This is too good not to share. Now I’ve been told that I need to get out more because this game(20Q) has been on the market for many years but it’s the first that I’ve seen of it. If you’d like to get an idea how it works, visit –, select ‘Think in American’ then ‘Classic 20q’ on the bottom left-hand row; it’s unnecessary to fill the stuff in at the top of the page. The computer game and the hand-held version are very similar but I have to admit there’s something freaky about the handheld one.

19 Thoughts to “20Questions”

  1. Flower Power

    OMG. That’s WICKED.

  2. Ruby

    It really is fun for all ages. It’s pretty wicked, indeed!

  3. Guns of Love

    My kids love this thing. We keep in in the car for family trips.

  4. Moon-howler

    It scares kids. Use it to your advantage. (evil laugh)
    Thanks Alanna. I am hooked.

  5. Marie

    I guess I need to get out more, too. I have never heard of this game. Kinda spooky. Tried to fool the damn game 4 times and could not out smart it.

  6. Emma

    This is awesome and very addictive. I’m ordering one. Thanks!

  7. Elena

    I will defeat this game, it isn’t possible to win EVERYTIME!

    I am getting a little worried though, people will be addicted to this game instead of the blog 🙂

  8. Moon-howler

    Ok, bring on the 12 step program.

    This thing owns me. I would flush it but it would just come back, like Chuckie.

  9. Guns of Love

    We tried “air” and it still won.

  10. Elena

    Oh, welcome Guns of Love and NO WAY, how can it know air??!!!!

  11. Moon-howler

    It is possessed.

  12. Leila

    Fun game. It’s frustrating though that after winning, it tries to tell me I have wrong info about a movie because X number of other people had no idea what was right! It should have a correction mechanism!

  13. Leila

    Ok, should have read the FAQ. It admits it is not dealing with facts, just folk opinions.

  14. LOL. I played this “live” once (my nephew had it), but I didn’t know there was an online version. I have to admit, I played more than once. It’s kind of relaxing.

  15. Censored bybvbl

    It took it 29 questions to get to “the Last Picture Show”. Frankly, I was amazed that it got the answer at all. Addicting…

  16. Rick Bentley

    This thing blew me away by getting the 1959 French film “The 400 Blows” in 20 questions. It doesn’t get everything but sometimes it’s scary.

  17. Alanna

    I haven’t played the other versions, I’m stuck on the classic. It catches everything from a snowman to a volcano. Dumbfounding that 20 questions can narrow it to something so specific. I see the online version captures everyones responses and uses your response to calculate future answers. Pretty smart. I don’t think this thing was very well marketed. Everybody should have one.

    Censored bybvbl,
    My daughter tried ‘plant’ but it came back with ‘tree leaf’ and she was claiming she won! I thought that’s too close to count as a win.

    Oh, the other thing is the handheld ball taunts you! It says things like, ‘Do you really think you are smarter than me?’ It makes you want to throw the ball into the sea, so it will have it spend eternity at the bottom of the ocean. Then we’ll see who’s smarter!

  18. Emma

    OMG, Moon-Howler, this thing has me in its grip, too. I can think of nothing else….

    We had a blast with it last night–kids loved it.

  19. Leila

    The game is killing me. It beats me on The Battleship Potemkin, but hasn’t even “heard” of Little Drummer Girl or The Spy Who Came in From the Cold. (Yes, I’m a big Le Carre fan).

    It also hasn’t heard of Sex, Lies, and Videotape. I guess it’s because the first is a classic and the other three are forgotten.

    So addictive!

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