Haven’t we all heard this before, we are not “real Americans” for daring to say we will not join the mob scene in its fevered hate for Hispanics? How many times have we been called “illegal alien apolotists” ? Does this sound familiar, being called “parasite” who should be “tried for treason”. For those of you believe that violent language will not eventually lead to action, pay close attention. There is an extremist side that is being fueled by ignorance, and at some point, I firmly believe, violence will erupt.

The three telephone calls May 18, however, were more explicitly threatening, CASA officials said.

One was left in a voice mail to Bautista on a Washington number he uses for his work as the Latino missioner of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. “Don’t be surprised when there’s a [expletive] bullet in the back of your [expletive] brain,” the caller said, according to a recording made available by CASA staffers.

Another call that day was left as a message on CASA’s 800 number. Six of the 19 words were curse words, with the caller saying CASA should not be surprised if somebody blows up one of the group’s facilities.


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  1. Not Me, Bubba

    “IF Greg will can make that pledge with no exceptions then he is fighting the good fight and I will take back everything I have said, but if his ultimate purpose is to limit immigration to certian ethnicities and declare a standard of criterion that will define the “Pure American Citizen.” Then he is not fit to lead any group, especally any group that composes law. ”

    I’ve said it a zillion times. GL is a Dominionist. Look at his site, view his videos and listen to his rhetoric. He is a wingnut of the highest order.


  2. anon

    Mando – agree with you – my neighborhood was diverse 10 years ago, and even then had some Hispanic FAMILIES living in it that were quite and law abiding. Even 5 years ago it had a larger amount of those kinds of Hispanics living there. No problems. But starting 3 years ago large numbers of what appear to be single Hispanic males with no regard to the law, starting moving in and turning houses into flophouses, and causing chaos and destruction.

    I’m done debating with Rod as his posts aren’t worth even discussing. I’m with you though on that one phrase you quoted – it is about as disgusting a suggestion as all the other ones in his hate filled diatribe and not worth trying to refute.

  3. anon

    And I’m sure others won’t like it when I say this: I wager a good many of those people living in flophouses are illegal aliens. And I know for the fact the one who broke into my house – had no identification of any kind on him, and then fled in between the time the police questioned him and I could come back and identify any possible stolen property. What law abiding legal permanent resident would do this? So I’m sure HE was an illegal alien. Are all illegal aliens like this? No, but I’m afraid a lot of the ones who live in flophouses appear to be. I’m sure some on this blog will say that makes me racist, “nativist”, a “Greg clone”, or any of the other dozen or so terms that have been bandied about here!

  4. Firedancer

    Just skimming through these last comments. Anon, Rod is writing satire specifically about Greg, not personally attacking you. I find the writing amusing since I agree with the grain of truth in there. In no way does this have anything to do with anyone here calling you names. Anyway, you have written movingly of your perspective. Perhaps people “called you names” because they didn’t know you, but the very fact that you write compassionately demonstrates that you are certainly not the object of the satire.

  5. anon

    Firedancer: Satire has its place, slinging about terms like he has which are hateful and distasteful – there’s no excuse for that. And I respectively disagree with a lot of points he made in his satire. Anyway, again there is a place for satire – IF it isn’t filled with tons of hateful stuff. To be honest, each time he wrote by about the middle of it I got so turned off I wouldn’t read the rest of it.

    And I have to agree with Mando who found the following passage particularly objectionable (implying that people had problems with interracial dating). As much as I find it objectionable, I’ll quote it just to make my point:

    “Is it the part about the White and Hispanic kids in Herndon dating that infuriates you or that I have denounced demigod Greg for what he is…”

    You call this satire? I call it hateful and disgusting. Again, there’s a place for satire, as long as it is well written and thoughtful. I find this to be neither. I also find it to reflect his true views and his lumping everyone not on his side of the immigration debate into one cohesive group.

    And, as I said, in my early days here – people felt free to lump me in with Greg and labeled me as a clone of Greg’s, a poster on his board, and a few more hateful terms I won’t repeat.

    Fortunately we’ve moved past that – at least in my dialog with the more moderate posters on here – as they’ve come to understand that I take a more moderate position on the “anti-illegal immigration” side of the debate. But I still will fight hard anytime I see attempts to label everyone who is not “pro-illegal immigration” or “against the resolution” as being one cohesive group filled with hate.

    And again, the satire written is reflective of the writer’s true views, and there is a place for satire, but not a place for OFFENSIVE satire, which is what that is. I know I am not alone in here in thinking so, as demonstrated by several other posters who also appear to feel the same way I do about those posts. Personally, I find it humorous that a certain element of people on this blog are quick to decry the hateful stuff on BVBL, but they themselves (and not using satire) are quick to use highly inflamatory rhetoric and jump to conclusions about people who’s views aren’t aligned with theirs. Anyway, I’ve kind of moved beyond that whole debate, as I’ve found a few posters here who I can have a civil discourse with – who while we may disagree – we appear to be engaging in some great conversation and learning from each other. In the past few days I’ve learned a lot about the history of the local debate, which I have been very honest in saying I was in the dark about – having come into very late in this debate.

    But I’ll say this one last time: several posters here who I consider to be “extremists” on the “pro-illegal immigration” side really turn me off with their hateful posts. It isn’t just limited to the satire above – but to other posts made by several other posters on this board, and who people seem to defend for whatever reason at the same time they loudly cry out about the rhetoric on BVBL (which for some reason I keep feeling compelled to say I don’t agree with that kind of hateful rhetoric either).

  6. anon

    And in another newer thread on this board – my point has been perfectly made. Just take a look at the “Compare and Contrast: McCain versus Obama” thread. The points I was trying to make are beautifully illustrated there for all to see.

  7. I’m glad to see this thread got it’s dignity restored…somewhat.

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