38 Thoughts to “Invitation: Save PWC Economy Party #3”

  1. EricByler

    I will be posting a video invitation tonight at youtube.com/9500Liberty.

  2. elvis

    sounds like fun, I’ll plant myself on the other side of the room from the 9500 liberty folks.


  3. EricByler


  4. Emma

    I’ll be sitting on that side, too, elvis. I’ll be the one with all the margaritas.

  5. Kenneth Reynolds

    elvis, 17. May 2008, 16:25

    sounds like fun, I’ll plant myself on the other side of the room from the 9500 liberty folks.


    kenneth said not screamed……always knew you were a fungi (fun guy) elvis

  6. Kenneth Reynolds

    Emma, 18. May 2008, 0:00

    I’ll be sitting on that side, too, elvis. I’ll be the one with all the margaritas.

    keneth said not screamed…..careful emma…..you may turn into a proximate occasion for sin by Pablo!!!!

    and no inter-ethnic dancing allowed whether you like Pablo or not……

  7. If Elvis and Emma do indeed attend, someone please introduce us. Perhaps we could make a video starring Elvis and Emma in which they get to speak their mind on immigration issues and the PWC resolution. It would be like a video Citizens’ Time where Elvis and Emma and anyone who wants to would be afforded three minutes to make their case.


    My Mom’s turning 70 next weekend! Have to make the trip to New York on Friday, so I’ll miss this one. Hope to see you all at the next one!

  9. elvis

    Maybe 9500 liberty can get me drunk, tell you what guys..you front the bill for the mass quantities of alcohol I can drink and I’ll be in any video you want, give me enough and I’ll even say anything you want 🙂 If I’m hammered I’ll need more than 3 minutes however, that’s only fair if alcohol is involved. I’m going to bring along my assistant i.e. my wife, who handles all the finances. She can probably speak more intelligently than I on matters of money. I know two things: how to make it and how to spend it.

    oh..and by the way. If by chance my family does come, keep the camera out of their face

  10. elvis

    question, who is “unity in the community”? Never heard of this group. Affiliated with MWB or woodbridge workers committee? If so I cannot attend.

  11. Moon-howler

    Elvis, I might just have to help contribute to your bar tab. This might be fun. Maybe Anabel and Eric can get the proprietors to give us high volume prices for your consumption.

    All kidding aside, I do think Eric made you a very fair offer. And I have always found that they honor a person’s wishes about ‘publicity.’

  12. elvis,
    I want to get drunk with you! Please come. You and Eric and do a duet together.

  13. EricByler

    Elvis’s “voice” is sounding familiar to me. Very familiar. I’ll bet two boxes of DV tapes and a round of margaritas he doesn’t show.

  14. Bring it On

    Are EM your initials?

  15. elvis

    Oh come on you all, give me a chance here. Elvis is my name for sure, that’s the name they gave me. My friends call me “EM” not “eminem” just EM. Dont ask me why, guess they couldnt get over the fact my name was elvis. I’m not the “Elvis” and that rubbed people the wrong way. Odd though, my parents were big “eagles” fans. I shouldnt be familiar to anyone, I’m not GL or any of those other folks. I dont post on any boards other than this one (well maybe fantasy football occasionally) so you all got my full attention. I’ve run into a few of you in the past down at BOCS meetings and such, usually in the course of my job. Eric there isnt controversy and suspicion behind everything so relax.

  16. Moon-howler


    I am giving you a big chance. I said I would help buy your drinks. You might even end up being the Antibvbl pet! Mr. Medic has disappeared so I expect that means he loses his title.

  17. EricByler

    All this talk of alcohol is overshadowing the “bring the whole family and all your kids” theme of the party. Last time the kids had a blast, and even provided some of the entertainment, including a singing duet, dancing, and a gymnastics exhibition.

    Perhaps this week they’ll do an encore. In addition, it looks like a popular local band will be donating their services, playing a set later in the evening. More on this later.

  18. elvis

    My kids are coming to the party, I hope they’ll be heartily entertained. I’m still not sold on the whole 9500 liberty issue. I had some time to research this weekend i.e. was bored, and saw some disturbing things online. It was mentioned by more than a few that videos were edited after the fact to skew the audiences perception of the event. since I dont have the original footage (only the youtube stuff) I cannot say but many of the things do seem one sided. I know you only have a few minutes worth of video and it does have to be edited somewhat but some of the videos seem fishy. Can I prove anything? probably not. Does it look “right” no, but I cannot speculate how.

    honestly It seems like a publicity stunt in some respects, almost like the wikipedia entry for eric I viewed which was flagged by the way. and then I finally looked at the location of the party, at a hispanic restaraunt. if it’s for the economy i.e. spending the stimulus check, it could be conceivably at any establishment. I’m not a journalist by trade, but I have experience with dealing with journalists and camera people and I know how powerful a tool they can be for both sides. Something does not look right to me and I see ulterior motives behind them besides being objective film-makers. throw tomatoes at me all you want 🙂

    I’m all for pumping up the economy, although I didnt get a stimulus check (only for the kids) I did ensure that they got to spend the cash (at toy’s r us no less).

  19. pvogel

    nancy and i plan t be there

    I cannot drinl alcahol, so there is more for the rest!

  20. Elena

    Hi Everyone,
    Well, I may not be able to make it. My little Rachael(3 1/2) had a “collision” with a little boy’s head and she had emergency dental work on Saturday evening. she is recovering form losing her two front teeth, stitches, a hugely swollen upper lip ,and just general trauma of what happened. We are hoping she retains the other two teeth that are now loose. If we don’t make it, I will miss meeting Elvis and Emma, and of course, seeing everyone else!

  21. Red Dawn


    OUCH!!!!!! I am sorry to her about your daughter and sending well wishes!

  22. Get well soon Rachel. The band that volunteered to play Friday night is called Tinkuy.

  23. Censored bybvbl

    I hope Rachel has a speedy recovery.

  24. Elena

    Thanks guys!

  25. Emma

    Wow, my first big chance to perform with The King!!!

    But, seriously, with all due respect to your tradecraft, Eric, I would worry that with a little creative editing, you would portray me–and my point of view–in an unflattering and distorted light. You are certainly entitled to your position, but I have already seen how you make ordinary, hard-working citizens exercising their free-speech rights look quite sinister. That is a talent, to be sure, but I do have to live in this community, and a lot of context can be left out in a three-minute spot.

    I do appreciate the offer, though.

  26. Moon-howler

    Elvis, How old are your kids? I am bringing gkids. I might even bring Mr. Moon-howler. I doubt it though.

    Emma, I will vouch for Eric that he wouldn’t do anything nasty to you. He will leave you out of any video completely unless you are totally newsworthy or streak or something. Just kidding about that last part.

  27. hello

    I was just wondering when there will be any efforts to help out companies that are going out of business due to illegal immigrant day labor and is 9500 Lib going to be there to video that as well?

  28. I was thinking of coming with my kids tonight but you know what? They wimped out on me! LOL. They said they’ve had a really busy week and just want to relax. (They have had SOL’s which are terrible and stressful for everyone.) In this case, “relax” means playing with the little girl next door, doing crafts, playing on the computer….

    I thought they would be like, “Mom! Mom! We want to go!” and that would help propel me out the door in spite of my tiredness. But alas…. I guess they really are like me, eh? So far, no party girls in this family. Maybe it will last at LEAST until they graduate from high school!

    Elena, I hope your baby is better soon!!

  29. Moon-howler


    Did you have a company in mind? Give us the particulars.

  30. This just in. Kids changed their minds. This obviously means I have to as well. Hope to meet some of you in person : )

  31. Emma

    I hear you, Moon-Howler, and I’m sure you’re right, but I got a little creeped by the idea of video. I’m going to pass on this one. Maybe next time, because I really do want to meet many of you. Enjoy the evening.

  32. Marie

    I am bummed. I was planning to join all of you but as it turns out I will not be able to make it tonight. Have a great time. I wish I was going to be there to hear Elvis and Emma sing.

    Hopefully I can make the next one.

  33. Marie

    Just noticed you are not going. You really ought to reconsider. It is a fun evening and Eric will not film you.

  34. Emma

    I think maybe next time, Marie. I actually had reconsidered until I discovered this afternoon that my wonderful dog had peed over a large area of my living-room carpet–saturated through to the hardwood floor. I’ve got my work cut out for me now. Good thing she has a nice personallity. I’ll try to make the next one.

  35. Marie

    Oh Emma. I feel for you. Good luck. Hope to see you at the next gathering. They really are fun and usually the food and drinks are good, too.

  36. Moon-howler

    Emma, Nature’s Miracle! I swear by it and buy it by the gallon.

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