9500Liberty has released another new video, this is a flashback to the marathon session from October 16th. This gentleman’s words are rather prophetic, the struggle did continue after the vote, by other Americans who think like him.

I want to make this very clear, I oppose illegal immigration. I especially do not want anybody risking life or limb to gain entry to this country. However, I recognize many injustices in our immigration policy, and it is my opinion, in order to resolve the problem, it will, in part, require that undocumented individuals become legalized.

Update: BVBL claims this gentleman is Jeff Winder. I have no first-hand knowledge of whether or not this is true. BVBL posts it as a question, so perhaps he’s not convinced either. I don’t know Jeff Winder, his affiliations or idealogy. I will say, the picture that BVBL has posted does bear a striking resemblance to the gentleman in the video. If they are, in fact, one in the same, obviously I do not subscribe to everything that someone believes in when I agree with them for 3 minutes. Apparently, BVBL desperately wants to categorize me, I’ll make it easy, call me a Republican.

I stand by what I said concerning this gentleman Citizens’ Time comments. I’ve reviewed the video and find nothing overly objectionable in his content or delivery.

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  1. SecondAlamo

    Oh we can see clearly, as easily as it is to see that huge billboard in Manassas. No hiding THAT love for the community!



    That is a fantastic, well documented piece. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The credit goes to Ron. I just read it, like you. Where is my separate thread?

  4. elvis


    always positive, life is too short to think/act otherwise and it’s bad to be that way around children. Children are so attuned and can sense when things are not positive and they are excellent copy-cats as well. I want mine squared away.

    I dont know about the economic party, when/where? I’m thinking about taking some much needed time off work and heading somewhere to escape soon, maybe Rehoboth beach or something similar to unwind and recharge.

    I’m trying to stay away from the computer these days, I waste too much time surfin’ the net 🙂 the weathers too nice outside to be inside!


  5. Just now got to see the video. Wow. What an inspiration and a call to live in peace together!

  6. Elena

    WhyHereWhyNow, 15. May 2008, 11:05

    separate thread will go up tonight, promise!

  7. “”Children are so attuned and can sense when things are not positive and they are excellent copy-cats as well.” You got that right, Elvis. They’re little porous beings, and when we squeeze them, what they absorb come splashing right back out at us.

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