Apparently Corey stated that his amendment to the already amended resolution would not be discussed OR voted on today.  What is he doing?  Does he even know what he is doing?  This obsession with the resolution is moving into a realm of irresponsibility.  This county has many serious issues before it, and continuing to be mired in the resolution is NOT addressing those very serious problems in PWC.

Alanna said it best at citizen time, short and sweet……”it is time to move on”


57 Thoughts to “amended, amended resolution by Corey goes nowhere!”

  1. Ruby


    Corey hit a new low with me when I saw his reaction to Mr. Wills. Clearly, he struck a nerve with Corey. The uniformed police came in their cruisers for the pm session. The PD was not there at 7:35. Hell, they NEVER answer any questions asked of them. They could always respond back via email or a phone call with some follow up. This needs to be brought to their attention on a regular basis. I want to see video of Corey reaction to Mr. Wills. Shameful simply shameful.

    They don’t like hearing about the wrongful treatment of the Manassas Adult Day Care Center and the group homes. This is wrong on every level. They must come around on these two things. Find the damn money. Ask Gerhart for some creative solution. They have not as far as I know.

  2. Censored bybvbl

    Ruby, I didn’t see any real reason to admonish Mr. Mills. Coery’s getting more thin-skinned.

  3. Censored bybvbl

    Oops. “Corey’s”

  4. RedDawn

    I missed the Bob attack…look forward to catching up. Go BOBBY- 🙂

  5. Ruby

    You would NOT have liked what you saw. Trust me.

  6. Ruby

    For all those who missed it. Here it is. Many, many thanks to Eric for getting this up here.

  7. Red Dawn

    Thanks for posting the video. WTF? Seriously, I do not see anything wrong with what he said and if there was anything out of line then why not address it right then and there for all to know. I would like to get Bob’s take.

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