9 Thoughts to “Democratic Immigration Debate, 11th Congressional District”

  1. admin

    Thanks for posting this Elena. Let me see if I can identify the candidates speaking here. In order that they spoke: Leslie Byrne, Gerry Connolly, Doug Denneny and Lori Alexander.

  2. Hi folks, we’ve got a Democratic Primary coming up this June 10th with 4 candidates vying for the democratic ticket. I’ve been following the race and I wanted to share my thoughts.

    1. Doug Denneny is an Iraq War veteran who has a detailed plan for a smart, phased withdrawal from Iraq. He wants to begin immediate drawdown of troops combined with ‘tough love’ to spur the iraqis into making their country work. He’s also deeply opposed to the abusive scapegoating-immigrant resolution that was passed here in PWC and he makes some very strong statements in this video. He wants to improve border security and give immigrants a path to citizenship. This guy is my pick for sure. With his iraq war credentials, he has the moral authority to speak to and help lead the american people out of iraq without the war mongers being able to say he wants to ‘cut and run’. Please check him out at http://www.dougforcongress.com

    2. Lori Alexander says some pretty heinous things here about immigrants. According to Lori, they’re all thieving, diseased, child molesters. Hmmm…anyone else think she may be an HSM member?

    3. Leslie Byrne is doing a very good impression of a career politician and refuses to condemn the PWC scapegoating-immigrants resolution. She will say though, that immigrants are disease-carriers, so isn’t in our self interest to vaccinate those disease -carrying immigrants. I wonder what she thinks about helping immigrants who are suffering from diseases that aren’t communicable? She expands on her career-politician impression in the second debate where she explains we should just ignore PWC’s resolution since it doesn’t benefit democrats to talk about it. I guess political expediency comes before morality. It’s democrats like this who voted for the iraq war.

    4. Gerry Connelly sounds like he wants to help immigrants. I’ve been checking this guy out though and I don’t trust this guy. He made explicit promises that he wouldn’t step down as fairfax BOCS chairman to run for congress. He is breaking that promise and will cost fairfax lots of money when they run a new election to fill his spot. The pattern of dirty deals and double talk go way back when you star digging into Gerry’s past. This guy says he’ll help immigrants but I think he’s more likely to sell them out.

  3. Dignidad

    So was Lori Alexander standing up there lying about her experience with illegal aliens? There was noise at the end so I didn’t hear all of what she said. She was the one who correctly pointed out that PWC is not racially profiling people. People like to badmouth PWC with incorrect and misleading information because they disagree with their stance on illegal immigration. I see those who villify PWC with the same lack of respect that I have for those who villify illegal aliens.

  4. The scapegoating immigrants resolution laid the basis for racially profiling people while hiding behind the facade of ‘probable cause’. It is not the business of the local police to enforce immigration law. It invariably leads to racial profiling. If you don’t believe so, you are either a minority who has never been abused by the police because you are a minority, or you are white. Racial profiling happens every day, all the time. In the private sector, people get away with it all the time. It’s hard to do something about that. In the public sector, when you’re talking about the power of the state to disrupt your life, we shouldn’t ever give them the opportunity. ‘Probable cause’ is legalistic mumbo jumbo to get away with it.

    Lori Alexander is a bigot.

    She clearly states here that immigrants are immoral because they live in overcrowded conditions, they’re thieves stealing the social services, criminals, child molesters.

    Goback and listen to the end when some noise starts up. She said ‘half the people in PWC are criminals and some are child molesters’

  5. Flower Power

    I started to writing a comment but got distracted. In her introduction video she tells how her grandfather was an immigrant and a third grade drop out. She’s all over the place, too excitable, not a very good public speaker. In terms of what she said, she had my attention until she started talking about PWC, then her ignorance shines through, which caused me to doubt her.

  6. Dignidad

    Mackie, I will take your word for it that is what she said, which is of course, unacceptable.
    I grew up thinking that “probable cause” was a protection.
    I have no doubt that racism exists. I also have no doubt that there are illegal aliens who are criminals and child molesters. However, I would no more describe illegal aliens as child molesters than I would describe officers as racist. I think that people that choose to see a county of racial profilers will find an excuse in everything to generalize, just as some who oppose illegal immigrtion will use the crimes of some to generalize to the greater population.

  7. Elena

    I do believe that there is some fraud, I do not doubt that, no system is perfect. However, this country has a health care crisis, and illegal immigration is one VERY small microcosym of that crisis. The reality is that millions of citizens are unable to afford healthcare premiums, and G-d forbid you have a chronic illness, you are screwed if try to obtain health insurance. Lets not deflect from real issues facing everyday Americans. Furthermore, I would rather have people in this country being treated for illnesses. If someone ends up in the emergency room because their illness has become so severe, that what could have been treated with simple medication is now tenfold the cost, I would rather pay for the initial preventative cost. This country is not going to turn sick people away from hospitals, irregardless of the status. That is simply inhumane treatment.

  8. Dignidad,

    It’s one thing to generalize about your fellow neighbors. You’re free to do so if you’d like. And I’m sure that most people do. Racism is just one way that people generalize. Young people generalize about the old, the old generalize about the young, men generalize about women, and so on and so on. That’s a part of human nature and as such, racism will never go away. But the difference here is that the racism by my neighbor is of minimal importance to me. He really can’t do anything to me except annoy me. Racism on the part of those who have the power of the state behind them can destroy your life as it has destroyed the lives of many innocent people. I hardly think the founding fathers would have felt comfortable with the idea of a class of supercitizens called the police which can arrest our loved ones, imprison our loved ones, and even kill our loved ones in the name of the state. I think the founding fathers would have wanted us to always regard such a force, like government itself, as a necessary evil.

  9. Remember, they’re just here to protect and to serve us…

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