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Tighter security on Prince William County buses
May 11, 2008 – 6:44pm

WASHINGTON– If you ride the bus in Prince William County, you may notice tighter security Monday.
Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission, the agency, that operates buses in Prince William, Manassas and Manassas Park has been on heightened alert since Saturday night.

Police say they received a call from somebody who made threatening references to the buses and the President of the United States. The caller mentioned something happening on Monday.

“Although the threat was non-specific and the police described the call as kind of rambling it did specifically mention PRTC buses,” says Christine Rodrigo of the agency.

She says the agency and police are taking the threat very seriously.

PRTC averages almost a daily ridership of 7,279 on its commuter bus services and an average daily ridership of 3,700 on its weekday local bus services.

Officials say bus services will operate as normal on Monday.

Police will be at the main transit center and bus drivers have been told to be extra observant on their routes tomorrow.

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3 Thoughts to “Non-specific Threat made to PRTC Buses”

  1. Kenneth Reynolds

    Thank you Elena and Allana……really weird call…….but i’m sure that everyone will be on the lookout for strangers…..most of us know each other!!

  2. Anonimo

    Would love a thread on the recent WP articles. Really great investigative work done.

  3. Red Dawn

    If it isn’t one story to the next ,the rebuttal’s in between to the tell a friend and down the vine of the grape…..

    It reminds me of this video (after checking in with this blog, that blog(and the webs of threads) to the radio, internet and tv tonight)

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