I keep checking all the major networks, certain that the headlines will soon read – Clinton Concedes. However, no matter how many times I reload the page, that headline will simply not appear. In fact, what does jump out at me is that she loaned her campaign somewhere around $6.5 million last month. Yikes! She won’t say ‘Uncle’ no matter how tightly her arm gets twisted but it’s about time that someone calls the match. From all the mark-ups of possible scenarios it now appears impossible that she will catch-up to Obama, so it seems reasonable that she would resign herself to that fact and bow out gracefully. Can someone talk some sense into her, please?

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  1. Not Me, Bubba

    Thank goodness. Now we can finally cook that french fry McCain…

  2. The pursuit of power is apparently its own reward.

  3. Moon-howler

    And does Pastor Wright not bother anyone here?

    I will decide who I am going to vote for the first week in November.

  4. How about Rod Parsley or John Hagee? They see McCain as an instrument of God, sent to clenze the world of the great serpent of Islam by striking the head, Mecca, with the Holy Nukes of Jesus! The revealing light from above!

    McCain has yet to disagree.

  5. DreamTicket

    I wouldn’t hold my breath because the Super D’s will have to put him over and that doesn’t happen until the convention so I am guessing she is in it until August regardless. My hope is that they come out of the convention united on the same ticket. I think Obama is going to need Clinton on the ticket with him to keep the Reagan Democrats from voting for John McCain.

  6. anon

    Perhaps you and my husband would like to get together… How Hillary should concede is all I hear about! They are both winning primaries, but by the numbers she should concede. The problem is that Obama supporters are so hard over on this, they are turning me off completely. And I voted for him in the primary! They need to broker a deal and quickly, but Democrats need to be sure that whoever is at the top of the ticket can beat Bush III… er, I mean Senator McCain.

  7. AnoniMom

    Hey, I would just remind you that Republicans read this blog too. One of the great things about BVBL was that it was issues focused not partisan.

  8. Moon-howler

    Rod, the difference is, Hagee and Parsley are not John McCain’s pastors. Pat Robertson probably said the same thing. Again, he is not McCain’s pastor. This makes a huge difference.

    I actually feel badly for Obama over this but I am leery. How can someone attend a church for 20 years and not know this kind of evil rhetoric was being spewed? To me it is extremely bad judgement on his part.

  9. Anon

    Not partisan – they endorse Republican candidates right and left. Vote for Jackson Miller. Vote for Marc Aveni. Vote for Bob Marshall. Yeah, BVBL and HSM are not partisan.

  10. Hillary knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows she’s lost this round. She won’t be the nominee. It’s all in the math.

    So why is she going on until the convention? Well…we’ve all seen plenty of examples of how ruthless she can be by now. She’s already working on 2012. She’s trying to weaken Obama as much as possible so he loses in the general election. McCain will win, and we’ll have 4 more years of Bush on steroids. Then she’ll get another shot and she won’t have to worry about Obama. Obama won’t get another shot in 2012 after he loses in the general election of 2008.

    Could she possibly be this cruel and ruthless?


  11. admin

    And at least one Republican writes for the blog, although I better get ready to be ripped into by JYoung. Actually, I’m one of the 29% that thinks Bush is doing a good job.

    I’m really debating whether or not to hit the Submit button on this one. 🙂

  12. AnoniMom,

    For my part I’m not a republican or a democrat. I embrace the original vision of the founding fathers as embodied in the constitution. I love my freedom and the freedom of all others. I think some social programs might do some good but are extremely wasteful and inefficient so I support their abolition. I despise big government.

    I think both political parties will shamelessly sacrifice american treasure and lives in order to acquire power. Just look at the 9-11 commission report. A complete snowjob that refused to lay blame at the foot of those responsible from both parties. Don’t you remember all those elected officials and high level appointees who were humiliated before the country, summarily fired, and imprisoned for dereliction of duty after 9-11? Don’t you remember that? No you don’t…because it never happened. A sad fact that will cost many more american lives in the next attack.

    These political parties are private organizations that have sunk their teeth so deeply into our political process we’ve come to depend on them like crutches. They only care about themselves. Sometimes your goals align with their goals. But, they’ll throw you under the bus if that’s what it takes to acquire power. I would gladly welcome the destruction of a 2 party system.

    The internet is helping to make the 2 party system obsolete because it unleashes human creativity and is destroying the mainstream media. Go Freedom! Go Ron Paul!

  13. Leila

    I feel there isn’t anything Hillary wouldn’t do to win this nomination. That worries me. I think Obama has shown considerably more grace and integrity in this contest. But I guess the real question for any Democrat is who is the stronger candidate in the general election. That I can’t answer. Neither perhaps.

    PS: Off topic, but I am having a lot of trouble with the new look of Anti-BVBL. I find all this glowing white much harder on my eyes than the black background with the white type was. Anyone else? I appreciate all the labor it must have taken, but I wish so much that I could toggle it back. I don’t care if it looked like the “Other.”

  14. Moon-howler

    Leila, I agree. It is a nice look but harder to read by far.

    I am glad to see you back. We have missed you.

  15. AnoniMom

    I just re-read my comments. I meant to say that ANTI-BVBL was non-partisan. This is what happens when I type tired.

  16. Poor Richard

    “Honestly, how many people even heard of the term Super Delegate before a black person
    had a real chance to be elected President? Come on.”
    Chris Rock

  17. Elena

    Gotta LOVE Chris Rock!

  18. admin

    Poor Richard,
    That’s hilarious!

  19. DreamTicket

    I think that there may be some misconceptions regarding out presidential candidates. One of them is the idea that Leila puts forth that Hillary would do anything to get elected. This is a commonly held belief about Hillary and it includes that notion that she would destroy her own party or as Mackie puts it destroy Obama’s chances. I think the association exists because of Hillary’s tenacity but I believe that it is taking it too far to say she would destroy Obama or the Democratic party.

    Look at the idea percolating that Obama isn’t patriotic. I think this is an unfair characterization in part created by Obama’s desire to brand himself the change candidate. He did this in part by doing things differently and one of those things includes taking off his flag lapel pin. Now people are questioning his patriotism. Ridiculous!

    So, we have the candidate, self-branded as the fighter who is seen as doing anything and everything to get elected. We have the candidate self branded as the candidate of change to the point that his patriotism is question.

    Oh, let’s not forget John McCain. The War Hero or also known as the man who wants a hundred years war in Iraq. I think that is completely bogus not what he said, not what he meant, and it is almost always taken out of context.

    As I write this I realize we should take this a step further and question how the candidates have branded themselves. Clinton – a fighter. Obama – all about Change and bringing the country together. John McCain – what has he branded himself as? – I think that Obama and Clinton have branded him as 4 more years of Bush – Is that true? Hasn’t McCain been quite critical of Bush. It is all about marketing and selling themselves to us so it is important that we question everything they say and see if they have a record to back it up.

    Anyhow, my point is that we should all be careful about commonly held beliefs regarding out candidates because they can and may be false in nature or may represent something that is true but tweaked to the point that it is now false. Also, just because people believe something to be true doesn’t mean that it is true. Remember what we all thought about WMD and who had them???

    Mackie – Why do you call for a destruction of the two party system but then criticize Hillary for what you see as Hillary destroying her party in November. Is it possible that these two ideas are at odds with one another?? The way I am seeing your comments it looks like you want diversity in candidates but only as long as they are not within the same party. Huh? Is that a fair characterization of your two posts?

  20. I don’t believe in parties.

  21. DreamTicket said:

    Mackie – Why do you call for a destruction of the two party system but then criticize Hillary for what you see as Hillary destroying her party in November. Is it possible that these two ideas are at odds with one another??

    I’m not really offering a criticism on Hillary either way by saying she’s ruthless. Some people would even see that as a plus for her. I’m just saying it’s true. The race is over for her. So the only way to interpret why she’s still in the race, is that she’s trying to cripple Obama as much as possible. Dick Morris’s last article on this explains what she’s doing. I doubt Obama will win the general election now. She kneecapped him pretty bad, took away the best thing he had going (the appearance of higher morality), and then outta nowhere Rev. Wright took a big pike and skewered him. Add to this Nader entering the race…it’s over for Obama. 2 months ago I thought Obama had a chance to win the general election.

    If a side effect of Hillary’s flamethrower tactics, is that the 2 party system is weakened…I say ‘Give that woman more fuel!’

    A 2 party system is pretty undemocratic if you ask me. For example, just look at the concept of superdelegates. This is straight out of tyranny 101. Superdelegates is just one tyrannical aspect of political parties that happens to be public.

    We don’t need political parties now that we have the internet. Candidates can run strictly on the issues, and call themselves independents. They can speak directly to the people. They can raise millions online in a matter of hours. Death to corporate controlled media!

    The internet is the greatest tool for freedom of speech that the world has ever known. Americans are free to think again. It’s like back in history, when only the monks could read and write in latin and they told the uneducated peasants what to believe. Then along came the invention of movable type, and books became mass produced and translated into all manner of different languages. This spawned an awakening of the consciousness of western europe that led to much upheaval, revolution, and war, but eventually it bore good fruit. A similar awakening is taking place across the islamic world. A new debate has begun and we are not representing ourselves very well in that debate.

    We also need more debate here in the west. A debate free of political correctness. We don’t need leaders to tell us what to do, we need to learn to think again, trust in ourselves again, embrace our history again, turn off the TV, turn on the internet and join the great debate.

  22. Addendum to my previous post:

  23. Red Dawn


    I may be the only one with my ears perked up to your comment. People HATE conspiracy theories. I find it funny that a lot of people will saywell, there is SOME TRUTH to those or rumors…..

    What is WRONG with thinking OUTSIDE the box? , i.e., Which came first the chicken or the egg and WHERE did that debate start 😉 Anyway, I am glad to see someone “OUT THERE” ( LOL) asking or trying to DE BUNK.

    I actually had a conversation today with a co worker and said, I have had it. I have to toss my tv out the window. It is nothing but gloom and doom. It is very depressing.
    I told her it reminded me of this song :


    You have to watch out for the internet too, lol 🙂

  24. park'd

    Hillary for all her faults is still light years ahead of Obama as far as qualifications are concerned. I wouldn’t trust Obama to govern Manassas Park yet alone the country. He is unelectable now, especially after the Wright scandal. White, middle class working Americans will not vote for him. Period. He will get the young vote, the black vote, the highly educated vote (although that could be a contradiction in terms since they are voting for him), and some of the liberal vote. He will not get the Hispanic vote and he will not get the average Joe white vote. McCain will sail away with this one and the GOP will make quick work of Obama and his sketchy past and his lack of any plan at all. He’s a great speaker, but he is without any substance at all. Looks like 4 more years of failed Bush policies for us because of a lack of anyone else who is better. Romney had my vote and I’m still bummed about that. Gore would get my vote as well, but I think he is done with politics. I vote for the person, not the party. Only an idiot would vote for the party imo.

  25. Hi Red Dawn,

    I’m sorry if I gave the impression but I’m not in agreement with the 9-11 truth movement in any way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though.

  26. Moon-howler

    Oh Merciful God, I am voting with Park’d! Just take me out and shoot me. Just kidding, Park’d.

    Actually, If I had to go to the polls tomorrow, I would stick to the Hillary ticket. I have always liked Bill and that’s one way to get him back in the White House. Plus, Hillary has some substance and I know where she stands. McCain is a nice man but I just don’t like his position on some things and people who know me know what those postions are.

    I have nothing against Obama. I just don’t think he is the new JFK. I also think if he didnt know his own minister was such a racist (and remember, I rarely use that word), then he really is too dumb to be president. Was he in a cave? Where was his head?

    Besides, I think it is time for a woman president. Generationally, Hill and I have a few things in common. The people screaming the loudest for her to quit are Republicans. Now why would she listen to them? Why would Democrats listen to them much less go along with them. I think the Obamas and the Hillarys hate each other worse than the Democrats and Repulicans.

    Kgott, I agree, I hate the 2 party system.

  27. Red Dawn


    No, No, For the record, I am NOT in agreement with the -9-11 truth movement either, more concerned about the NAU theory myself. 😉

    I have looked into it though, it all seems to run together, just like the video you posted. 🙂

    I do look for more answers (outside the box) than given even if it means looking into the crazy conspiracies.
    There is SOME truth in just about everything ( like I said rumors, etc)

    I just ALWAYS follow my grand dad’s advise : believe NOT what you hear and half of what you see. ( even if I take a peek at the scary stuff :), lol )

  28. I’m not as well informed about the NAU as some other people but it seems to me that business in collusion with government is trying to move us in that direction for the sake of profits. We should resist at all costs. No North American Union. I am a free market capitalist. I also recognize that business would turn us all into slaves if we let them. Thankfully, we’ve got a constitution that we can use as a tool to remain a free people. Education is key.

  29. michael

    Moon Howler 16:44

    I agree with you Paster Wright bothers me a lot too.
    He represents all that is wrong with the 1990-2008 cultural group advocacy movements away from 1960s Civil rights “Integration” concepts. He represents all that is wrong with “diversity” thinking. He represents self-segregation, separatism and racial hatred in its most raw and arrogant “minority group” advocacy form. He seems to have intense hatred for all “cultures” and “political gender, religious, racial and ethnic groups not like himself. Worse he preachs that socially destructive, socially fracturing philosophy to others, not as “individuals” with in dividual rights but as a political group factions of hatred with demand for special group rights, laws, and privileges.

  30. michael

    Mackie at 17:50, extremely well said, I applaude your insight and clarity.

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