4 Thoughts to “Cartoon of the Day”

  1. SecondAlamo

    That reminds me of another cartoon that says “Welcome to America, now speak English!”.

  2. Like the new format. The type on new comments in the old format was so small in comparison to rest of the template as to be virtually unreadable/uneditable.

    As for the question, I don’t know. Freedom presupposes property rights, and requisite to a meaningful right to property is the right to exclude those you don’t want on your property. I’m not sure it’s intended to be “funny,” but neither would I view it as particularly insightful or thoughtful commentary.

  3. hello

    I don’t think this cartoon is funny at all and don’t see why it’s even posted here admin… Your free to do what you want to in your home aren’t you? Well, does that mean that I can bring my wife and kids over tonight in thru your back door and live in your dinning room? This cartoon is dumb and doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Flower Power

    Not surprised you all don’t see the irony in this cartoon. Lighten-up.

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