The Rally drew less than projected crowds but the energy level among attendees was high. The message was the standard stump speech with no specific mention of events in Prince William County. Please share your thoughts and experiences from last evening…

12 Thoughts to “Obama Rally Update”

  1. Here is Jim Webb’s speech introducing Barack Obama.

  2. Here’s the statement from the Democratic Party, in case some people don’t get those:

    The statement below was sent to members of the press.

    Today, Thursday, June 5, 2008, Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman C. Richard Cranwell endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for President.

    “Sen. Obama has proven himself to be a leader who reminds us that there is more that binds us together as Americans than separates us; bringing us together to solve the very real problems we’re facing today.”

    “The nation’s eyes will be on Virginia this year. The fact that he’s here just two days after becoming the Democratic nominee shows us how important the Commonwealth is to him. So I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Virginia is firmly in Obama’s column come November.”

    Levar M. Stoney
    Executive Director
    Democratic Party of Virginia

  3. I think the heat and fear of crowding and traffic kept MANY people away.

  4. Emma "The Minion" Woodhouse

    That doesn’t seem to stop the Kenny Chesney crowds or anyone else tying up the region during summer concerts.

  5. Casual Observer

    Here’s a pretty cool youtube video that shows lots of people:

    My daughter was there and said everyone was friendly, happy and giddy with optimism. She made it into the 11th row because one member of her group got there at noon and held a place in line until the rest of the kids got there after school. He’d told everyone in line behind them that more kids were coming and they were fine with it. A few kids in her group were interviewed and got on television.

    She said she’s glad she went and braved the heat. Yes, she said it was extremely hot. Getting to the Pavilion wasn’t so difficult because they got there just after 2:15. Getting out was another story — they didn’t leave the pavilion parking lot until 8, and she didn’t get to our Ashton Ave. pickup location until 8:40.

    I think the drive out was easier because the arrival times were so staggered, given that the parking lot opened at noon and the gates didn’t open until 3.

  6. Moon-howler

    It really doesn’t matter how many people attended.

  7. es_la_ley

    Moon-howler, 7. June 2008, 15:38

    It really doesn’t matter how many people attended.

    Really? Okay, I’m just curious… If the crowd was at, or above, the expected numbers (50,000+), would it have mattered then?

    Just asking….



    I would have gone if I hadn’t been so swamped at work last week. And even though I was busy, the fact that they were circulating crowds of 50K scared me away! I’ve been to concerts at Nissan where it takes 3 hours to get out of there when it is at capacity.

    And for Emma’s comment: Uh, those people pay for tickets to get in months in advance. The Obama free event was announced two days beforehand, at a time most people out this way are not home from work yet and there were no tickets to guarantee that one could get in and they were projecting crowds above capacity. Had the event been today, I bet there would have been 50K people showing up.

  9. Red Dawn


    “Moon-howler, 7. June 2008, 15:38

    It really doesn’t matter how many people attended.

    Really? Okay, I’m just curious… If the crowd was at, or above, the expected numbers (50,000+), would it have mattered then?

    Just asking….”

    LOL, If I were to answer this I would say NOT! LOL, I have been to numerous concerts and none of them were sold out BUT the one I took my kids to nsync….HATED IT and where are they now? LOL
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist…who was drinking the kool aid then? LOL

  10. NotGregLetiecq

    I was there. The place was totally packed except for the seats behind where the press cameras were, where people wouldn’t have been able to see. They put the event together in 48 hours and if there had been 200 more people, there wouldn’t have been enough seats. Anyway, I think the video speaks for itself. Contrast that with the “spin” that not that many people showed up and there you have it, truth and fiction yours to choose.

  11. I was unable to go as I had a roofer scheduled to come look at a leak a few weeks ago, and with our weather lately did not want to postpone the appointment.

  12. Moon-howler


    No. It would not have mattered other than fire marshall capacity laws. From everything I have read, the rally was extremely well attended. Oh and for the record, I am not necessarily an Obama supporter. The jury is out.

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