From what I understand, having been told by attendees at the forum yesterday, the overall tone was very warm towards the dilema of illegal immigrants.  Little of the Help Save Manassas rhetoric, except for a few “regulars” we all know from PWC, were there to speak.  We have to remember to keep what is happening in PWC in persective, it is easily to lose sight that there are plenty of people, like many of us who post here, that want to find long term positive solutions to a broken immigration system. Our “collective voice” just needs to be heard! There are ways to some up with solutions that will not tear our community apart. We can empathize with people dealing with neighborhood issues while not allowing misinformation, fear, anger, and propoganda to set the agenda for creating new solutions to our outdated immigration policy.

A state commission studying the costs and benefits of immigration to Virginia heard mainly about benefits yesterday at its first public hearing, where most speakers exhorted panelists to pursue efforts to integrate immigrants and shun policies intended to drive out illegal immigrants.

“In a nation that can afford to be generous to the least of these, too many people live in fear of a knock on the door because they are of Latino descent,” Front Royal resident Tom Howarth told the 20-member panel. Echoing others at the forum, he said he was “embarrassed by the treatment of immigrants in Prince William County.”

48 Thoughts to “Echoing others at the forum, he said he was “embarrassed by the treatment of immigrants in Prince William County.””

  1. Not Me, Bubba

    Echoing others at the forum, he said he was “embarrassed by the treatment of immigrants in Prince William County.”

    Yeah – and he’s a Front Royal Resident… Frankly I am embarassed for the people of Arlington who are represented by Tejada, but since I don’t live there…I am not affected by their local issues…my “embarassment” is rather…IRRELEVANT.

    And as far as I have read and know, the police aren’t going door to door demanding papers (A LA NAZI Germany, or NAZI Occupied Territories) for proof of citizenship…(in reference to his “fear of knocks at the door”). If/when the police do start making those rounds, a lot more people will have reason to fear – not just Latinos.

  2. Elena

    I agree that no one is knocking on doors. but what I think IS important, is that perception of PWC is clearly VERY negative.

  3. Mando

    I love the hypocracy. I especially love it when they point fingers at PWC THEN frantically back peddle when the illegals arrive on their doorstep.

    I just wish the tide would flow into Bristow and Haymarket. Maybe I should put up signs in the Park about the opporatunities and accepting citizens of Bristow and Haymarket… with directions… Now that’s an idea!!! I may have some free time this weekend… This could work out splendidly. Operation hypocrit. It only takes one flop house and word of mouth to get this ball rolling.

  4. Not Me, Bubba

    I agree that no one is knocking on doors. but what I think IS important, is that perception of PWC is clearly VERY negative.”

    Well that perception also depends upon who you ask… And FWIW, I moved to PWC back in 2001. Its reputation as a county was not so hot back then either. It was known for its cheap housing, rednecks, long commutes, and ticky-tacky storefronts/stripmalls. You moved there if you couldn’t afford anything closer – and that certainly was my situation.

    Let’s stop pretending that PWC had a stellar reputation before the resolution – that the county was all picket fences, friendly neighbors and scenic landscapes. The reality was/is it was filled with chain restaurants, pawn shops, dollar stores and repo lots.

    Has the Resolution improved/harmed the image of the county? Well, like I said – it depends upon who you ask.

  5. Censored bybvbl

    You moved there if you couldn’t afford anything closer – and that certainly was my situation.

    My husband and I moved to our neighborhood because it’s absolutely unique in the DC area…in both good and bad ways.

  6. Mando, I live in a very working class neighborhood where people share town homes. I wouldn’t know (as you wouldn’t either) who is “legal” and who is not. Furthermore, every immigrant I have interacted with on the job and in the community has been friendly. If they aren’t friendly, they just ignore me, which is fine! If I had the choice of living in a city filled with HSM people and living among immigrants, thank you, I would choose to live among immigrants. I feel safer with them. Besides that, I love their music and their language and their children.

    Remember, I’ve also lived in cities filled with immigrants of all nationalities and never had a problem with it. I’ve also lived in City of Manassas. Again…no problems that couldn’t be worked out. Whether it’s Bristow or any other place, immigrants should be appreciated, on the whole, for enhancing our communities.

    Issues need to be addressed for sure, but don’t assume anything about people who live in Bristow or who have lived in other places with the same “issues” you are complaining about.

  7. One more thing. When I moved to Bristow, I thought I was moving to Manassas (we are so close to the border…no pun intended). I LIKE Manassas. HSM etc. are killing it.

  8. Mando

    I was born in Manassas 37 years ago. Lived here till I was 5 (that house is now a flop house) moved to Warrenton and lived there till I was 18 then off to college and have been back in Manassas for 11 years now.

    I’ve had friends and family for my entire 37 years in Manassas and can tell you without-a-doubt that Manassas and PWC have always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!, had a bad reputation. I’m in the house I am becuase it was cheap and I needed a starter house (fresh out of college). I knew getting into it the reputation Manassas and it’s schools have had but beggers can’t be choosers and, like I said, I have close family here.

    The reputation Manassas and PWC has, it has ALWAYS had. None of that has absolutely anything to do with the resolution. Hell, when I lived in Warrenton 19 YEARS AGO, I sneered at Manassas. It’s like a sport.

    Sorry you new Haymarket and Bristow planned community crowd exploded on a scene you weren’t ready for, but them are the breaks. Manassas is Manassas. PWC is PWC. Your freinds sneer behind your back when you tell them where your from… saying Bristow or Haymarket doesn’t really nullify the fact that you’re in PWC. Like I said, it’s an age old sport. Deal with it or get out of PWC. Choking out the “redneck rubes” with your illegal help isn’t going to work.

  9. I don’t care what the reputation is so long as it’s not racist and violent. I’m sure other people want more “upscale” crap but that’s not me.

    I guess that makes me some kind of redneck low class loser, eh? : )

  10. Mando

    I’m neither racist nor violent nor are most people that are fed up with being taken advantage of that I know. That’s part of the reputation of Manassas though. Now it’s being used as a scapegoat.

  11. Censored bybvbl

    Mando, why do you assume people here live in planned communities in Bristow/Gainesville/Haymarket? When I fisrt moved to my community, a couple good old boys yelled to me,”You won’t last a year here. Then you’ll be gone!” Ha ha. Well, they’re the ones who are long gone. My neighborhood is probably one of the most mixed in PWC and I like it.

  12. Mando

    “Mando, why do you assume people here live in planned communities in Bristow/Gainesville/Haymarket?”

    Am I wrong?

  13. Marie

    I have lived in Manassas since before you were even a twinkle in your mother and father’s eyes. I originally moved to Manassas Park from Arlington because I had a small family and own a house there. I will admit that Manassas Park did not have the best reputation but the most wonderful people I have ever met lived there. They had such a wonderful sense of community. I lived there 9 years and then moved into the City of Manassas where I now reside in a culturally diverse neighborhood where the homes are more than 30 years old. Manassas has NEVER, NEVER had a bad reputation until the HSM people killed it. Maybe you have had a bad opinion of Manassas but that is just your opinion.

    As for Prince William County I do not believe that it really had a bad reputation. I know that people may have made a few negative comments about the Woodbridge, Triangle and Dumfries areas. All in all it has been a fairly nice place to live and to visit until HSM killed it, too.

    Now we are laughed at all over the country and even in Europe. Sad, Mando, but very true.

  14. TWINAD

    Yes, you can count me among those that live in Manassas in a 1970’s home with no HOA or gate! And I know many of the other posters don’t live in a planned or gated community either. I’m sure some do, but that is a lot of what is available in the County.

  15. Marie

    Thank you, as always, for your insightful posts. I could not agree with your comments more.

    I am happy to hear the meeting had some reasonable speakers in attendance who are able to see the bigger picture. I wanted to attend but it was my son’s birthday. I will be at the next one for sure.

  16. Censored bybvbl

    I certainly don’t live in a gated community. I probably live in one of the oldest subdivisions, if you can call it that, in PWC. Houses here probably range from $100,000 to $700,000 in value. We’re not cookie-cutter either in housing styles or careers or education. Some people are here because it’s all they can afford and most are here because they like the funkiness/diversity of the neighborhood as well as the woods/water.

  17. anon

    Not Me Bubba – I agree – the Manassas area of PWC at least – it never had a great reputation. I only moved to Manassas because my first job in this area was there from 1981 – 1993. Otherwise, if I didn’t want to be close to work at the time, it would not be my first choice of places to live in Northern VA, that’s for sure. At the time, it was near work, and cheap, being fresh out of college. Most coworkers of mine, now that I work in Reston, look down upon Manassas, and that’s even going back 10 years ago that I can remember – long before the resolution, or the immigration issue, even surfaced in people’s minds.

  18. Mando

    “As for Prince William County I do not believe that it really had a bad reputation. I know that people may have made a few negative comments about the Woodbridge, Triangle and Dumfries areas. All in all it has been a fairly nice place to live and to visit until HSM killed it, too.”

    With all due respect, you’re delusional. Really. As long as I can remember, PWC has had a “reputation”. I remember not wanting to tell kids where I was born even when I was in elementary school back in the 70’s because I got made fun of if I did. I used to tell kids Montana.

  19. Marie

    Like I said, Mando, it is only your prospective not everyone’s. Sorry, you were ashamed of where you lived.

  20. Mando

    “Like I said, Mando, it is only your prospective not everyone’s. Sorry, you were ashamed of where you lived.”

    Only my perspective? My point was and is, I got made fun of by other children not from Manassas for being born in Manassas. This was back in the 70’s, i’ll repeat, THE 70’s. Long before HSM. Which is why this statement of yours:

    “Manassas has NEVER, NEVER had a bad reputation until the HSM people killed it.”

    is asinine.

  21. Not Me, Bubba

    “Manassas has NEVER, NEVER had a bad reputation until the HSM people killed it. ”

    VERY UNTRUE. Before I moved here from out of state, I stayed with life-long NoVA residents in Fairfax. Let’s just say that they didn’t recommend Manassas at all – but if I HAD to move there, I could do so inexpensively and move out as soon as I had a chance. These were NOT the only people in NoVA whom I encountered who expressed such an opinion. I have heard negative views on Manassas and, to a greater extent Woodbridge, from many people in NoVA and Maryland years before the resolution.

  22. I used to get made fun of because of where I grew up as well. And so did every other kid in every other place because that’s what kids do to each other. It’s a phenonomon bred by things like local sports and school competitions….you know what I mean….the “We’re better than you are “attitude. Unfortunately, too many parents provoke and support this kind of behavior as well.

    Mando I wasn’t saying YOU are racist. I’m saying that’s the image PWC and Manassas have.

  23. Mando

    The “made fun of” i’m refering to had nothing to do with sports, school competitions, or the better then you attitude.

    Pretty much, if you were from Manassas, you were uneducated poor white trash to summarize. I experienced this phenomenom all the way back in the 70’s as a child until I turned 18 and moved out of state in the late 80’s and now for the past 11 years. There was always a stigma being from Manassas and there will always be that stigma. Hell… in my teen years, you wouldn’t dare admit to dating someone that lived in Manassas. You’d have been better off saying you were dating your own sister.

    Saying HSM had absolutely anything to do with that is ludicrous.

  24. Mando

    Funny thing is, as bad as the reputation for Manassas was, Woodbridge was in an entirely different league. I knew absolutely NOBODY from Woodbridge and I know there’s no way we didn’t get any kids transfering from Woodbridge. Perhaps the kids that admitted they were from Manassas actually were from Woodbridge. We’ll never know…

  25. hello

    I know that Dale City has always had a bad rap as well. In middle school and in highschol if you told someone you were from Dale City they laughed at you. I moved from there to Woodbridge and I still get the same looks when I tell people where I live (even before the resolution).

    Mando, I agree with you, it’s pretty absurd to say that Help Save anything gave a bad rap to any area.

  26. hello

    Also, I’ve never heard anyone refer to PWC as having a racist image, ever. I think that may just be you and a few others here, I work in DC and talk to people all of the time about where I’m from and the only thing they say about PWC is “wow, you live all of the way out there…”. I have yet to hear someone mention HSM or the resolution.

  27. Michael

    PWC is being touted as having an image of “racism” because the people who want “diversity” in the community rather than “integration” are attacking the people who want the “law enforced”. Because this law affects people who broke the law, encouraging law breakers to leave the area, and also happens to affect most individuals who are demographically self-segregating into racial and ethnic groups and identifying with their native countries, rather than the US ethically, socially and lingistically, they are calling anyone who opposes them “racists”. This is a lame defense of their lawless behavior,. They want everyone to ignore, and even to encourage lawlessness as something “noble and elitist”. Only criminals think that crime is a noble and elitist activity. They think they are more priviliged than everyone else and don’t have to follow the law because of their ethical, racial, religious, ethnic or gender beliefs.

    Diversity is a cancer, here’s why…

  28. Michael

    Second Alamo, really came close to giving all of you national and humanistic wisdom, by the following post made on 16 May.

    I was thinking about this idea of ‘diversity’ and it seems to me that it runs counter to our coined phrase of ‘E Pluribus Unum’ or ‘Out of Many, One’. Diversity seems to stand for ‘Out of Many, Many’. That may indeed be the biggest part of the social problems we face. No one wants to come together with one common interest. That common interest used to be that we all honored, respected, and celebrated America, being American, and the values that America was founded upon. Each morning in school we pledged allegiance to the flag, the American flag, and it wasn’t optional. At lunch the speakers played the Lords Prayer. Immigrants at the time were proud to do the same, because by doing so they felt that they were part of the whole, E Pluribus Unum. Now days with all this ‘diversity’ indoctrination we are just a land full of immigrants that remain immigrants. We can’t even get people to try and assimilate, because we keep pounding home this idea that to assimilate and become one is somehow an anti-immigrant effort bordering on racism. It’s the unity of the people of this great nation that made it great, and gave it the meaning behind what is was to be an American, otherwise it would have remained simply a land of immigrants. I fear that we are turning into just that, a land of immigrants, and nothing more.

    Here is some more wisdom about the destructive social and economic path we are on by “legalizing”, illegal immigration.

  29. Michael

    Let me ask a very important definoing question to everyone, your answer determines which side you will fall on, lawbreaking or law enforcing.

    “do any of you belive that a nation needs a border?” WHY do you believe this?

    If you believe we need no border, then look at what happens to nations in the past where borders were ignored. Where did they end up in history?

    If you believe we need a border, then look at history at the nations who defended it and maintained national identity. Are they still here? Are they at peace? Are they culturally united? Are they integrated in language, culture and social belief system? Are they happy? Are they financially prospering? Are they stable?

  30. Michael

    I would submit to you, this “illegal” immigration issue is about believing in a border. Without a border, you have nothing to defend. If you have no defense, you will be invaded. If you are invaded, you will be replaced (politically, ideologically, linguistically, spiritually, economically). If you are replaced you will not have happiness, your kids will not have happiness, and your land, rights, freedom, voice, and life will be taken from you by any ethnic, racial, religious, nationalistic group that raises an army, or internally encourages a mass of people politically to take it from you and re-define it as theirs.

    “illegal” immigration is about fighting people that take your “legal” rights away from you. “illegal” immigration is about fighting people that take your “individual” rights from you. “illegal” immigration is about legally limiting the un-controlled movement of people across your border, so that none of the above can happen, unless you are a fool enough to let it happen. “illegal” immigration, is about believing that everyone behind a border, regardless of their race, religion, gender or ethnic group is REQUIRED by law to “integrate”, and apply the same law to every individual as an individual. Fighting “illegal” immigration” is about preventing “diversity” from dividing every racial, religious, gender or ethnic group into separate communities, under separate laws, under separate national identities, under separate rules, under separate priviliges, under separate languages, under separate cultures, under separate communities, under separate ideologies, under separate degress of hatred for any “individual” not belonging to their group, and claiming ownership of the land, government, religion, economy and society as only belonging to them and them alone, because they are different and better than everyone else living inside the border they just “re-defined” as “open” or “non-existant” until they have it for themselves.

    Take a good, long, hard, look at DARFOR, CHAD, NIGER, SAMOLIA in the Shahil desert. They have NO, repeat, NO effective border enforcement. The US will “diversify” into groups just like these, with outcomes just like the ones they brought upon themselves by not enforcing a border between groups that demand to be “different” and “diverse”. The war is and forever will be between Muslim “farmers” and Muslim “camel herders”, and the balance of power, degree of violence, and “decree of law” determined by 17 year old males carrying kalishnikov rifles.

    Is this the US and America you want your children to have as you fund and support “illegal” immigrants demanding “diversity” and lawlessness over the next 20 years?

  31. Michael

    If you don’t understand why people want to be “diverse” and NOT integrate, then you don’t understand why people hate and fight wars until THEY are in control and can oppress all others as “racists”. If you let this happen to the US and America, you are fools. Look very carefully at what creates peace and harmony in history. Borders, law enforcement, integration and national unity. I personally choose not to side with “socialistic diversity” and naive fools.

  32. “Pretty much, if you were from Manassas, you were uneducated poor white trash to summarize.” Mando, I’m not going to fight semantics with you, but basically, that’s what I mean when I was talking about schools and “I’m better than you” attitudes. If they are calling you uneducated, then yes, that’s about schools (or lack thereof). Either way, I’m sorry you experienced that. That kind of thing is never good for anyone.

    As far as HSM and this resolution ruining our image, you only have to look at the comments from people in other counties and across the country who are looking at us like we are the worst of the worst. Loved ones who live out of state and who don’t agree with my stance on immigration at ALL tell me they feel BAD for me and ask me to move! I’ve also had people write to me that I don’t even know just because they know I live in PWC and talk about our image. I had one guy from England write to me as well on this issue. These are total strangers who have heard the good news of Lord Greg and his policy authored by a hate group. Incidentally, SPLC isn’t in this state either, and they’ve obvioulsy heard the “good news.” It’s a small world with a lot of media. This stuff can’t stay canned forever.

  33. Michael, what-eva. Your rhetoric is too bizarre for me.

  34. you wish

    Kgotthardt LIVES in a planned community, in a townhouse that costs at least $400k – so the “working class neighborhood” bit doesn’t fly. I highly doubt that there are as many people sharing townhouses in Bridlewood, Bridlewood Manor, Brookside, Crossman Creek, Foxborough, Kingsbrooke, New Bristow Village, Sheffield Manor and Victory Lakes as there are in Irongate and City of Manassas.

    I grew up in Manassas Park in the late 70’s/early 80’s and it had a reputation THEN – so it is not a new thing. The reputation was poor, lower class, etc.

    I think the funniest thing is that the people that are crying/whining the loudest about how racist PWC is are the ones who it doesn’t directly affect. When there are houses of 3 – 4 families living in Sheffield Manor, then start crying.

  35. Michael

    Its reality KG, not rhetoric. Take a world trip, on behalf of the military like I have and you will see the naive and limited understanding of human nature as understood by most people in the US, such as those social engineers whose lame and uninformed arguments are presented in “favor” of encouraging “illegal” immigration, lawlessness, and no borders. Then compare that to the reality of ethnic group based political parties, warring factions divided along ethnic, religious and racial lines in every country in the world, that people in the military have to deal with every tour, and you can then claim the right to “intellectually” call what I am warning all of you about as “rhetoric”.

    We in the military are seeing the beginning of the destruction of “law and integration” in America and see our social and ethical ideology giving way to devisive political factions aligned along gender, religious, racial and ethnic group lines as a result of “diversity” proponents, socialistic movements and ignorance of the real world.

  36. Michael

    KG, I believe in integrating political cultures and languages as a means to promote peace and understanding of all “individuals” under a common law. Every experience I have has dramatically revealed to me what happens when political groups break the law and divide along cultural, ethnic, gender, racial and religious group lines and become conflicted and warring factions. If you encourage “diversity” you will destroy “integration”. We will return to the conflicts of the 60s and become a member of the same ethnic and cultural group conflicts in the rest of the world.

    So “what -eva” back to you.

  37. Michael,

    If what you say is true here, then I think we would have disappeared a long time ago. Immigrants will always have an affection for their mother country, but their children will think of themselves as americans…that is…if we let them.

  38. Michael

    Mackie, its not about “immigrants”. I am not against “immigrants” Its about “illegal” and the removal of “legal” in terms of border control. Every nation that has “illegal” immigration eventually goes to war over it. Those that have controlled “legal” immigration do not. If you understand that fundamental, world nationality and national identity cultural difference, then you will understand why nations at war have not stopped “illegal” immigration, and you will understand that it is “illegal” people, that are most likely to cause these national political party divisions along racial, religious, and ethnic group lines. When a nation’s military goes to war over border intrusions and mass influx of illegal people, it goes to war with those people they do not “legally” let reside in their countries under controlled and absorbable conditions. We (the US) have not disappeared (yet) because we “have enforced our borders until very recently”, with the US military and US BP, ICE, and politically and physically fighting “diversity” demanding racial, religious and ethnic groups raising threatening armies, before our physical borders are even approached by fighting our border defense on the lands of our political enemies.

    All of you owe your entire social existence to those few men (and a few brave women) who have done this on your (often undeserved) behalf.

  39. Michael

    I should also add those that have controlled “diversity” of cultures and political ideologies, discouraged separatist and socialistic cultures and enforced common laws to form national identities, have had the best chance of avoiding war, internal and external social conflict. Look at the difference between Germany, France and England as “integrating” nations, and Syria, Saudia Arabia, Iran and Iraq which promote and demand “diversity”, self-segregation, and elitism between social and cultural groups.

    The truth of our pending crisis is in the rest of the world.

  40. Michael

    These same people are now “inside our borders” in large enough numbers to start the beginning of a growing cultural, ethnic, and religious group conflict. Most of these political groups are acting covertly, and when they emerge in political power of sufficient numbers, they will call on the national loyalties of “illegal” immigrants, to join their cause and their fight, and those people who believe in “diversity” will join them and attempt to overthrow the local and state governing bodies first, then the national governing bodies. This is how they do it in every other country in the world, with sufficient numbers of “illegal” immigrants and “diversity believing cultures”. The people who will not join them, but will fight with us to preserve our national identity and ideology are the people who come here “legally” and “integrate” with the rest of us in the US and who believe in “individual freedoms” and not GROUP CULTURAL rights and laws.

  41. anon

    I’ll say this – the people far away who read the media and end up thinking PWC is “racist’ – the media is helping to hype that up. Just like the media hypes everything that they want to make look a certain way. Do you believe everything you read in the media? I think not. The Washington Post is filled with inaccuracies at times, and definitely has an agenda on certain issues, and their articles are slanted to fit the agenda. The media is the ones who are calling PWC racist, and people overseas – and that’s the only news they are getting. So sure, they believe PWC is racist and other things. You would too if that’s all you read about in the media. Again, just because it is in the media, doesn’t mean it to be true. For PWC to be racist, a sizeable percentage of its occupants would have to be racist. Do you think that to be true?

  42. TWINAD

    You Wish,

    My boss lives in Sheffield Manor and as a matter of fact, she DID say there is an Asian family on her street that has 10-12 people living there and multiple vehicles, too.

  43. Do the Right Thing


    I’m with you…I just don’t bother to read his comments anymore. My eyes glaze over.

  44. anon

    And I’ll say something else, I have many friends and relatives from out-of-state. Not one of them has ever mentioned what is going on in Prince William County to me – not ever. Then again, I will admit that they know me as living in Manassas, and may not make the connection to it and Prince William County as I’ve never said to anyone I live in Prince William County (I’m not just saying recently but in the entire 27 years I’ve lived here). I’ve always identified myself as living in Manassas – so again admittedly that could be why all my out-of-state friends and relatives haven’t said anything to me about it. And I don’t know how widespread these media reports are of “racism”, etc.

    This goes back to the town in New Jersey where the press claimed their immigration resolution ruined their economy. It was a failed factory town that the local economy was down the tubes even back in 2005 – long before they briefly enacted that resolution. Yet the press would have you believe the economy was booming (tell that to all the laid off factory workers there even during what were boom times everywhere else) until all of the sudden the resolution was enacted and everything went south fast. Again, you can’t believe everything you read in the press, and if I didn’t have firsthand knowledge of that area (my sister lives only 10 miles from that town) I might have thought what seems to be widely reported about its economy taking a dump solely due to their immigration resolution, had some grain of truth to it.

    Anyway, again, I pose the question: for PWC to be racist, a sizeable percentage of its population would have to be racist. What do you think that percentage should be? And do you really believe there are that many racists in PWC?

  45. “Kgotthardt LIVES in a planned community, in a townhouse that costs at least $400k – so the “working class neighborhood” bit doesn’t fly. ” PLANNED? LOL! Oh I would love to tell you how Sheffield Manor was never “planned” or if it was, there’s no evidence of it here! Now some of the other subdivisions I don’t know about. Maybe they were planned and did a better job of it. But as far as where I live, it’s a mess planning wise (things like houses that were zoned as town homes but were built as homes so now they are called “carriage houses” and all connected, for example).

    I live in a loop near other town homes. My direct neighbors are working folks, really cool people and we have home sharing because the rents are so damn high. Yes, cars and work trucks parked along the road in my neck of the woods, and cars being worked on in the lot. I don’t care. It’s friendly to me. That’s how I grew up.

    We bought here five years ago right before the housing boom and it’s a good thing we did because since then, we haven’t been able to afford buying our own town home! And at the time we were looking, we couldn’t even afford to buy a house in Manassas (still can’t). It’s ridiculous that a townhouse costs $380+ in ANY area. Our back yard is the size of most people’s master bedroom. This is why we have such an affordable housing crises in our county that has put service people out of luck. Glad the BOCS/exec is doing something about this. Too bad Habitat for Humanity is getting the big boot. Not right, especially in a recession.

    As far as the rest of the people who live here, especially in the houses, it’s an internationally diverse group work wise and ethnicity wise. It wasn’t as diverse when we first moved here (they were still building the first couple years we lived here), but it is now and I love that aspect of my community. There is nothing like groups of kids from around the world playing together.

    That’s the way to meld and heal the world as far as I am concerned. Start with the kids. Our elementary school does this very well! Yes, there’s diversity, but it’s not SEPARATISM (which is more what Michael is describing). The word “diversity” has gotten a bad rap and it’s too bad because it’s an accurate term for people’s uniqueness and individuality.

  46. “Anyway, again, I pose the question: for PWC to be racist, a sizeable percentage of its population would have to be racist. What do you think that percentage should be? And do you really believe there are that many racists in PWC?” Anon 23, I think there is a loud, vocal group of racists in this county and unfortunately, that group includes our BOCS Chair and Vice. I do NOT think these people represent the majority of the county in the least which is why we have to be more vocal about fighting racism and looking for fair solutions that work. I can’t tell you about percentages, but I can tell you a few bad apples can ruin the bunch for sure.

    Some less than hard-core racists who are quieter might be so for personal reasons but leave other people alone and don’t spew it online or in public or through policy. I have less of a problem with this because I tend to think racism is learned behavior, anger and fear. Re-teach and take away the fear and these folks will be okay. I’m not just talking about “white” people here. I’m talking everyone.

    In defense of the media, they take their information from public meetings, politicians’ comments, and anyone who will speak to them. The take it from public records, just like people here have. Why has this ruined our reputation? Because policy is being passed through racist groups for the benefit of the some and not the all. Because people like Nativist GL are allowed to speak for the people. Because Stewart and Stirrup are the Chair and Vice for the BOCS. Because Stewart makes love to cameras whenever he can and keeps making it worse for his own gain, not ours. Our Vice is a member of HSM, remember?

    Most of my own criticism comes from the same sources. I think the county can do better.

    I hope I answered your question, Anon. Sorry about being windy : )

  47. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Racist, Nativist, Xenophobic. Blah, Blah, Blah. You ladies GOT to get some new material!

  48. Juturna

    KG – let’s just use as&#%#. Succinct and suits perfectly.

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