Barack Obama has now clinched enough delegates to win the nomination. As usual, he gave a truly compelling mesmerizing speech. What I found the most interesting, is that he spoke about his grandmother, Hillary Clinton, and the American people. There was very little “I” language. The focus was all about everyone else, truly an amazing speech. If I can find it on youtube I will post it! 

My most favorite moment in his speech was this, ” before we are democrats, before we are republicans, we are Americans first”

Please join Barack Obama for a Rally in Prince William County, where he’ll talk about his vision for bringing America together and creating the kind of change we can believe in.

Rally with Barack Obama

Nissan Pavilion
7800 Cellar Door Drive
Bristow, VA

Thursday, June 5th
Doors Open: 3:00 p.m.
Program Starts: 6:00 p.m.



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  1. Elena

    Since none of us attended Obama’s church, who are we to judge the totallity of Reverened Wrights sermons over the span of twenty years? How do we know what the majority of his sermons were like? you know what though, I am more interested in judging him from a holistic approach.

  2. anon

    True – we don’t know what Reverend Wright’s sum total of sermons are. But for a person who is obviously filled with so much hate, I have to think a lot of his sermons were. And, it is interesting that people on this blog who label other people as racists, and assume their whole life is filled with hatred, can’t seem to see that about Reverend Wright.

    In any event, I like a lot about Obama, but for right now (and that might change) I just have a real struggle getting past the church issue. I’m not trying to say how other people should feel, but I’m just stating my own personal view. Again, I’m on the fence about Obama and McCain.

    I hope between now and November I’ll have more facts (rather than speculation) to draw upon to make an informed opinion about Obama. Right now though, for me personally, he hasn’t done enough to address this to my satisfaction. That’s the only point I’ve been trying to make – and again I’m just stating my own personal view/opinion and how it right now is affecting my own single vote. Everyone sees the candidates through his own “prism” and right now this is how I view things, and it may well change. But for me this is a major obstacle for my voting for Obama, and it’s not to say I may not end up voting for him. I’m truly on the fence, and taking my time and will make a decision between now and November once I study everything about both candidates. There are things about McCain that give me pause too.

    Anyway, I’ve seen more than enough to convince me Reverend Wright is a racist. Actually, on this blog it is taken far far less evidence for some posters to accuse people of being racists. Those same people would say anyone they label as a racist has been spewing forth hate filled things for a good part of their life. But when it comes to Reverend Wright – we are to assume his hateful sermons were some kind of anomaly – and for most of the 20 years his sermons were not like that. It just doesn’t ring true to me.

  3. Not Me, Bubba

    “I wouldn’t want my kids (if I had any) to go to a place with such hateful rhetoric, as young minds subjected to that sort of stuff can easily be convinced that it is the norm – and might adopt those very negative beliefs from those sermons. But in the more general sense, it could be that Obama had other worthy reasons for sticking with the church. I just don’t know, and really my whole point has been that I’m trying to figure out how to get past this issue I have with him. Others may have been able to already, but so far I haven’t. It’s not to say I won’t – it’s just to say as of right now/today it is still something that troubles me about him.”

    I completely understand. I wouldn’t want my children to attend a church like that either, or any church for that matter considering I view them as political hothouses where God is nowhere to be found. But that is just me.

    For me, I try and look past the church red herring every election with every politician out there. Either they attend the wrong one, don’t go too much, are too fervent of a believer or their church is just “wrong.” I could care less about a politician’s church or beliefs, so long as they did not use them to promote an agenda that will affect me, or the safety and wellbeing of others. I especially LOATHE politicians who use their church/beleifs to garner votes (Jackson Miller comes to mind) as if by attending church they’re somehow “better.” Having said that, I think you can surmise how I feel about the Bush misadministration these past friggin 8 LONG years…

    BUt I can understand your perspective, anon….

  4. anon

    Not Me, Bubba – actually being a non-church goer – it matters not to me personally whether smoeone attends church or not. If they are a faithful church-goer – more power to them – but it’s not something that is for me personally. I can see your point though that the particular brand of church a politician attends may be held against him/her and that’s a good and valid point. And I agree with you some politicians actually try to wrap themselves in their church’s beliefs to garner votes or make it sound like they come from some “righteous” position, and that’s a turnoff to me personally. And I can see where you’re heading with the Bush administration, and I think we agree on that point.

    Anyway, I still am trying to wrap my brain around that whole issue, and admit there is a lack of real clear information as to just what went on in that church for 20 years and what proportion of sermons were filled with angry rhetoric like that. But it would seem to me that Reverend Wright didn’t just wake up one morning recently and start espousing his views and angry rhetoric. One had to think his sermons at least had to start drifting towards a racist path a fairly long time ago.

    And maybe I am placing too much importance on the church thing, but it is just something that I have concerns with. I tend to not like extremist points of view on almost any subject – and again, not being a churchgoer or in my case attending synagogue – if the leader of my congregation continually had views like that – I would either want to get a new leader or I would find a new congregation with a leader I felt more comfortable above. Now, there is a lack of information if Obama ever tried to effect change in that church, and if he did, I would applaud him for that and actually it would resolve the entire issue in my opinion. So far in all I’ve read or heard him say, I haven’t really heard him say that. I would somewhat expect at least in recent years, he would be a somewhat influential member of that church. But then again it seemed like he counted Wright among his friends, and again I understand being loyal to a friend, but I would over time find it very hard to be loyal to someone like that. So it is these types of things that trouble me personally. Otherwise in general, I would not care what church Obama occurred or if he did not attend church at all. The fact the he attended a controversial church, filled with what seems to be angry rhetoric, and for such a long time is what bothers me. And I realize we can’t say the 20 years were constantly filled with that kind of rhetoric – but again I have a feeling Wright didn’t just start making those kinds of sermons 6 months ago, or even a year ago.

    Well, i kind of am repeating myself so I think I’ll let it go at that.

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