From John McCain:Border Security and Immigration Reform

I have always believed that our border must be secure and that the federal government has utterly failed in its responsibility to ensure that it is secure. If we have learned anything from the recent immigration debate, it is that Americans have little trust that their government will honor a pledge to do the things necessary to make the border secure.

As president, I will secure the border. I will restore the trust Americans should have in the basic competency of their government. A secure border is an essential element of our national security. Tight border security includes not just the entry and exit of people, but also the effective screening of cargo at our ports and other points of entry.

But a secure border will contribute to addressing our immigration problem most effectively if we also:

Recognize the importance of building strong allies in Mexico and Latin America who reject the siren call of authoritarians like Hugo Chavez, support freedom and democracy, and seek strong domestic economies with abundant economic opportunities for their citizens.

Recognize the importance of pro-growth policies — keeping government spending in check, holding down taxes, and cutting unnecessary regulatory burdens — so American businesses can hire and pay the best.

Recognize the importance of a flexible labor market to keep employers in business and our economy on top. It should provide skilled Americans and immigrants with opportunity. Our education system should ensure skills for our younger workers, and our retraining and assistance programs for displaced workers must be modernized so they can pursue those opportunities

Recognize the importance of assimilation of our immigrant population, which includes learning English, American history and civics, and respecting the values of a democratic society.

Recognize that America will always be that “shining city upon a hill,” a beacon of hope and opportunity for those seeking a better life built on hard work and optimism.

Border security and our failed immigration system are more examples of an ailing Washington culture in need of reform to regain the trust of Americans. In too many areas — from immigration and pork barrel spending to Social Security, health care, energy security and tax relief — business-as-usual politics prevents addressing the important challenges facing our nation.

And, from Obama’s Blueprint for Change


“The time to fix our broken immigration system is now. … We need
stronger enforcement on the border and at the workplace. … But for
reform to work, we also must respond to what pulls people to America.
… Where we can reunite families, we should. Where we can bring in
more foreign-born workers with the skills our economy needs, we
–Barack Obama, Statement on U.S. Senate Floor,
May 23, 2007

Comprehensive Reform
Barack Obama has fought for comprehensive immigration reform that secures our border, fixes our broken immigration bureaucracy and puts the 12 million undocumented immigrants on a responsible path to citizenship.

If Congress does not act in the interim, Obama will revive immigration reform in the first year of his

Undocumented Population is Exploding
The number of undocumented immigrants in the country has increased more than 40 percent since 2000.
Every year, more than a half-million people come illegally or illegally overstay their visas.
Immigration Bureaucracy is Broken
The immigration bureaucracy is broken and overwhelmed, forcing legal immigrants to wait years for
Immigration Raids are Ineffective
Despite a sevenfold increase in recent years, immigration raids only netted 3,600 arrests in 2006 and have placed all the burdens of a broken system onto immigrant families.

Create Secure Borders
Obama wants to preserve the integrity of our borders. He supports additional personnel, infrastructure and technology on the border and at our ports of entry.
Improve Our Immigration System
Obama believes we must fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill.
Remove Incentives to Enter Illegally
Obama will remove incentives to enter the country illegally by cracking down on employers who hire
undocumented immigrants.
Bring People Out of the Shadows
Obama supports a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.
Work with Mexico
Obama believes we need to do more to promote economic development in Mexico to decrease illegal

Crack Down on Employers
Obama championed a proposal to create a system so employers can verify that their employees are legally eligible to work in the U.S.
Fix the Bureaucracy
Obama joined Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) to introduce the Citizenship Promotion Act to ensure that
immigration application fees are both reasonable and fair. Obama also introduced legislation that passed the Senate to improve the speed and accuracy of FBI background checks.
Respect Families
Obama introduced amendments to put greater emphasis on keeping immigrant families together.

96 Thoughts to “Compare & Contrast: McCain v. Obama – Immigration Reform”

  1. @ MACKIE

    I stumbled on that YouTube account with Suspicionless checkpoint documentation randomly a few days ago. At first my Soma-dar was trying to tell me this was a nutcase harrassing the athorities, but as I kept watching I realized that this is well documented proof of our Federal Government working to take away the rights of the people. I had not seen the one you posted, but that and the one where he is pulled over by the border police and given no reason is utterly disturbing.

    yes yes no doubt a few readers are getting ready to comment on two moonbats clamoring over conspiracy theorys, but I urge you to drop the conservative list of standard responses to conspiracy theorys and actually watch the video. Is this how you feel PWC should be. On your way home from picking up the kids at school you are forced to stop at a check point, show your papers to proove your citizenship and be required to recite the pledge of allegiance or some kind of oath to the Rule of Law.

    What if it is the Fourth of July, you were in a hurry all day to make sure the family picnic goes well. You realize you forgot something and head out to the store, but you had forgot to wear a flag pendant or any symbol of the nation. An unmarked car pull beeps at you and a group of men get out and question you about your lack of patriotism. They ask to see you papers and fine you for breach of the patriotic codes…

    You would call this a crazy liberal rant, but this is the direction in which we are headed… I have seen more than one poster on BVBL claim that they would not care if the police stopped them regularly to ask for papers, That it would make them feel more secure.


    so what next, people get slowed up by all the checks so to speed up the process you are given biometric data devices with a radio frequency…or a implanted indentification chip…or a barcode tatoo.

    Sound’s too extreme!? what’s even more sick is I’ve heard from people who say it’s all the “Lower Races” that should be documented and tagged, like animals! “Socially Controled.” do you want PWC to become the test case for this brave new world?

  2. Moon-howler

    Not to be the den mother, but I wish everyone would listen to Red Dawn. If Red Dawn doesn’t suit then listen to Lucky Duck. We need to argue our points without engaging in venem. Mando and Anon have been pretty polite to my knowledge. I would much prefer to talk to them here rather than on bvbl where they would have to get tough and resort to sound bites rather than dialog.

    Mackie, you are a very talented writer. I generally enjoy what you have to say. Please don’t disregard etiquette. It is what sets this blog apart.

  3. anon

    Thanks Moon-howler – you sum it up well and make the point I was trying to make much better and more concisely obviously. I won’t speak for Mando as I haven’t read all his posts, but I think no one can say I haven’t been polite here, other than when someone has attacked me or my wife (people of her ethnicity) and gotten my defenses up. Even then, I think I’ve been pretty polite in my responses. Anyway, you, Red Dwan, and Lucky Duck seem to have been trying to be the voice of reason here, and I thank you for that.

  4. I’m afraid that neither candidate understands the real problem with immigration. Rampant population growth threatens our economy and quality of life. Immigration, both legal and illegal, are fueling this growth.

    I’m not talking just about the obvious problems that we see in the news – growing dependence on foreign oil, carbon emissions, soaring commodity prices, environmental degradation, etc. I’m talking about the effect upon rising unemployment and poverty in America.

    I should introduce myself. I am the author of a book titled “Five Short Blasts: A New Economic Theory Exposes The Fatal Flaw in Globalization and Its Consequences for America.” To make a long story short, as population density rises beyond some optimum level, per capita consumption of products begins to decline out of the need to conserve space. People who live in crowded conditions simply don’t have enough space to use and store many products. This declining per capita consumption, in the face of rising productivity (per capita output, which always rises), inevitably yields rising unemployment and poverty.

    This theory has huge implications for U.S. policy toward population management, especially immigration policy. Our policies of encouraging high rates of immigration are rooted in the belief of economists that population growth is a good thing, fueling economic growth. Through most of human history, the interests of the common good and business (corporations) were both well-served by continuing population growth. For the common good, we needed more workers to man our factories, producing the goods needed for a high standard of living. This population growth translated into sales volume growth for corporations. Both were happy.

    But, once an optimum population density is breached, their interests diverge. It is in the best interest of the common good to stabilize the population, avoiding an erosion of our quality of life through high unemployment and poverty. However, it is still in the interest of corporations to fuel population growth because, even though per capita consumption goes into decline, total consumption still increases. We now find ourselves in the position of having corporations and economists influencing public policy in a direction that is not in the best interest of the common good.

    The U.N. ranks the U.S. with eight other countries – India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ethiopia and China – as accounting for fully half of the world’s population growth by 2050. The U.S. is the only developed country still experiencing third world-like population growth, most of which is due to immigration. It’s absolutely imperative that our population be stabilized, and that’s impossible without dramatically reining in immigration, both legal and illegal.

    If you’re interested in learning more about this important new economic theory, I invite you to visit my web site at where you can read the preface, join in my blog discussion and, of course, purchase the book if you like. (It’s also available at

    Please forgive the somewhat “spammish” nature of the previous paragraph. I just don’t know how else to inject this new perspective into the immigration debate without drawing attention to the book that explains the theory.

    Pete Murphy
    Author, Five Short Blasts

  5. Juturna

    Reading the exchanges and going back to the topic of presidential candidates, it occurs to me that (aside from chosing the person that is more despised by the moral zealot right) I am wondering if McCain might reach more Democrats than Obama would reach Republicans.

    I think that’s important.

  6. Red Dawn

    I am going to go OUT ON A LIMB here and pull a Shirley MaClaine.

    Has it occurred to anyone that just MAYBE,the name calling and the same old arguments are not ONLY to get a person revved up but a strategic plan to piss away EVERYONE from CIVIL debate and learn a thing or 2?

    I am tired ( sick actually) of seeing the arguments and comparisons of just the 2 blogs that are local and dedicated to discussing the issues at hand.

  7. Wow. Lots of hotheads here today, eh? Well, for once, I’m not one of them! LOL!

    Anyway…we need border security to keep out terrorists, not workers and immigrants. So yes, it’s important. But at the same time we need the reform for people here to work on citizenship or if criminals, be deported. Border security is necessary because if we don’t have it, the criminals will just come right back in!

    That said, I’m not sure the original posting here illuminates either Obama’s or McCain’s real plans. I see some decent outlines, but the meat is missing. I know that’s what happens when the campaigning is going on, but I’d like to see a sample policy from them both. Anyone know where to find one?

  8. “it is generally considered extra poor form to dehumanize them as saying “This person…”

    As an aside, I do that on my blog, too, Anon. I do it when people post as “Anon” because one, there are too many Anons, and two, you don’t know if “Anon” is male or female. It’s a gender pronoun problem to say the least.

  9. YOO HOO


    I may get delayed due to my video posting ( it isme ..OPERATOR error)
    So in regards to what K said at 17:55 about posting as anon.
    Here is my suggestion 🙂

    Alive and kicking or some variation 🙂

    posted by Red Dawn

  10. note2self

    What is interesting is that both candidates actually support a path to legalization. McCain had to shift his focus to border security in order to appease members of his party. I am glad that the two candidates are at least realistic about the problem.

    The issue of illegal immigration is not a very high priority for most Americans. If it was as important as these online debates make it seem, I think we would have seen Romney or Guliani as the Republican candidate. For an interesting read on the how the “immigration war” is waged online check this article out:

    Immigration debate grows from Web roots,0,2477785.story

    For those that are tired of the hate filled rhetoric, and have chosen to stand up against it , I applaud you. Its about time the rest of our voices are heard.

  11. Red Dawn


    …..and I just review the lyrics…NO!!!!!…. no flirtation or spin…just thought of the song because “anon” is drone-like and you are an ALIVE and kicking person, a dude also, so kicking ass in a nice way and you hung in and have been hanging in here 🙂
    Whew, wipe the sweat of my brow.. I LOVE MY husband and he is my BEST FRIEND, lol
    This could have ended up on Perez Hilton dot com LOL!

  12. anon

    OK, sounds good Red Dawn. I just thought there was nothing in my post that should have provoked that kind of response. And the response to Mando seemed over the top as well. It also felt the post was talking about me rather than replying to me (as the “this person” could have easily been changed to “you” with regards to the “anon” problem). There’s a big difference when someone is talking to you as opposed to about you. Whatever, I’m kind of tired of that whole subject. It might have been also due to the other posts in this thread not by Mackie, that were rather objectionable but not directed at me, which were from a poster people jumped up and down to defend on another thread – and claimed the posts were satire – whereas these clearly were not and were just as objectionable in some aspects. Anyway, I’m kind of tired of this whole subject too and would rather move on to more important discussion.

  13. anon

    Red Dawn: I’ll have to watch the video later – I’m still at work – although the building is very quiet and probably no one else here, but not wanting to have some audio going that someone might overhear – so it will have to wait until I get home. Have a huge critical test next week so I’ve been putting in crazy hours the past few weeks. Hope to get on the road and head home shortly – just waiting for one test to finish.

  14. Red Dawn


    I have been busy the last few days and have only checked in from time to time and SEE that the same ole Sh$t has been going on. Lets go….EVERYONE!!!!
    Get out of the name calling bs and get to dealing with what is going on and WHY we are all under attack with the gas prices, food, INFLATION, etc, etc, and WHY this is all happening and NOT just on our street , our county but as a COUNTRY!?!

  15. anon

    OK, Red Dawn, you didn’t miss much – I sometimes feel it is like the movie “Groundhog Day” on here! I’ll have to catch up on the videos you’ve been posting once I get home. I probably won’t be on here too much next week – the big brass are coming in next week for this test and I’ll be playing host to them.

  16. Red Dawn

    anon ( to be determined later)

    “I sometimes feel it is like the movie “Groundhog Day” on here!”

    DING DING DING!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!! I have said the very same thing.

    Thank YOU and OTHERS who post a time or two or simply read!

    DON’T give up….push thru that wall ( I know I have been vocal…by posting my thoughts in REAL time about this or that and said MOST of the time, it would be my LAST post. …yeah, right…here I am, just like you and many others out there.

    If you really think about it and what keeps you going ( ok, I am speaking for ME, when I question why I would quit, I answer it by…stupid shit..LOL, NOPE, NOT good enough for me….

    Here is another video 🙂

  17. anon

    Actually I feel like I’ve been posting too much lately – and somewhat dominating some of the threads which is the last thing I want to do. And when I read back things it seems I’m repeating myself in a lot of instances. Oh well. There has been some good discussion in other threads however.

  18. Red Dawn


    It is called R.E.S.P.E.C.T that you would even feel that way. ( and I understand and I am glad to see someone ELSE with that guilty feeling.) It is NOT for attention it is just PASSION, a good thing and glad I am NOT alone 🙂 Whew, now you done opened it up ( the can of ….LOL)

  19. anon,

    I am a rotting glob of dog snot soaking in a reeking pool of goat urine.

    I hope you feel better now and will drop the etiquette theme. Not only have you beaten that horse to a bloody pulp, you have pulverized all of it’s friends and family members to death as well.

    I am a connoisseur of vulgarity and seek to one day be able to speak with such beauty and eloquence as the following maestro:

  20. Mackie, my husband and I greatly enjoyed that link. Thank you.

    Do you think I would be ousted as “disruptive” if I said similar things at the BOCS meeting? Just curious.

  21. OneForTheRoad

    Mackie – your posts in this thread have been highly informative and very well written!

  22. kgotthardt,

    That guy is an artist.

    Corey Stewart is ridiculous. We should be able to speak our minds as long as we don’t curse. His threatening to kick out Bob Wills is beyond belief. Who do these BOCS people think they are. And none of them rose to Bob’s defense. I would like to launch the same kind of tirade at Corey Stewart as well, just simply over his assault on our right to criticize our government. If we can’t call the board pathetic at the BOCS meetings, what the hell kind of freedom is that?

  23. Red Dawn


    That was funny as hell!

    I will NOW work on my etiquette. NOT! LOL, let me tell you as a daughter of a sailor,one “thing I despised was I had to “do as I was say and not what I do” I could NOT wait to grow up” and cuss…LOL
    I cuss ALL day long for the simple fact that it is too easy and doesn’t mean anything to me…I am STILL waiting to GROW UP 🙂
    I prefer the FU#K word over Fart..I hate the word fart!!! I refer the word “puff” myself when referring to “fart”

    Here is a video I find FUNNY just …..words are just WORDS

    BUT then again, I like this video…

  24. Red Dawn

    Sorry, I meant to say: the thing I despised was being told to “do what I say and not what I do” another reason why I want to promote all of us to get past the rhetoric/same aruments and to move on. ( too much protocol, rebel here:) )

  25. Valley Girl

    You have expressed a very thought provoking point of view, and a very dire outlook for the future. Can you outline a couple of concrete steps, say for a presidential agenda, in order to thrwart the pending doom? I am asking about both reforming our immigration system, and also about the Iraq war. In other words, if you were president what would you do?

  26. Red Dawn


    I am going to bed NOW, as I blundered at the end ( trying to catch up with being busy and without power last night

    I will sign off tonight with the FIRST comment on this thread, that happened to be yours:

    “Both Obama and McCain miss the point of border security when they mix this issue with the issue of illegal immigration as if they were one and the same. If the immigrants could easily obtain visas to work here, they would fly here or come through a port of entry.”

    Just like shopping, the first thing you see, you end up at home with 🙂

    Good comment and needed to be repeated but THEY ( Obama/McCain) didn’t miss it…THE POINT!


  27. Elena

    Hysterical video Mackie!

    I do understand your broader point about differentiating between border security and immigration. It is a valid point.

    You often have very insightful points to make, and sometimes, people need to hear new ideas more than once to really understand them. I would encourage you to be patient, so that these new ideas don’t get lost in hasty irritated responses to other posters 🙂

    Greg’s blog is clearly losing many readers, although many will probably just fade away, I am hoping some will come here, like Mando and others, and even if we don’t change their preconceived ideas, maybe, just maybe, a few will let some ideas ruminate around in their heads and come to new, more insightful, conclusions.

  28. Moon-howler

    I don’t believe it is nearly as important to change perceived ideas as it is to establish dialogue. Once we find a speck of common ground, we can work towards solution.

    The divide and conquor method of problem solving really solves nothing. It creates a situation where one group feels like they trumped another. The trumper and the trumpee are always enemies.

    If both groups work towards a common goal they can agree on, you are half way there.

    Some people always feel like they have to win. I learned many years ago that winning is highly over-rated. Finding that which you can live with is far more important and longer lasting most of the time.

    Another way of putting this is: Age and treachery will win over youth and inexperience each and every time. Just kidding just kidding…or am I?

  29. OneForTheRoad

    Hey anon – it is obvious you are a pathetic little child getting who can’t take it when someone shows you what a fool you are. All you do is whine when someone points out what a clueless idiot you are. Mackie is right – you should be ashamed to be an American and you have no understanding of 9-11. You object to your hard working neighbors and try to make it sound like you object to them because there are too many of them in one house. How would you like it if you worked hard and could barely afford to live there so you had to share the rent with 5 other people? You are a sick human being who just wants to live next to other white people. Now you try to make this a Fascist state by locking the border. You and Greg are scum, and the people who come here to work hard are more Americans then you ever will be. Why don’t you and Greg go someplace far away here where you wont have to worry about seeing a yellow or brown or black face! You are a Fascist, a racist, and a sicko!

  30. OneForTheRoad

    Mackie – don’t let those other people get you down – you told them off real good!

  31. OneForTheRoad

    I’m not sure who’s the greater idiot but you sure were right in calling Wacko Mando one. He and anon ought to go back to their HSM meetings so they can make their fascist plans so we have no liberty at all. They would have us all believe we are under invasion by “illegals” when the country would do much better if people like them were frog marched out of here and off to some jail where they locked the door and tossed away the key. They are the ones who are an infection and a cancer in this county, and it is because of people just like them – the county is considered racist, we have 7000+ foreclosures, honest Hispanic businesses have gone under. It is probably beneath them to eat any Mexican food! They must have good old american hot dogs and hamburgers every day and wouldn’t know a taco if it hit them in the face!

  32. OneForTheRoad

    And Wacko Mando and anon – if you don’t like seeing all the yellow, brown, and black faces here why don’t you go move to someplace like the dessert or Maine – I hear you can go many miles without seeing anything but a white person so you should be happy there. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out of the county… And take you friend Greggy boy with you – he’s just as much of piece of scum as the two of you are.

  33. @ OneForTheRoad,

    It’s cute, but your not fooling me. You’ve come here trolling for trouble by painting anon with very baseless petty template banter in hopes of poisoning the board and making a clone of the BVBL board.

    @ anon

    I know we probally disagree on some issues But this guy is way off base in his unfounded comments about you. I think this guy is trying to get you angry enough to leave the board and to make us all look like a bunch of haters, please ignor him he’s working a petty board sabotage stunt that I have seen before in forums involving all kinds of issues.

    I do davel in Extreme Satire alot in my arguments to the point where most people can’t tell if I’m joking or not, but the only people i’m going after personally are manipulative people like Greg. I’ve been bullied by people who don’t even know me through most of my childhood, mostly because I look weak and easy to pick on for sport and I get throughly enraged when I see it happening to others.

  34. OneForTheRoad

    And rod2155 – you are being too generous when you call Mando Banando and anon products of ignorance. That would mean they inherited it. They really define ignorance as shown in their idiotic posts where they show what clueless tools they are. Anyway, looks like they can’t take the heat – I haven’t seen a peep out of them in this thread since Mackie told them off the last time. You and Mackie didn’t deserve the mean attacks that anon and Mandosity hurled at you. They don’t agree with the two of you, so they engage in mean spiritted vendeta against you. You have a lot of patience to put up with them, as shown in your very elegant posts trying to pound some sense into their pathetic little mouse brains. If you added up their iq’s the total would be at best 60.

  35. Riiiiiiight OFTH
    I’m sure the people who read this board won’t bother to notice that all this anti-enforcement hate speech is is comming from the same user. Gee Golly now you’ve prooven that Anti-BVBL is just as foul as BVBL…

    Only you forgot the part about registering multiple e-mail boxes with gmail, yahoo, and hotmail so you can post under diffrent names and make it look like there is an army of anarchist here bent on starting race riots in PWC.

    what time were you planning to call Greg today and point out all the hate against the pro-enforcement people coming from ANTI-BVBL?

    It’s not convincing me brother, maybe you should just hit up channel 9 or WAPO.

  36. OneForTheRoad

    Hey there Rodney brother – I stick up from you and this is what I get? I’m disappointed in you! I’m not trying to prove anything about antibvbl or bvbl – I’m just showing anon and mando that they are clueless fools. And why would I use a bunch of different emails to do it? One is good enough. It really touches my heart to read what you wrote anon about me now. that’s a laugh riot

  37. OneForTheRoad

    and for a final closing thought: if you don’t like it – ZIP IT!

  38. HA HA HA this is hillarious!!! Your spamming the board so fast, you’ don’t even realize I’m calling you out right here right now!

    OFTH it bloddy well takes one to know one! I stopped trolling in the schoolroom…or school computer lab… at any rate I don’t hold the inteligance of the posters and readers here as low as you do.

    What you should have done was pick a BS user name AtzlanHero, go over to BVBL and start talking about how you are working with the local Muslims, hispanics and the owners of anti-bvbl to overthrow the BOCS and claim all PWC in the name of Atzlan and that “None of you estupido gringos can stop me!!!!”

    I’ve seen em all OFTH, every dirty tactic a person can use to insure that peace is never made, the truth always hidden.

    You have failed….

  39. OneForTheRoad

    Just keep believing your own propoganda Rodney Boy! keep telling yourself you won.

  40. OneForTheRoad

    And I know you are calling me out – if I didn’t how would I be responding to your posts? Sounds like you are the one who doesn’t know whats going on.

  41. Moon-howler

    One for the Road,

    Time to back off. Enough. You have expressed your opinion, rudely. The attacks and name calling are totally unnecessary.

  42. Woah guys,

    I had no idea I was opening the door to pandora’s box back there.

    Perhaps this is how some wars have begun? One reproach…then there’s a response…then there’s a counter-response that escalates the situation…and pretty soon everybody is flailing like crazy.

  43. Elena

    Thank you for responding to Onefortheroad so quickly!

    Maybe it’s time to get back in your “car” and head home for now 🙂

  44. anon

    Thanks Rod also for sticking up for me when the crazy posts started. Can relate to the bullying as a kid, but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, I sort of saw that “OneForTheRoad’s” posts were way over the top, so decided not to waste the time trying to refute them. Kind of glad I didn’t get sucked into the back and forth with OFTR. I plan to continue to ignore any future posts from that person, just in case there’s some temptation by OFTR to post some more stuff – don’t expect any replies from me!

  45. OneForTheRoad

    I see you’ve all been talking about me while I was gone! A bunch of pathetic comebacks you all made. It is a laugh riot reading your clumsy attempts to make any sense. What a bunch of drivel. You all apparently can’t stand the heat, so get out of the kitchen. And apparently you aren’t even smart enough to get my name – but I’ll have one for the road for all of you when I’m thinking about what a bunch of spinless wimps you are. Blah blah blah blah blah -I have never read such useless trash and worthless discussion. The only good thing is people like me will always have the last laugh, and people like you will stand there scratching your heads wondering why. Focus your energy on something for a change, instead of writing this drivel here and not solving any problems. The only problem you are solving is to demonstrate how to do a lot of talking and go nowhere fast. This place is a good example of a failed social experiment: put a bunch of people in a room and see how idiotic a discussion can be when they are deluded into thinking they are smart and solving all the worlds problems. The only problem that needs solving is for all of you to stop flapping your lids.

  46. OneForTheRoad

    Wow, that really put me in my place anon! i am cowering with fear after reading your latest post. And I know you too well – you won’t be able to resist answering me so stop denying it – you are an attention hound who likes nothing better to keep forcing your ideas on people until they get sick to death of hearing you. Even then you don’t stop. You are a runaway train without a conductor – it must be awful to sit in the same room as you and see you flapping your gums saying the same thing over and over again. Talk about a broken record… They must have broke the mold when you came out. And you and rodney should go somewhere together and you can cry to each other about your bullying issues. Poor little boys can’t take it when someone puts them in their place. The violins are playing for the both of you. I can picture the two of you in school, pathetic little boys, no wonder everyone made fun of you. I’m sure you walk around all day saying “poor me, all they did was pick on me all day long, poor poor me”. So now we should roll out the red carpet for you and give you special privlidges just because you were picked on by people smarter than you? I think not. There was a good reason they picked on you, but you are too stupid to see it. Take a good hard look at yourselves some day and maybe you will figure it out. No, you are not smart enough to do that, I forgot.

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