If there’s rules then I’d like to see them changed so that the next time a citizen makes a racist comment they get called out. In my opinion, Bob’s talk was uncomfortable and made me cringe a couple times, but in comparison to some of the other things that I’ve heard from people standing at that podium, I’m not quite sure it rises to the standard of a public reprimand. As far as I know, this is the third instance of this happening since October.

  1. The Hispanic lady that tells the board to kiss her a$$ to which John wants her deleted from future broadcasts.
  2. Maureen Caddigan says ‘Can someone stop that woman from coming here?’ in response to Donna Widawski’s.
  3. And now Bob Wills

Again, none of these incidents bother me more than these incidents which stand out in my mind.

  1. The woman who said she doesn’t like it when a Hispanic can own homes and she can’t.[I mean what is that about? Let’s do an exercise, re-read the previous sentence and substitute Black for Hispanic. Obviously offensive. Do people not get it?
  2. Mattes’ statement – It is scary, and she wouldn’t be surprised, if these guys [daylaborers] came across the road & jumped a car and hijacked it.[Okay, worse case scenario, you have a group of men(Hispanic) loitering, looking for work, most likely in a state of mixed immigration status.]
  3. Another lady who said she felt uncomfortable when the daylaborers nodded their heads at her.[Reminds me of Obama’s grandmother admitting she felt uncomfortable with Black men.]

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