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  1. Do the Right Thing

    Anon/Leaving POW,

    I completely agree that not all Chinese women are “compliant” or subserviant or whatever those sites say. It’s ridiculous to lump any huge group of people into one category and that is what I find so distasteful about those kinds of sites. I find it gross. You won’t hear anything else from me on the topic. I am sorry you got so upset about it…it certainly was not my intent. Good luck on your move by the way. I hope you are happy with it in the end.

  2. Moon-howler


    Time to be civil. We don’t all have to agree but we all do have to be semi polite. Red Dawn was trying to be decent to you even though you have been obnoxious to several users here. Anon/LPOW has done nothing to you.

    Very few people here have had to go to timeout. You really don’t want to be one, now do you?

  3. Leaving Point of Woods

    Just saw your last post Red Dawn – you got that right about the big brass – I have an Army Colonel coming for this test – and he’s one intense guy to deal with – I call him “Colonel Suppose” – as he likes to do all this “let’s suppose this and let’s suppose that” type of discussion and wants you to follow his brain down every windy twisty path of logic there is. Most people can’t keep up with him and he lets them know it, somehow I sort of manage to so for whatever reason he’s taken some kind of liking to me and everyone else finds it humorous – as now I get to suffer and have to keep up with him so I can sort of have an intelligent discussion with him. It’s worse than trying to converse with a PHD. So I’m going to have my hands full this week, plus it is a major major test event of the system I’m responsible for, so there’s a lot riding on it and I have a huge personal stake in it. Anyway, I think it will go well, but we’ll see. Anyway, I really am pulling the plug now for tonight – I need to get some good sleep in as after tomorrow night I know I’m in for a rather intense week and may not get a lot of rest.

  4. Leaving Point of Woods

    DoTheRightThing – not to worry – and you can’t be held responsible for what the other person said! Anyway, I carried things a bit too far with that discussion, and you did make some valid points. I know you were indeed trying to say that it didn’t make sense for certain groups to be considered ahead of other groups of people trying to get here, who didn’t have an alternative such as marrying someone to get here. And as far as the whole subservience thing goes – I am sure there are some Chinese women who fit that stereotype and may even lurk those websites – or the websites might look for men who want those women. I probably didn’t say it well – but I kind of find it humorous since my wife is definitely the polar opposite of that! So it was kind of funny to me, that those websites advertise that. I also work with two Chinese women who are super smart software types, and they also are definitely not in any way fit that stereotype. Anyway, I know you were just saying what indeed those websites probably say – and I know it wasn’t your own views – so I may not have conveyed properly that it was just funny to me what those websites say. I am sure though some Chinese women are that way – just not the ones I’ve met!

    Well, I really do need to get off of here and get a bit of rest. But I appreciate your latest post – however really I was fine with the post you made just before that. And I hope you didn’t feel your latest post was because of the other person. It is not your fault he took a few words that the two of us said and ran way out into left field with them!

    Anyway, it’s good that we can move beyond that discussion, and I know I dragged it on for far too long and probably let things get a bit out of hand. Well, no harm done, and really the other person’s posts were rather humorous to me at times. There was no way anyone could take him seriously, that’s for sure!

  5. Moon-howler

    Excellent suggestion. Let’s let One for the Road sober up and stop being rude. Please do not respond.

  6. Elena

    O.K. Everyone,
    take a deep breath and lets analyze “onefortheroad” and then be done with “it”. BVBL and its posters try to accuse the moderators of censoring and deleting posters. This has only happend in two cases where personal information was posted on the blog. I almost edited out a comment from “you wish” regarding Katherine, but then decided against it. Oh, I edited my own comment after having spoke out in a moment of frustration about a specific HSM member. Other than that, we have tried very hard to allow all comments. OFTR is clearly untrustworthy and attempting to either get someone to say something just as heinous back or get kicked off the blog.

    OFTR, if you continue to insult and add nothing to the conversation, it is possible that you will be asked to refrain from commenting until you decide you can be civil. You don’t appear to interested in debating any relevant points, just interested in this bizarre petty childish need to feel you are ” winning”. What exactly you are winning, has yet to be determined. I know THIS, is a cyber world, but if you behave like this in the real world, you must be very lonely. Maybe that explains your behavior here, negative attention is better than no attention.

  7. Red Dawn


    I agree but let the comments ride and don’t go into “almost” land of censorship.
    TRUTH speaks and keep doing what you guys do by calling it out with a warning.

    Never let it be said that there is censorship.

    I know with some of the SH#T I have spouted off, I wish there was censorship…how about that?

  8. Back to the subject at hand.

    It seems Gospel Greg and his remaining followers were out on litter detail again today. As fun as it is to ridicule them, should we be taking them more seriously now that Gospel Greg has given his litter-picker-uppers an official name?

    I don’t care to go back to the stinky bathroom that is Greg’s blog, but as I recall the official name was something like “Deputies of The Red Circle.”

    I’m just afraid that somewhere down the road, one of Gospel Greg’s deputies will take this vigilantism spree a little too far. I hope that he trains everyone who dawns the Red Circle to be partisans before racists as opposed to the other way around. It’s bad politics to commit crimes in the name of The Rule of Law. If a Red Circle Deputy goes out and hurts someone, it will be a mortal wound for the Republican party in Prince William County.

  9. Leaving Point of Woods

    Greg and his cleanup crew (haven’t looked at BVBL in a few days so didn’t know about the official name) can come clean up the area behind Point of Woods which is city property – the woods and the part of Stonewall Road that leads down to Stonewall Park. They’d have their task cut out for them. The latest thing I noticed yesterday is a flat tire someone tossed into the woods, which is visible from my townhouse. I actually have an urge to get it myself and put it out for trash – as it is an eyesore since it is leaning up against a tree. It is not unlike the refrigerator that was tossed in almost the same exact place. I feel at times I live adjacent to a garbage dump, and that’s a huge reason why the day I move out of here can’t come soon enough.

    More seriously though – if Greg and some of his followers have now decided to do this, I think they are doing a good public service and should be congratulated, not ridiculed.

    The trash problem is something that gets me riled up, as it directly impacts my quality of life. I used to be able to enjoy the park behind me, in fact it was a reason that factored into my buying this particular townhouse since it is directly adjacent to the park. I used to enjoy walking my dog down there and found it relaxing, now it is just the opposite. And a huge amount of the trash APPEARS (emphasis intended) to be Hispanic in origin as the products on the ground are the types of things Hispanics would use (although Americans like me who at times enjoy Mexican food might use too – and while I’m not a huge beer drinker – I will concede that some Americans might enjoy Mexican beer too). However, I also see large numbers of completely Spanish language trash on the ground too (papers, etc.). Even did find a letter unopened with an address belonging to the fine folks living next to me, which they tossed about 100 feet down towards the park. Seems to me it would have been easier for them to put it in a trash can in their house – as it seems a bigger effort to walk it down to the park and throw it – but that’s just me being too logical I guess!

    Anyway, I’m drifting off the point I was trying to make: I kind of think if Greg and his followers have given themselves some kind of official name and are going around PWC picking up trash, they should be congratulated for that rather than ridiculed. And again, they are more than welcome to come to Stonewall Park behind Point of Woods and do it there. I tried a few years ago when the problem started to pick up trash while I walked the dog, but it seemed all that happened was the trash came back in greater numbers than before, and I felt it was a bit like “tilting windmills” and gave up. Also it was too depressing a thing to do, and kind of disgusting work at that – and took away from the reason I go out for walks – to enjoy myself – not to do disgusting jobs like picking up trash!

    Anyway, I guess I think they are doing a good public service. That’s really all I’m trying to say. And I’m not sure the suggestion that this would lead to violence. I know there’s plenty of posters on BVBL who espouse racist statements and so on, but I kind of think it is a little bit of a stretch to say that trash picking up will lead to some sort of violence. Now, I can see the potential for violence to occur more from something like staking out a 7-11 day laborer site – and if that’s where you were headed on this – WHWN – then I agree with you that is a bit of a dangerous situation when Greg and his crew directly confront day laborers – it is a little bit like putting a match on a pile of dry firewood – and i can see that kind of situation escalating into something ugly.

    But, I really have no problem with Greg and his followers picking some official name for trash cleanup, and going out in the community and doing it. I sort of salute them for it – as i tried it and found it to be a disgusting job, and one that was depressing and not fun at all. It is nothing I could do for a long period of time so therefore I salute anyone who wants to actively do it and make it one of their “missions in life”.

  10. Elena

    I believe the concern is that they aren’t there to pick up trash, if that was their goal, you may want to send them a note and ask if they can come to your community.

    My concern is that I believe their main goal is to intimidate, just by their sheer numbers and presence at the site. Tension in these situations can run very high, and that is never a good situtation, misunderstanding are very possible.

  11. Ruby

    This thread is quite interesting to say the very least. I don’t even know where to begin.

    I am all for ANYONE wanting to pick trash up in the community. I didn’t see “the leader of the PAC”(pun intended) pick up any trash on the video.

    The daylabor situation is out of control at the three 7-11’s Red Dawn spoke of. The one in Yorkshire next to the trailer park has cleaned up over the past year quite a bit they still have a ways to go. I started talking to to new owner of that store last spring well before the inception of HSM. The new owner showed me a video of his clerk getting a knife pulled on them as the man jumped over the counter for 59 cents. After, that incident the new owner started working with the PWPD. They came in, and suggested the best spots for numerous new surveylance cameras, and some landscaping tricks to keep the trespassers off the grass, and hopefully off the property all together. This is an owner that has made an effort to clean his store up. I will stop in there more frequently than in the past. I will not go to these stores that facilitate such activity.

    I will say by far the worst 7-11 is the one at Rt 1 & the Pkwy. I’ve had my car surrounded more than once. However, I was never attacked or harrassed as others seem to have been. Nor, did I feel my life was endagered in anyway. I’ve been take pictures for about three years of various things around are area. I’ve done it all without incident. This makes wonder why do these others seem to have problems when the want to “document” something. I am only left to believe it all in how you conduct yourself.

  12. Ruby


    There’s something to be said for the “itimidation factor”. However, Greg, et al are out numbered severely at the Coverstone 7-11.

    We had a Community Clean Up Day with dumpsters at Sudley Elem school. Yet, “the crew” was back at 7-11 yesterday. It seems to me if one truly cared about our community, then one would be at such an event as the one at Sudley.

    Neighborhood Watch was there too. They had cold water and snacks. I was quite thankful for the water. I made a total of FIVE trips to the dumpsters. I helped a neighbor, we saw other neighbors that had helped other neighbors that couldn’t do for themselves by taking loads of debris. We also, stopped and told anyone we saw outside. I took fliers around to two blocks along with a booklet fromt the county with “important information and ideas for making your neighborhood even better”. The booklet is in English and Spanish, and it has the most common zoning violations and what the law is regarding them.This is what a COMMUNITY does, work together and help one another out.

  13. Emma

    LPOW, I lived in Point of Woods until 1994, and the neighborhood was deteriorating even then. We had a nice, cohesive little street–block parties on July 4, house-to-house parties at Christmas, tons of kids–but then people started moving away as the area started getting trashed. The (then) affordable housing and the lack of an HOA encouraged today’s overcrowding, the ugly home modifications, all the chain-link fences and multiple cars. We had made a number of beautiful improvements to our home, but jumped ship when we saw the decline on our street even back then.

    I miss “the old days” in that neighborhood. My street has its issues, too, but for the most part people are trying to keep their homes up. We’ve got a couple of bad eggs, but nothing like what has been happening over there. It’s a shame.

  14. Elena

    Your hard work in your community should be applauded!!!!! I really do commend you for investing your volunteer time, it speaks volumes.

    I would add that Greg has the “perceived” power to these day laborers, so I think in this case it isn’t necessarily about numbers on HSM’s “crime prevention unit”.

  15. Okay, the sarcasm on this blog is leading to some misunderstandings. The “Deputies of the Red Circle” have no interest in picking up litter. The reason we even talking about picking up litter is that the “Deputies” got so bored standing out in the sun helping Gospel Greg feel relevant that they started picking up trash to pass the time.

    Elena is right that the real purpose of these visits is intimidation. Another purpose is propaganda. They wouldn’t very well be able to make up stories about these awful Hispanic people using curse words or peeing or whatever, if they didn’t actually go there themselves.

    The anti-Hispanic sentiment that Gospel Greg has created in this community is the only political capital he has left. The Deputies of the Red Circle are just another way of manipulating otherwise well-meaning people into laboratory situations that will likely lead to conflicts. Racial conflicts work in Gospel Greg’s favor and this is just the way to create them. Evidence of this is the fact that when they go on their field trips and no conflict has ensued, they go home, get on their computers and make something up.

    In January, a woman even went so far as to read one of Gospel Greg’s fake stories at Citizens Time. She also told her story to the Police and was dismissed as a fabricator. If you look at Gospel Greg’s blog he is doing the same thing again, creating the rumor, without substantiation of course, that these ethnic men are using bawdy language toward his white women.

    That’s an old trick to create racial tension. It’s been used in these parts for centuries.

  16. Leaving Point of Woods

    WHWN – sorry I misinterpreted your sarcasm. I took you seriously when you said Greg was forming some kind of group to pick up trash! It’s not the first time I’ve misinterpreted sarcasm – and won’t be the last!

    Emma- definitely agree with your impressions of Point of Woods in 1994. It fits my feelings about during that timeframe as well. it was a great place to live back then and I was perfectly happy here. Sure, we did have one or two problem houses on our block, but they were nothing like what we have now, and we have more than one or two problem houses actually (or at least did until two of them across the street went into foreclosure).

    If it still was the way it was in 1994, I’d still be perfectly happy living here. Unfortunately the “family” element you speak of, is largely absent now. And I think as I stated before, maybe 7 years back on my street there were 2 or 3 Hispanic families living here, that seemed like nice quiet people – and i never had a problem with them. Now, we seem to have groups of SINGLE people (or people who their families are elsewhere) living here and they seem to have a general disregard for the law, the neighborhood, and people around them. It’s a shame what’s happened to Point of Woods. I’m no longer proud of living here, and I’m happy I’m going to be leaving here in what now looks like just about 4 months from now!

  17. No apologies necc. for misinterpreting sarcasm. I just didn’t want the humor at Gospel Greg’s expense to distract us from some very real concerns about his vigilante attitude, which as gotten a lot worse since The Corey&Greg Show’s power has diminished to the point where one spends his time lying to the media while the other rallies his remaining supporters for some kind of vigilante group.

  18. WhyHereWhyNow

    LeavingPoint, since you started late on this whole thing, I should explain to you that most of us are former readers of BVBL. We started out pretty tolerant of the blog, which was formed by an anonymous person, possiblyTom Kopko (Second Alamo), and later taken over by Greg Letiecq. The purpose of the blog was to get Jackson Miller through the primary race against Steve Chapman, who was a moderate Republican but hadn’t lived in the area for long. Chapman ended up suing the website for libel, which is why the anonymous person quit. After Greg took it over, it earned a reputation as a free-for-all hate site, using code words or sometimes openly attacking Muslims, immigrants, and gays. Greg’s posts began to focus on immigration as the election neared in 2007.

    You may be interested to know that the nickname Gospel Greg came about from an infamous thread on his site, in which his own followers turned on him, many of whom only stayed loyal because the election was around the corner, then left his flock soon after.

    Check it out:

  19. Leaving Point of Woods

    Thanks WHWN once again for your continuing “history lessons” which I highly appreciate. I did gather that Greg was not the founder of BVBL, but I didn’t know that BVBL’s original purpose was to get Jackson Miller elected – who a few days ago you educated me on who he was, when I said the name Jackson Miller had no meaning to me (and I was a bit embarrassed as a resident of Manassas I wasn’t aware of the name – but so be it). Also, while I somehow was aware Greg was not the original founder of the website – I was not aware of why the original founder quit (who I somehow had heard was anonymous and no one – or at least not many people know who he is). So that is interesting too, as I never knew about any lawsuit against BVBL by Jackson’s adversary in the political primary.

    I also did not know how the commonly used nickname (on this blog) of Gospel Greg came about – so thanks for clearing that one up for me too and pointed me at that thread over there! I must admit, while i do not post on BVBL, I kind of go over there every few days more for entertainment purposes – to just see how much over the top some of the posters are. I’ve never wanted to dip my toe in and post there though as the waters over there seem to be rather unfriendly and I don’t see much useful discussion over there.But sometimes I’m entertained in reading over the top posts – so I find it has value in that area, but not much educational value.

    Again, I appreciate your taking the time to pass along all this interesting information to me, since as you point out, I am a relative newcomer to this whole debate!

  20. WhyHereWhyNow

    LeavingPoint, I do not recommend you post over there. Unless you are a rabid anti-immigrant, you’ll get attacked immediately. Then, if you’re any good at defending yourself… GUESS WHAT!?!? you get banned! To think the Board of Supervisors at one time used that blog as a public opinion gage, and yet any opinion that challenged the F.A.I.R. talking points was banned. What was worse, and perhaps more dangerous in today’s climate where the crazies are so frustrated, there is no one over there to give them any feedback on how disturbing their ideas sound to most people.

  21. Leaving Point of Woods

    WHWN – don’t worry, as i said I’d be afraid to post over there – for just the reasons you say! Again, i kind of like to look over there from time to time to get some entertainment over how far some of the posters go. I know this is a serious issue, and some posters on BVBL sound potentially dangerous and crazy, but I find a degree of humor to some of what goes on there. Again, the first time I ever looked at BVBL was around February of this year, so I’m coming very very late into the game. I did enjoy reading through that entire thread you pointed me at. Given that I’m Jewish – I can’t totally follow all the arguments/counteraguments there but Greg seems way out there in some of his claims in his video and subsequent posts in that thread. So it was illuminating as to how he got the nickname Gospel Greg! I also just found it somewhat entertaining, once again to read the posts that followed the video on that thread. I guess we all get our entertainment in different ways – one of my ways is going over to BVBL and seeing what’s being said there. You can find some nuggets of good info over there, but I will say it is a bit like panning for gold!

  22. Elena

    Panning for gold! LOL, very good LPOW!

  23. Emma

    LPOW, I was upset when they really started going after the Catholic Church over there. I still visit, though, because I like reading both sides of the issues, no matter how wacky it gets. It’s just more fun to post here because, as Moon-howler says, I get to “grouse.” So I post here so that I can “grouse” with–or against– people who interest me.

  24. anonforever

    Greg doesn’t need a video to make a fool of himself. Typos like “Framk Wolf” on his front page will do that for him. (That and his numerous factual errors like getting the high schools wrong regarding a drug bust and outright rumors and lies teachers being drug out of school in handcuffs.) When his error is pointed out, deletes the related comments rather than acknowledge his own mistake. He harps on everyone else in the world, but is horribly thin skinned when the subject is himself.

  25. Elena

    Excellent point anonforever. Greg can “dish it out” but he sure can’t take it.

  26. WhyHereWhyNow

    The reason for the “picking up trash” ridicule is the contrast between Help Save Manssas President Greg Letiecq (2007) and Gospel Greg of Deputies of the Red Circle (2008. In a word, the man was fearsome in 2007. The Board of Supervisors cowered at his every word. The community, in general, was afraid to criticize him because he could be so vicious in his responses.

    Perhaps some of the others could explain how and why this changed over time. The biggest reason, in my view, was that he tried to get the Police Chief fired, and duped Corey Stewart into joining him on this futile crusade. It backfired on them to put it lightly.

    Today, the Board and the community view him quite differently than they did in 2007 with an election looming over them.

    Can someone else please elaborate on this chapter. I have to get some work done!

  27. Moon-howler

    I understand that since the election, GG has been named a nativist by the SPLC. Many eyes are looking in this direction and some of the politicians now are distancing themselves from GG and HSM.


  28. Elena

    Greg had a unique way of demonizing anyone he viewed as a “dissident” to his cause. Now it seems easy to say you believe what he did was propoganda, fueled by fear and anger in communities that felt abandonded to the demographic change they were experiencing. There was fear for Supervisors and citizens to come out against Greg. But when he went after Chief Deane, suggesing his actions were “treasonous”, suggesting that the offense for treason was the death penalty, that was his undoing. Also, Corey made the mistake of showing his hand and his close relationship with Greg. Corey fowarded all the other Supervisors e-mails to Greg expressing their concern over Corey’s statements against Chief Deane. From that point on, the connection was clear, no denying his association to Greg and his hate blog. People felt compelled to defend Chief Deane and challenge Corey on his “unholy” alliance with Greg.

  29. WhyHereWhyNow

    Right Elena, it was the fact that Corey forwarded to Greg the emails of his fellow Board members defending the Chief, and Greg immediately took them and posted them on his website, denouncing Board Members, denouncing Chief Deane, etc.

    The community came out for Chief Deane big time at the next BOCS meeting. Corey had to take the brunt of their disgust and disappointment. But really it was Greg’s idea to try to depose Chief Deane, and Corey was only going along with it… God know’s why.

    It really made Corey look bad. And Greg began to look like a lunatic.

  30. stw

    That second video is a “crock” of lies! That hispanic is lying through his teeth, or since he doesn’t speak English, someone is lying to him about what, if anything, Greg said.
    Get a grip, people!

    Suggestion: “Onefortheroad” should be banned for life. What a loser!

  31. Peppermint Patty


    Why on earth would you want OFTR banned for life?
    It looked to me like he was fighting with himself when he was fighting with “anon” now “LPOW”. The rantings quite frankly like one of the “red circle deputies”. Perhaps, there’s just not enough hapeening with the black velvets these days. Let’s face it business isn’t what it used to be over at the other.

  32. Peppermint Patty

    oops..meant to say
    The rantings quite frankly READ/LOOK like one of the “red circle deputies”.

  33. Loudoun

    I am one of the “red circle deputies” on the first video on this thread. Greg was the first person to start picking up trash – but of course Eric Byler didn’t want to record that – it might make Greg look good! Then Eric went and hid behind some trees to videotape us.

    What you guys don’t seem to fathom is that it is a felony to hire an illegal alien. They cannot work in our country. Each and every person that picks up an illegal alien day laborer is committing a felony.

    Being in this country illegally is also a crime – but most of you that post here don’t seem to get that.

    A day laborer came after me one day when I stopped in the Pep Boys parking lot to photograph the MS-13 graffiti (MS-13 is composed of 90% illegal aliens). The man in question came charging up the hill when he saw me taking pictures and called me a f-in __. I was afraid.

    As for the day laborer event this past Saturday, there is videographic evidence of the illegal alien day laborers calling the HSM women putas. Additionally, the HSM members were told to get the f___ out of Manassas.

    What Help Save Manassas wants to stop is the commission of crimes by illegal aliens and the degradation of our communities, schools, and services as a result of the illegal alien population. That doesn’t make us racist, xenophobic, bigoted, or nativist. We don’t care about the ethnicity of illegal aliens – we want them all to repatriate themselves to their home countries.

    How petty all of you are that spend your days bashing Greg, HSM, and his “minions.” I am not a minion, I can think for myself, and I don’t know of one member in HSM who can’t think or speak for themselves. We are passionate about a cause.

    The majority of people here are only passionate about bashing Greg, Corey, John, and any and all persons who want the rule of law enforced.

  34. Emma

    I wondered abou the selective editing in the video. I don’t see what you all are seeing to ridicule here–it looked to me that he was a little bored, pacing around. Why on earth would Eric photograph Greg doing anything positive?

    I lump Eric, Annabel, SPLC, Stephen Fuller and many of the others some of you on this blog take so much stock in as nothing more than shills for MWB, and they have absolutely no credibility. I think some of you would embrace Satan himself if he advocated open borders and blanket amnesty.

  35. Bring it On

    Stephen Fuller a shill for MWB? Why, because he’s on the board of a construction company? Here’s a bio for Dr. Fuller –

    Stephen S. Fuller is Professor of Public Policy at the Institute for Public Policy at George Mason University. He has a Ph.D. in Regional Planning from Cornell University (1969), an M.C.P. in City Planning from the University of Mississippi (1964), and a B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University (1962). He was a professor of Public Policy and Urban Development at George Washington University from 1969-1994 and Director, Doctoral Program, School of Urban Planning and Real Estate Management before coming to George Mason University. He served as regional planner for both the Appalachian Regional Commission (1967-1969), and the Memphis and Shelby County (Tennessee) Planning Commission (1963-1965). Dr. Fuller has also been a consultant to the following: U.S. AID, The People’s Republic of China, the Eastern European Real Property Foundation, The Inter-American Development Bank, the Riyadh Development Authority, and the Greater Washington Research Center. He is currently a member of the Governor’s Board of Economists (Virginia) and the Board of Directors of the Global Environment and Technology Foundation. He is author of Economy Watch: The Monthly Report on the Washington Area’s Index of Leading Economic Indicators, a periodical published by the Greater Washington Research Center.

    And your credentials? You believe you’re an ‘immigration expert’ because your neighborhood turned Hispanic.

    Now who’s the shill? Now go report to Mr. L.

  36. stw

    Loudoun, 10. June 2008, 17:58

    Agree – 100%

  37. Loudoun

    Stephen Fuller is on the board of a construction company that was busted by ICE for employing approximately 50 illegal aliens down in Richmond…

  38. Emma

    And your credentials? You believe you’re an ‘immigration expert’ because your neighborhood turned Hispanic.

    Yeah, and he sings the “poor illegals” song so well. Credentials don’t mitigate extreme bias.

    And I attended George Washington University from 1979-1983 and took a couple of courses taught by the illustrious Fuller. Can you say “flaming liberal”?

    Of course, you don’t want to hear how real folks have to live with the effects of illegal activity in their neighborhoods. That’s not credential enough for you. You’d rather just tell the rest of us to go to hell or live with it, like it or not. Come down from YOUR ivory tower, please.

  39. Leaving Point of Woods

    Just to make it clear – I could care less about OFTR and his rants, some of which were directed at me, some at others. (And I’m the former “anon” just in case someone is coming in late to this game). I see someone here is now anonforever, which several people suggested I should adopt, but “anonforever’ is not me, I’m only posting under Leaving Point of Woods. Just wanted to clear up any possible confusion.

    And, I have to agree with some posters who say the videos seem to be slanted toward a particular side of the debate. It isn’t hard to tell which side it is either!

    Also it seems that I and others who deal with the problems in our neighborhoods every day – everyone on the other side seems to think these problems could be easily solved by some other way. Every proposal I’ve heard I think is wishful thinking, by people who have no clue what it is like to live in a neighborhood like mine. And, it has effectively driven me out of my neighborhood – as it now looks to be 4 short months until I’m out of here, and believe me, I’m counting down the days. If I never lived in a neighborhood like this, perhaps I’d also be having a hard time believing just how bad it could be! It’s easy for people who live in nice neighborhoods to think the problem neighborhoods could have their problems easily solved by some kind of neighborhood intervention, or community meetings, community outreach, or whatever. Unfortunately the law breakers aren’t going to respond to that sort of stuff. Tell that to the person who lived next to me in the overcrowded house, who took it upon himself to break into my house and steal over $8000 worth of stuff (he seemed to have some helpers – but none of them were positively identified). I’m sure he’d be very receptive to some kind of community outreach! Who knows where he is now, he had no identification and he fled the night after the robbery! Of course it is the Manassas police fault for not arresting him right away after a neighbor positively identified him as one of the ones busting into my house.

    Anyway, again I see a lot of people who don’t deal with these problems day to day – making it sound like the problems of this neighborhood would be easy to fix. I don’t think so, and I’ve had it with this place and am moving out of here. All the disgusting trash, the noise at all hours of the night – I don’t see that being solved by community outreach. So think of me what you will, but I’m pretty fed up with this whole mess, which my neighborhood wasn’t this way 5 years ago. And, I’ll say it again – back then there were some nice Hispanic families living here, so I don’t have a problem with law abiding Hispanics, but today – right now – there are too many non-law abiding ones in this neighborhood. Are all of them illegal? Probably not. Are some of the non-law abiding ones illegal – I think so. Are all illegal aliens bad? No. But unfortunately some sizeable percentage of them are, and they give the rest of them a bad reputation.

  40. Emma

    And then, LPOW,we have to tolerate academics in their ivory towers declaring how our community is no longer fit to live in because of the immigration resolution. How much time does Fuller spend in PWC? It’s a good bet he lives in some gated enclave, where he can spout off some spurious statistics about the effect on businesses and on the reputation of the county as a whole. You can have a lot of credentials and still be full of crap.

    By the way, BIO, I forgot to compliment you on your impressive cut-and-paste job. There’s some good hard thinking that goes into that process.

  41. Anon-100

    Ruby, 8. June 2008, 9:09
    “There’s something to be said for the “itimidation factor”. However, Greg, et al are out numbered severely at the Coverstone 7-11.
    We had a Community Clean Up Day with dumpsters at Sudley Elem school. Yet, “the crew” was back at 7-11 yesterday. It seems to me if one truly cared about our community, then one would be at such an event as the one at Sudley.”

    The “red circle deputies” don’t have to do community service on a specific day to improve their community. I know that some of them are mowing lawns and picking up trash in their neighborhoods on a regular basis, not just ONE day. I also know that most people in HSM care DEEPLY for their community.

  42. Ruby


    I am sure there are many that do there part on a daily basis. I know of several personally. They don’t have to do community on service on any day of the week if ever as far as I’m concerned. I feel some are far concerned than others. I do notice it always seems to be the women out there with their boots to the ground. Would you care to eleborate on that?
    I applaud all efforts of picking up trash, etc.

  43. IllegalisILLEGAL

    What’s wrong with anyone picking up trash? Whether it’s a PWC organized clean up day or HSM members picking up trash at a day labor site? Both do much to make the county a nicer place.

  44. Ruby

    Nothing is wrong with picking up trash ANYWHERE. I just think a grassroots orginization would be involved with some of the hard hit neighborhoods. Clean up is clean up. Let’s face it the trash needs picked up everywhere. And as I said before, I applaud any and all efforts. It was an observation and my opinion. It’s like this a Community Clean Up Day happens once a year in a neighborhood. The day laborers are there each and every day. I don’t even drive by those 7-11’s anymore. I would love to see the 7-11’s be day labor free. If you think you are talking to what some call an “apologist”. You are sadly effing MISTAKEN. Now, WHERE’S THE FENCE?

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