News Channel 4 reported yesterday that Corey wants to ‘strengthen’ the resolution and would like it done immediately, claiming that he already has the 7 votes required to alter the resolution. Doesn’t the County have any other business to address? Stewart & Stirrup just voted to strengthen the resolution and now they need to strengthen it again? This is one of the oddest displays of public governence that I have ever witnessed. This smells of desperation on their part and it will be interesting to see what happens.

Update: Looks like we should show up again for the 2:00pm session. If you can’t make it please consider sending an email to the following Supervisors:,,,,,

Marty Nohe, Wally Covington, Maureen Caddigan, John Jenkins, Mike May, Frank Principi

Update #2:  Corey made a statement at the beginning of the meeting saying the resolution would not be voted upon today.  So, that’s that.  I don’t think it’s necessary to plan on speaking to the issue this evening.  I will keep you informed.

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  1. inon

    Many many moons ago, I used to run around with friends all the time, close myself in my room talking to boyfriends on the phone, leave my room a total mess, never want to help with chores and say “I’m not hungry” when a family meal was prepared. My mother would get furious and say “This is not a flophouse and I refuse to let you treat it like one.” All those years, I never knew what the heck she was talking about or what a ‘flophouse’ was until I read that definition. Maybe I should call mom and apologize.

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