Tonight – 5/21 attend a 7 PM Corridor Planning meeting May 21 at Brentsville Courthouse concerning ‘The Journey thru Hollow Ground’ designation.

Tomorrow – 5/22 Virginia Commission on Immigration

2 – 5pm and 6 – 9pm; sign-ups start at 1:00pm
George Mason University Campus – Johnson Center Cinema
4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030

See you there.

2 Thoughts to “Mark Your Calendars”

  1. Development & History can coexist with “Context Sensitive Solutions.”

    Despite the Prince William County Board of Supervisors voted one year ago to be involved in The Journey Through Hallowed Ground, Rt. 15, also known as James Madison Highway in Prince William County which is being rapidly suburbanized with new,thoughtless growth.

    The Journey is a National Heritage Area running the 175 miles along Rt. 15 from Gettysburg, PA to Thomas Jefferson’s home “Monticello”near Charlottesville, VA. This area contains more American history than any other. This means money for PWC from Heritage Tourism. The Journey will also give us federal funds to beautify and protect the rural, historic viewshed, roadbed and roadside along Rt. 15.

    At this time, those that organized The Journey are saying that without improvements, the Journey will bypass most of Prince William County. If this happens, Rt. 15 will continue with its ugly growth.

    Most using Rt. 15 daily are appalled at the ugliness that is created. Prince William has much history to be proud of in its Rural Crescent and it is getting lost. There are ways of hiding the new development, such as with berms (earthen hills), set backs, landscaping, putting wires underground, having planted road mediums, etc. (all called Context Sensitive Solutions). If a road needs to be four lanes it can look like a parkway. People will be paid to leave their woods uncut.

    Now the Board of Supervisors must put some bite into their declaration made one year ago that they want to be a part of The Journey, a decision that beautifies our county, increases the value of our homes and improves the quality of our lives.

    PWC should implement context sensitive solutions throughout the county. Help us avoid ugly, over-development, maintain our history, and preserve the natural beauty we have. These are gifts and we need to treat them as such. (wording mostly from “Friends of Route 15”)

  2. If that’s not enough entertainment for one evening be sure to drop by Northern VA Community College Loudoun Campus Thursday Night, 7:00pm

    WWE & VADNC proudly present!

    Mike (The Mangler) Turner(D) —VS— Judy (Judgement day) Feder(D)

    Democratic 10th district full contact debate, an all out D on D cage match slaughterfest for the Democratic Nomination!!!

    Winner takes on undefeated 10th champion Frank (The Fire Fist) Wolf (R)

    Be sure to bring your whole family for full blown folding chair ACTION!!!

    Presented @

    The Waddel (death pavillion) Theater
    1000 Harry Flood Byrd Highway,
    Sterling VA, 20164

    (guess who was contracted to run the theater that night? please come so I’m not bored to tears)

    Yeah I feel sorry for 9500Liberty, Thursday night’s Political Buffet is just toooooooo LARGE!

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