muslim Community in NOVA is working with the Illegal Immigrants to take over the United States and impose Shirah Law or death.

    Most of these articles were written by people who probally could not even find Herndon on a map, let alone have ever been in Northern VA. But there are a handfull of citizens in NOVA who are not only convinced that the Islamic/Mexican Revolution is real, but they see themselves as soldiers on the frontline, ready to do battle for the United States. The man taking pictures is probally getting some photos he can show online to show how the Muslims are working with the Hispanics to undermine the government of Herndon and put our “Agents” in place.

    I myself am a convert, i grew up in Herndon as an Episcapalian and had Muslim friends all throughout my life. On the first aniversary of 9-11 I went to an interfaith bridgebuilding memorial at the ADAMS Center and was totally blown away at the humanity and compassion that my supposed “Enemy” pocessed. In 2006 after going on a diplomatic trip to Qatar, I felt my true calling and became a Muslim. If there are connections between the Hispanic community and the Muslim community in Herndon, it’s because in recent years, both have been misunderstood and in some cases oppressed. I stand in solidarity with any person who is being denyed their right to exist because of some greedy of hateful whim. In terms of the “Help Save…” Organizations, many in them would just as much want to see Muslims as well as Hispanics deported from the United States. My Family has been here for 300 years, I am the great, great, great grandson of Francis Scott Key and a Muslim to boot what are they going to do about that? nothing!

  16. Mando

    There are many confirmed reports of middle-eastern terrorist organizations using our southern border to illegaly enter the US. There have also been reports of these terrorist organizations teaming up with drug cartels to smuggle in weapons and people.

    That being said, it would be ignorant of me to believe that all muslims are terrorists just like it is ignorant of you to think all members of the Help Save organizations are racists.

    BTW, CAIR is notoriously know for it’s support of terrorist organizations.

  17. “That being said, it would be ignorant of me to believe that all muslims are terrorists just like it is ignorant of you to think all members of the Help Save organizations are racists.”

    You’ll be hard pressed to qoute me saying that.

    Back in the early days of outside influence on the hearts and minds of Herndon citizens, an Arizona woman named Erin Anderson was recruited by HSH to deliver testimony on the horrors of Illegal Immigrants. She testified to their qualities in carrying Disease from TB to Bubonic Plague. She said the majority of them were child molesters, but her grand undisputed exhibit was a non discript scrap of cloth in a plastc bag which she claims to be a peice of a “Prayer Rug” found on her own property on the Border which prooves that terrorist are in fact crossing the borders to attack America and the Latinos are in a pact with them!

    In some versions of this nationally famous tale, for she now travels from state to state telling it, she found that peice of prayer rug next to a flyer advertising illegal employment in North VA.

    If Erin is one of the sources of these “reports” I’d find another news outlet that’s more in sync with reality.

  18. Mando

    rod2155 said “and despite the attempts of HSH and other hate group opperatives”

    The implication is clear.

  19. Moon-howler

    It sounds like cameras just don’t need to be at polling places unless they are for official puposes. Nowadays it doesn’t seem so critical. Think back to the early 60’s and what this country went through to establish voting rights for all of its citizens.

    Can you imagine being a black person and having your picture taken at the polls? Can you imagine how much that person’s safety would have been jeopardized if the picture were hung down at the drinkin’ hall where all the good old boys gathered? I find cameras very intimidating. Dogs have no place at public gatherings. Leave the dogs at home.

  20. admin

    I agree border security is a concern. Remember that the 9/11 terrorists entered through legal channels and not by crossing our southern border. I still believe a strong offensive is a good defense and that’s why I’m still in favor of fighting this war on their turf not ours. When someone’s gunning for you, you can either hunker down and wait or hire some hitmen and go on the hunt. I favor the later over the former, I cringe when I hear people suggest bringing our troups home to fortify our borders. The distinction which has to be made by our government is between those here to do us harm and those that aren’t. We could start a process whereby anybody in the country illegally could come out of the shadows, obtain medical examinations etc… but the only leverage we have in doing so is by offering something in exchange (ie status). In this manner we could begin to get a grasp of who’s here and why. Otherwise, we continue to put ourselves at risk from a variety of aspects. I don’t believe by offering status that it puts us at national risk that somehow our Country will deteriorate because of this latest influx of immigrants. I’m actually convinced that if we had enforcement of the laws in combination with enhanced border security and an exit/entry process verification system, e-verify etc.. combined with immigration laws that are more flexible that would go a long way to solving the issue.

  21. ” I cringe when I hear people suggest bringing our troups home to fortify our borders.” Why? Our borders aren’t secure. I’m not saying we are letting in terrorists necessarily, but we don’t have enough protection HERE. They are all in the Middle East.

    Having more protection here doesn’t mean we deport all those “nasty illegals” either. It just means we take care of this place we call a “country.”

    No matter what, we need to treat those who have been here working and contributing with respect and justice. Run criminal checks, but please “let’s not confuse the 7/11 with 9/11.”

  22. I’m gonna make a shirt and put this quote on it:

    Don’t confuse the 9-11 with the 7-11!

    That guy on the 9500 video always makes me laugh.

  23. Elena

    ditto Mackie 🙂

  24. Mando

    “I don’t believe by offering status that it puts us at national risk that somehow our Country will deteriorate because of this latest influx of immigrants.”

    That’s the kicker. Illegal aliens are in demand because they are black market labor. It’s like anything else illegal, there will always be a demand for it unless the penalties for hiring them greatly outweigh the benefit. You make all 21 million illegal aliens in this country legal citizens with legitimate ssn’s or tax id’s and you have done nothing to slow down the demand for illegal labor. What you have done is taken away those former illegal aliens ability to secure a job. You net a whole hell of a lot of people requiring public assistance and a whole hell of a lot of people flooding the border to fill that void for illegal labor. Like amnesty in the 80’s, amnesty now would just increase the problem.

    The border needs to be locked down first. Northern and Southern. To keep all illegal aliens (those seeking to enter the black market for illegal labor and those seeking to commit terrorist acts) out. Not one person should be crossing our borders without going through proper processes and being checked.

  25. admin

    A couple things, 21 million illegals doesn’t mean that they are all in the work force. But let’s for arguments sake consider that you were correct in this assumption. The total # of US inhabitants, according to the last census is about 300 million, so 21 million working illegals would translate into 7% of our workforce. If this were the case, I presume your assumption is that legal workers would be able to fill the gap if that 7% weren’t here; however according to Bureau of Labor Statistics we(US) had 5% unemployment last month and I guarantee the jobs that the 7% probably aren’t something that the ‘5%’ would be interested in doing. My point being simply there has been a labor shortage and employers aren’t necessarily paying black market wages but in many cases have been desperate to find workers which means paying a more competitive/fair wage.

  26. To boot, our unemployment rate is low.

    To boot, if we let immrants learn English, they can earn citizenship through military service.

    To boot, if we let them work legally, they can get their tax situation straightened out if indeed they DO have a tax situation. Shoot, I’ve had tax situations before. It happens all the time.

    To boot….I can go on : )

  27. Mando

    Whom is counted in that unemployment figure? ONLY jobless citizens that are receiving unemployment benefits from the Govt. Doesn’t count those just entering the workforce, such as young adults just getting out of High School needing an entry level job because college just isn’t an option. Many guys I went to high school with that couldn’t go to college for one reason or another got there start working construction. That just doesn’t happen anymore. Why? Because there is a labor pool of illegal workers that are much cheaper to employ. That’s just the tip of the iceburg.

    You assume illegal aliens want to enter the legal workforce and pay taxes. Not playing by the rules has advantages.

    Let illegal aliens learn English? Someone is keeping them from learning English?

    As we’ve painfully learned from our past mistakes, Amnesty only compounds the problem.

  28. “You assume illegal aliens want to enter the legal workforce and pay taxes. Not playing by the rules has advantages.” Yes! Who wants to live in the shadows? If they WANT that, then they don’t really want to be citizens. Then they SHOULD go back.

    “Let illegal aliens learn English? Someone is keeping them from learning English?” Um…..our BOCS that is cutting programs and then gloating that ESOL students even children are leaving?

  29. To Mando, and I appologize for the redundancy, I logged in and lost track of the thread I was answering…


    “Many guys I went to high school with that couldn’t go to college for one reason or another got there start working construction. That just doesn’t happen anymore. Why? Because there is a labor pool of illegal workers that are much cheaper to employ. That’s just the tip of the iceburg.”

    I agree there is a conundrum with the young Americans who are just getting out of school not being able to enter the workforce. I was in a simular situation after I recieved my BFA, only my job skill was as a hand drawn animator. In my case all the technology had changed and what jobs there were in my field had been outsourced to Japan and India. I was very lucky and got a state job as an AV manager, others unfortunatly are not so lucky.

    But if these young Americans are proud enough to call themselves Americans, they need to act like Americans. They need to get together and proove they are just as capable as the Illegal Immigrants, that they can work as hard and do any task, no matter how dirty, no matter how unpleasant. If landscaping business, resturants and farms won’t pay them a fair wage, then they need to form their own businesses and unions, or loudly demand their rights as American Workers. If the majority of the citizens of the USA feel that our citizens should have these rights, then they need to be ready to pay an honest wage, boycott businesses that use slave labor, only consume materials that were made, sewn, build, grown born and raised by Americans.

    It takes a great amount of motivation a lot of hard work, and it will mean sacrifices on the part of the American Public in terms of comfort and convienience.

    But unless these young folks get off the computer, out of the beer bottles; cease complaining and start reforming this nation themselves, they will never win and they will continued to be replaced by other people who will do the work.

    Yes it’s not fair, but in this day and age, as it has been in the past, you will have to fight for your rights, not be granted them by idle comments on webboards.

    Stop complaining and Organize AMERICA! otherwise be silent and let the best worker do the job.

  30. Hey Rod! Just saw your demo film on your site! That is so cool!

  31. Anon

    What I love is the limited write in votes by the HSM/BVBL crew. They trucked people into the Republican convention in Manassas City for the nominations and they couldn’t manage to get a single candidate on the ballot. All they could manage were 150 write in notes out of a few thousands. Pathetic.

  32. rod2156

    Beware of what rod2155 posts.
    There’s not much truth in them.
    Try searching case number GC05183584-00 on the Fairfax Coutny District court.
    and you’ll see the real reason he is spouting lies.

  33. Anon

    It is sad to see Rod2155 AKA Roger Perry continue his campaign of hate, lies, and disinformation. It appears this site owes a lot more credit to BVBL and hopefully no one is gullible enough to believe a confused and misguided person such as Roger Perry. Do not encourage his anger as it has landed him in front of a judge before.

    Lets leave the animals, children, and the muslims out of the discussion.

  34. P and A it’s “Rodger” not “Roger” and I’ve already told plenty of people about how the judge through out the case. If you had read thru some of my other posts, you would see that I started to defend you against charges of racism, and I still will, I don’t think you’re really racist at heart anymore, though I still question what you were doing with the dog guys? You can’t deny you were using it, I already posted one of the photos I have.

    If your trying to play the class defamation lawsuit game, I have witness’ and photos to back up my perception, and as to using your names, well you were happy enough to give them to Lou Dobbs and being public media figures now you both need to be responsible about your actions. Maybe you just wanted to show off the dog, but to others and myself included you seemed to have another agenda based upon your recorded actions.

    I hope you two will drop the issue, you got a taste of what I got after you manufactured that inaccurate AP wire about my case. Fortunately employers care about convicted criminals, not citizens who were arrested for misdemeanors and found not guilty in a court of law.

    Anyway, I’m hoping you guys will be sensible and drop the issue, this whole thread is buried deep in the blog and I doubt anyone really cares anyway.

    I seriously hope you will join in the discussion, I would like Help Save Herndon to have representatives who will answer for themselves, who will explain what they feel the good solutions to be.

  35. Anon

    Mr. Perry,

    You were convicted and receive a deferral. This means you the courts found that you have sufficiently demonstrated behavior that required one year worth of monitoring.

    It was you (again) who manufactured the most incredible story suggesting there were some misdeeds by HSH a the Herndon election. Mr. Perry…you are fabricating a story to get sympathy and no one in Herndon cares about the Muslim PAC or the 9500 Liberty. In Herndon we want a quality of life where we feel safe and that children are not acosted by illegal alien day laborers who solicit them for sex with their vulgar comments and constant harassment. Its time you put away the bigot paint brush and realize that hard working honest people do not want to live in a community of crime and intimidation. Illegal aliens, most with only a 3rd grade level of education, are a problem when they have no means to feed themselves or provide for their family. Herndon cannot bear that burden nor should homeowners be exposed to this risk.

    Herndon is coming together but you risk a whole lot of credibility to suggest HSH has ever tried to intimidate anyone. We represent families, individuals, and communities who wish that the rule of law apply equally applies to everyone. This is what is called a democracy.


  36. The Illegal Immigrants who are only looking for quick work to make money are leaving Herndon on their own because of the economy. I was all for the center and 287g, because it would have given us a clear view of who was here to work, who was here to live and who was here to cause trouble. The trouble makers are granted justice, the migrant workers have nothing to work on now so they are leaving.

    We are in agreement that it’s good that the criminals and the single migrant workers are leaving the community.

    Where I draw the line is with the illegal immigrant families who are working in the community, respecting our laws and paying taxes. There only mistake was coming here the wrong way, but since they are proving they want to be citizens of Herndon, then I have no problem. I agree that we don’t have the resources to help everyone, the Federal Government has got to secure the border and rebuild the legal immigration and guest worker programs.

    Now the past is the past, we can dispute forever over the connections between HSH and the Herndon Minutemen and what classifies as intimidation.

    But, I’m invested in the future of Herndon as well, though I think more to the social wellbeing of the middle class and the poor, I believe a united community is a strong commuinty. I’ve gotten envolved recently with two local organizations to try and help the poor get jobs and to help draw some income from the arts in Herndon, I did not join this blog to trash Herndon, in fact if you read into my other post, you will see I’m proud of the culteral tolarance and diversity we have in Herndon. I’m working to make sure that the HSM terror tactics do not spread into our community. I wish you would come out and explain that HSH has nothing to do with Greg, or the extreams to which he is willing to go to make a community he would enjoy. He has posted on BVBL that basically the Homosexuals, Muslims and Liberals can follow the Mexicans in deportation. I know for a fact HSH does NOT support that type of view. We just want the bad elements out of the community, no matter who they are, but Greg thinks that ALL gays, muslims heck basically anyone who is not white is inheirently subservient to the White race and that soem of the groups should just be exterminated like “Parasites” as he likes to call them.

    Anyway, this thread is practally 4 months old, and my thinking has changed since I made the post about the dog. It looked to me like some of the people trying to vote were a little scared of the dog, not that dogs are bad, but that great dane was really large and he was excited with all the people around, it would have been better if you had not brought “the puppy” to that particular event.

    And as to the Muslims, you need to read a bit more carefully, I wrote a second paragraph about a guy in a black suit who was taking pictures of only the people who came up to our VMPAC booth. I never once suggested that he was a member of HSH, nor do I think he is, but that was really intimidating, it was his presence that forced me to get my camera. Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs (though converts like myself turn the blind eye to that type of superstition), but I saw some of my Sisters avoid the canidates line because of the presence of the Great Dane.

    Whatever, I doubt most of the people here could care less, and as far as I know, asside from you, i’m the only Herndoner who writes here (let alone probally reads this blog)

    If HSH is hosting community events and is reaching out to bring together everyone in the community, then those actions will solidify your reputation more than any one poster’s angry comments on a four month old buried thread.

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