25 Thoughts to “Immigration Myths & Cable News”

  1. Excellent video. I’ve always wondered why these demagogues deliberately obscure the fact that, for each crime committed by an immigrants, there are thousands of examples of immigrants making their lives peacefully….

    A more disturbing question is why so many americans can’t think for themselves and see through the fearmongering.

  2. A PW County Resident

    Sorry, but this is a bunch of crap! I can also edit anything I want. Are you really buying this video? Goodness.

  3. A PW County Resident

    Oh, and this blog just lost credibility from someone who has wanted to evaluate both sides.

  4. notGregLetiecq

    waaah-haaaah PWC Resident. You don’t like to see your precious propaganda repurposed? It’s not a coincidence that these openly biased partisans jumped on the anti-immigration band wagon when the Iraq War was no longer the electioneering juggernaut it had been in 2002 and 2004. Those of you who enjoy hate-mongering for entertainment / indoctrination love these creeps. The rest of the nation detests them. Sorry if reality does you such harm. But there are remedies.

  5. Anonimo

    Thanks for posting this video. I will be using distributing the youtube link widely.

    I hope there are National organizations out there that Can put up a front against CNN and FOX News for aLlowing hate to be spRead across the airways.

  6. This video is fine and good, but honestly the only people who don’t already know these mass media clowns are deliberately manipulating vapid viewers are their most faithful vapid viewers.

    More importantly, the written report is a lot more informative.


  7. Glenn Beck is such a tool..

    I disagree that there is no move towards a north american union though. There are even some posters here that have expressed sympathy for a north american union.

    An NAU is in the works because it’s good for business interests. When you have big business in collusion with corrupt gov’t, the rights of individuals are trampled upon. Illegal immigration is a good example. Illegal immigration promoted by big business. Big business doesn’t want these immigrants to have the rights to lobby for higher wages and medical benefits. Illegal immigration is abusive to the immigrants, and it’s also abusive to americans.

    If a european union can happen, so too can a north american union happen. Did you hear about President Shrub’s decision to allow mexican trucks free reign on our highways a few months ago?

  8. Censored bybvbl

    I’ve seen/heard snippets of Beck and O’Reilly only when passing a tv somewhere. My husband and I are more familiar with Lou Dobbs because we’d often sit down to dinner in front of the tv to watch CNN and occasionally Dobbs would be on. Dobbs has become more sneering (and his teeth have become whiter!) as time goes on. We usually change channels now because the message – slanted and boring as its become – is just not worthy of being labelled “news”.

  9. Elena

    Lest we all forget the false statement Lou Dobbs made about illegal immigrants from Mexico and the supposed drastic rise in Leprosy! Even when he was confronted with the FACTS from the CDC, he still refused to publicly refute his eroneous comment.

  10. SecondAlamo

    Great video! Now I want our laws enforced even more then ever. Think about it, if they are so wrong then why are they still on the air? On the other hand many liberal efforts have folded in the past. They may be focusing on specific events, but in each case the events did occur.

  11. Emma

    So anything that is posted on YouTube is more credible than the biased major news networks? I went on the Media Matters website and read the following:

    “Launched in May 2004, Media Matters for America put in place, for the first time, the means to systematically monitor a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for conservative misinformation — news or commentary that is not accurate, reliable, or credible and that forwards the conservative agenda.”

    So the take-home today is:
    Spreading deliberate li beral distortion through creative editing=good
    News or commentary that forwards the conservative agenda=bad


    YouTube, to some people, is becoming the Walter Cronkite of news sources, just the way Wikipedia is becoming a primary information source for students and media outlets. I don’t think a week goes by that the MJM–or its idiot columnist, Gary Jacobsen–doesn’t cite Wikipedia rather than do some actual legwork. This intellectual laziness compromises objectivity and critical thinking.

    Just because it’s on TV–or online–doesn’t make it true.

  12. Censored bybvbl

    Just because it’s on TV–or online–doesn’t make it true.

    I don’t think you’d get any argument there.

  13. Emma

    To be fair, Fox News drives me crazy with its breathless reporting on some complete nonsense, especially when news is slow. People at work like to have this on in the lunchroom–so if I sit there, I have to listen to wall-to-wall coverage of the latest on Britney Spears–or watch while they play something silly from YouTube. During the day, it’s a bunch of crap, anyway,but it’s gotten me out-of-doors and walking with my friends at lunchtime rather than sitting on my butt. So I guess Fox is good for something.

  14. Censored bybvbl

    Usually I listen to my TV for weather info only or for an occasional local news broadcast while eating dinner. (Actually Weather Underground or NOAA are better sources of info than my TV.) I’m guilty of getting most of my news from NPR (WAMU), the WaPo, NY Times, and online.

    Outdoors is a good place to be. I walk four mornings a week – about 2-3 miles each time.

  15. Emma

    Up to 12 miles a week–that is impressive, Censored. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up the discipline of exercise, but it’s worth it,so I push myself. If you lived in my neighborhood, I’m sure we’d have some pretty lively walking conversations 🙂

    Got to go to bed now–had trouble staying awake on the drive home today and need to get some serious sleep. G’night.

  16. “if they are so wrong then why are they still on the air?” LOL! SA, you’re kidding, right? They are on the air because they can afford to be and because people buy into all kinds of crap on the television and on the internet. It has nothing to do with being right or wrong or anything else. Look at Jerry Springer. HE’S still on. Is that some kind of proof that ole’ Jerry is someone we ought to listen to when trying to make educated decisions? SA, come on. You’re smarter than that.

  17. “To be fair, Fox News drives me crazy with its breathless reporting on some complete nonsense, especially when news is slow. ” AMEN to that, Emma! Their reporting style is ALWAYS like this….as if everything were a mini-series. I can’t even listen to them, they are so ridiculous. Walking is a lot more fun, especially now in this great weather!

  18. Red Dawn

    I am such a gluten for shows like : the Anna Nichole show ( past), The Ozbourne’s, Brett Michael Rock of love,Cheaters, Bridzillas, FLIP this HOUSE, Cop’s etc….etc… MINDLESS entertainment along with CNN Fox, etc
    oh and yeah the internet…multi tasking 101 🙂

  19. Censored bybvbl

    Red Dawn, I have vegged out to “Cops” after a long day.

    Emma, my walking partner and I are 180 degrees apart on a few things. She’s a Midwestern Moderate Republican (who didn’t vote for Bush, BTW) and I’m a socially liberal Independent. We’ve discussed a lot of issues and the only third rail that I can think of is religion. We skirt around it as she’s religious and I’m – oh the horror – an atheist. We have a lot of common interests and share many opinions as well – including the opinion that enactment of the Immigration Resolution was a bone-headed move. We’ve walked together for many years (8?) so we must be fairly tolerant of other views because we’re rarely quiet.

  20. Censored bybvbl

    Oh, and her husband put a Corey Stewart sign in their yard last fall.

  21. SecondAlamo


    I agree with you that there is tons of junk on the tube. I’m just comparing the fact that several liberal shows have failed where the conservative shows have succeeded. As with all biased shows they strive to provide only their point of view, and they do it well. Just don’t forget that the information that they provide is generally factual, and throw out their opinions, and you can get some useful info from them still. It’s up to us to filter the fact from fiction whether it’s liberal or conservative speak, but applying an unbiased filter is the tough part. One may not exist!

  22. There are a lot of valid reasons to be against illegal immigration. It’s not necessary to spread lies about the effects.

  23. g.stone

    hello ! Anyone home ?
    This is Media Matters for Christs sake !
    Paul Walman is a leftist hack ! He always has been and he always will be.
    If you believe anything this nitwit says, you have the common sense of half a load of gravel.

    If you want to be on the side of advocating for illegal migrants, knock yourself out. But please have some intellectual honesty. Media matters is for leftist loons and those wearing tin foil hats.

  24. g.stone,
    Since when does intellectual honesty mean making ad hominem argument? The video is a tidbit designed to attract attention, an advertisement if you will. Media Matters has created a web page that discusses in detail the claims that it makes.

    If you want to make ad hominem arguments, there are plenty of radio talk shows that would welcome you.

  25. Elena

    What are your thoughts on FAIR and NUMBERS USA in relation to the immigration debate?

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