Just wanted to put this link up and see what people thought. Are other counties struggling with this mowing crisis? How can we deny that the resolution did not have some impact on our double foreclosure rate? Obviously, if Fairfax and Arlington received many of our students that left PWC, they must be living in homes in that county! Whether they rented or owned, many Hispanics in our community left and now we must reap what we sow. What was the final number we have spent on the resolution so far? How much more money at ADC? What services are we NOT funding now….Adult Day Care, children’s group homes, etc. Are we a county that now mows grass instead of provide critical services to the elderly and the young, the most vulnerable in our society?



  1. “think we need to demand involvement as citizens in tackling these economic issues. We need to come together as a community and pull ourselves out of this mess.”

    NGL, I think that’s a great idea! Last night at a meeting, I brought up the idea of the BOCS actually having an immigration Citizen Advisory Board, just like they do with other issues and for other departments. People like GL would NOT be on that board! This would be for concerned citizens not leading any kind of immigration revolution from any end of any spectrum. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. The Board would focus on solutions, not politics or factions. And people like Pandak certainly could be involved (in fact, maybe she could be ON the Board).

    That being said, there IS a large, multi-county group planning work on this issue on July 27 from 4-6. We need people who really want to take on a little assignment and contribute to the action. Email me at katherine.gotthardt@gmail.com if you are interested and I can get you more information.

    Does anyone know how to make this happen?

  2. BTW the July 27th group is indeed doing a study and needs people to help. The study will contribute to any “action” that takes place. Wanted to clarify.

  3. Elena

    Can you give us a little more background and bio on the group.

  4. The group is part of a national organization of faith based and other communities. It’s inter-denominational and connected with a number of immigration reform groups (who are BIG and I would have to get the list for you). This is the perfect opportunity for those of us who are concerned to do something at a larger and more formal level with support and training.

    The people I’ve met in the group so far represent a number of different sectors gathered to find solutions.

    If you want more specific information, I can email you the contact person since I’m not in charge. I’m just a member and am very excited about this opportunity to make a difference. katherine.gotthardt@gmail.com

  5. I got the date wrong. They need people to go to the June 19 meeting. Sorry. I’m calendar challeged!

    The name of the group is Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE). Immigration is “high on their list” of issues to be addressed.

  6. Moon-howler

    SA, I fail to see why Mr. Wills struck a nerve with you and some of the other claptrap I have heard at the BOCS meetings doesn’t even make you wince.

    I cannot believe that any people listened to the conflict resolution people, the kids’ group home speakers or the adult day care people without seeing the value in the program so many of them came out to defend. Frankly, if I had been sitting there, I would have cut parks and rec and closed a swimming pool before I shut those other people down.

    Mr. Wills has every right to feel passionately about these issues, and in particular, about the elderly.

    I never agree with the Marshalls about much of anything but I was out there cheering on Mrs. Kathy Marshall. She and those who spoke in favor of adult day care were absolutely right. The amount the day care costs is really chicken feed in the grand scheme of things. The supervisors needed to raise everyone’s taxes a few bucks to cover it and stop worrying about reelection and who can save the most money AFTER they get in the programs in THEY want.

    Furthermore, these people should not have to keep coming back year after year defending and fighting for something that is just the mark of a civilized society.

    Good for Mr. Wills and if he had to make a few people uncomfortable over this issue, good for him. Maybe we all should have gone and created some discomfort. Corey just showed his usual bias, once again.

  7. Elena

    Right on Moon-howler!

  8. you wish

    “No I think GL should be arrested for harassing and threatening people. There is a huge difference. The Constitution doesn’t protect your right to threaten, hello.”

    But the constitution gives freedom of speech – the post on his blog about you was not a threat, yet you called the police and the nice police man had to explain to you what is and is not harassment.

    You can say that some people should be arrest and others not simply because it serves your needs.

  9. stw

    you wish,
    thank you – a voice of reason.
    Didn’t you know that only “certain” people are afforded the right to free speech? The rest of us, be damned!

  10. Threatening people is a crime. And I’m not the only one he’s threatened. But I can’t convince you, so I won’t bother again. Obvioulsy, you think you’re an expert on the issue, so go ahead and continue to live in your little world of illusion.

  11. Elena

    Why are you even reponding to you wish? I think “you wish” lost the right for dialogue when it called you such a vile name.

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