55 Thoughts to “Bustamante Not Coming”

  1. LuckyDuck

    WHWN, those Federal Tax ID numbers were created for those in the Country legally who were working here…it was for those individuals to pay taxes. The illegal aliens have been using them that is very true, but that hole in the system was not intended for illegal aliens to pay taxes.

  2. Mando

    “Friedman’s point was not about a black labor market but rather about the inability of illegal immigrants to access social services. In fact he mentions NOTHING about the black labor market. It is totally irrelevant to the case he was trying to make, which has been totally lost on you.”

    Oh come on! Social services yes, but he’s talking about black market labor. Not about illegal aliens that use the system.

  3. Valley Girl

    I guess we will hav eto agree to disagree but I encourage you to further research Friedman and his positions on the subject for clarity.

  4. Mando, thank you for the straight talk on the Social Services myth.

    Here is a summary of a study that debunks BOTH the social services myth and the “dem illegals don’t pay taxes” myth.


    To download the entire study go to:


  5. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    El Jeffe Bustamente is not coming to PWC because he’s obviously racist!

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