Great start to a wonderful weekend with the celebration of our 3rd ‘Support the PWC Economy Party.’ It was great to see everybody again. I wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. And, as we go about our activities this weekend let’s remember those who have served in our armed forces and especially those who have died in their service to our country.

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  1. AWCheney

    SO Elena, kgotthardt, Mackie, et al, how does it feel to be painted with a broad brush and called racist for no particularly good reason? It obviously raised a few hackles here, as well it should. I agree with you Elena…it lacks credibility, yet folks here do it continuously when referring to anyone and everyone who comments over on BVBL. It doesn’t show much class, does it?

    The fact is that the only thing such language produces is anger, which can easily lead to hatred if spewed often enough. Unfortunately, it is most often spewed by people who simply do not agree with someone else…and can’t posit a reasonable argument to counter a point. Name calling is SO easy. Should you like examples of what I’m saying, I’ll be happy to provide them…they are numerous, and I’m not the only one who has noticed.

    I apologize for posting this so late in the day, but I had to cook my brother’s birthday dinner and we just finished.

  2. AWCheney

    By the way, in case you’ve forgotten, the above comment relates to my earlier comment, which began,

    AWCheney, 26. May 2008, 15:37
    “No Elena…the true racists are on THIS blog”….

    …and which was obviously said to make a point.

  3. Emma

    Red Dawn,
    I didn’t express that thought on 9500 Liberty properly. I meant “reverse” as an adjective, not a verb–vile, hateful racism directed against white people, the very people the author is accusing of being racist. When I drive by the wall, I become angry and offended. Angry at the blatant zoning violation, angry at the gutless City Council members who are violating our Equal Protection rights by not enforcing zoning laws evenly, and offended at the ugliness of it all. The arrogance of it all makes it a struggle for me to keep an open mind on these issues, to say the least.

  4. Firedancer

    Emma, thanks for your thoughtful comment at 17:19. I agree that we probably can’t eliminate a natural preference for “your own kind”, but getting to know others on a deep, personal level eliminates seeing them as different. I like your comment, “In a just society, people MUST control their worst impulses and treat each other with dignity and respect…” I see that as one of the goals the Civil Rights Act. That should also be a goal in diffusing this ugly anti-immigrant sentiment, but it’s so difficult since so many can’t see past the “What part of illegal don’t you understand?” argument, as if that makes their worst impulses ok.

    AWCheney, I have noticed that you start a series of comments in a dignified manner, but when confronted with disagreements, you also tend to fall into shrill name-calling and anger.

  5. Red Dawn


    Thanks for the clarification, you had me at ” hello” 🙂

  6. Emma

    RD, I didn’t allow for enough transition between the commute and trying to get coherent thoughts out of my head on an empty stomach. At least it’s a short work week.

  7. Emma

    Admin, what is the blue square to the left for?

  8. AWCheney

    “AWCheney, I have noticed that you start a series of comments in a dignified manner, but when confronted with disagreements, you also tend to fall into shrill name-calling and anger.”

    Well Firedancer, perhaps one responds in kind. The fact is, the comment where I used the word “racist” was actually meant to illicit a response as I stated (AWCheney, 27. May 2008, 19:20), given how the conversation was again turning to how racist our county is allegedly perceived throughout its modern (post 60s) history, which is quite assuredly BUNK, and how oh so racist we all are now. It was actually Mackie (Mackie, 26. May 2008, 13:03) that set me off on that comment…I wanted to see how the other half liked it, whether deserved or not.

  9. admin

    It’s an annoying image that I’d like to get rid of. I’m not quite sure its significance. This is a general template that I have made some modifications to. I’m interested in removing it, having alternating background for User’s Comments and I know a number of people have asked for a toggle type link to change the background to black and text to white. I’ve also noticed a problem with the pages across the top that the comments aren’t showing up. The comments are in the database system; however they are not being displayed so I have some work to do.

  10. Flower Power

    Since you are here, I have a question. I noticed a comment from Duecaster awhile back concerning population control being his primary motivation for crafting the resolution. And you chimed in saying that it wasn’t part of your reasoning to support it. Then Duecaster commented that you could join him in ‘the battle even if you didn’t support him in the war’. Do you remember this exchange? Do you think after this battle that Duecaster et al. could turn on people like yourself in his next population growth control battle?

  11. Elena

    I really took to heart what you said at 17:29. I agree with Flower Power, we all have tendencies to relate to our “are own kind” , but if we live in that bubble,we miss so many exciting, incredible, life altering experiences. There are few people who can say that there has never been in moment where they prejudged someone based on what they looked like or sounded like. The struggle in all of us, is to move beyond that and see the human being, beneath all the differences, reflected in each other. My husband calls me an idealist, unrealistic, but I prefer to live with hope, that great change is possible, and that we can find a way to see in others, our own reflection.

    Can’t let Red Dawn have all the creative fun!

  12. AWCheney

    First of all, I have no idea who “Duecaster” might be, however, if you are speaking of the exchange between myself and Advocator, I believe that spoke for itself insofar as my feelings on the issue…which is precisely what I would say to his face (I post under my name for that very reason). Regarding your question, there’s little I fear, or have ever feared, in my life and I’ve fought many a battle against such irrationality for, perhaps, more years than you have been alive. My response to such an improbability would be, as always, “BRING IT ON!” Anyone who actually knows me knows that well.

  13. AWCheney

    Pardon me, but the previous comment was in response to Flower Power.

  14. Alanna

    AWCheney –
    Advocator is Robert L. Duecaster the self-proclaimed author of the ‘Immigration Resolution’, although it appears it was pretty much handed to him by Immigration Reform Law Institute/Federation of American Immigration Reform. Also, before I

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