49 Thoughts to “ANP: The Battle of Manassas”

  1. SecondAlamo

    And your point? The world is full of poor and starving people even right here in the good old USA. It has been and will always be, as unfortunate as that may be. If we allowed or brought all those folks here what would become of all those legal citizens who also have struggled to provide for their families? Where would be the incentive to progress if your gains are constantly compromised by those still struggling? This is how the nation has always been. Moving to a ‘better’ neighborhood was everyone’s goal, but what if those neighborhoods no longer existed because they have been eroded by homes overcrowded with ‘struggling’ people? Isn’t that the ‘American Dream’ we’re destroying by allowing such things to take place? It’s like finally being able to buy a new car only to have the neighbor’s kids stomp all over it the next day.

  2. Elena

    There are plenty of historical information that shows “white” neighnorhoods being changed by demographics of all different types of people. What was once Jewish, now african american, what was once asian, now hispanic.

  3. Holy shit. That video literally makes me naseaus

    …and not just because I look fat : )

    Him with his kids….

    I gotta get outside for some air.

  4. Ed


    your last comment, regarding Mr. Leticq and his children reminds me of a school house in summer…..NO CLASS! I won’t cut and past it, because in addition to being low-rent, it contains profanity.

    I think you meant to say that the film made you “nauseous”, but spelled it wrong. And as someone who claims to be a writer, you should know that one cannot be “nauseous”. One can be “nauseated”. A “nauseous” substance is what causes one to be “nauseated”. But maybe you are indeed “nauseous”, since your comment regarding Mr. Leticq caused me to become “nauseated”.

  5. You Wish


    That’s because KG has no class. She is so quick to call others names and make fun and be mean spirited, but she has no tolerance when it is thrown back at her. Typical of KG – take a jab, but then cry that she’s being “attacked” when someone throws it back at her.

  6. Ed and You Wish….


    I never claimed to have “class” nor do I care about it.

    Excuse me. I have to go fart now.

  7. WhyHereWhyNow

    I think this video focuses too much on religion. It makes it seem as if all of Greg’s disciples share his warped and extreme ideas on The Gospel. In fact, many of his followers do not. As you saw on the infamous blog thread which is still up today, just about ALL of Greg’s blog posters, or at least the ones who are NOT authored by Greg himself, thought his religions sermon was offensive, and indeed damaging to their partisan aspirations.


    In my view, Greg’s followers are, or were, manipulated by two primary forces:

    1) partisanship: they were told this was “THE issue” for Republicans in 2007 and in 2008

    2) ethnic phobias and resentment now validated with sanitized rhetoric skillfully presented by Greg to disguise or mitigate what would otherwise be shameful and obvious prejudice.

    I’m not trying to say that all The Greg&Corey Show’s political base came from hateful partisans. Some of them were just partisans. I used to ague that Corey Stewart himself was in that category (and I could still make a case for it). Some were obviously hateful, but few if any were mindless enough to buy Gospel Greg’s “Gospel.”

    The thing about the video is it makes is seem as if the intolerance at play here was inspired by a bastardized religious philosophy, when, what we really had was more like a lack of tolerance for religion. The Greg&Corey Show attacked anyone who spoke out in favor of The Golden Rule, love the stranger, moral fiber, or sound fiscal policy … including just about every religions leader in the county.

    The Immigration Resolution was really a lot more about the election held last November. The wind is out of their sails now because that election is over, and, because of John McCain’s triumph in the GOP Primary, and because the next BOCS election is not for 3 years and by that time Hispanics will have cycled out of the cross hairs and a new minority will be targeted for political gain (my prediction: gays).

    But like the partisan deflation they are suffering, there are also limits to their hate reserve. Even people prone to hate can only stomach BEING actively hateful for so long. They’ve gotten tired of it, as evidenced by the two people who showed up to call for Chief Deane’s head earlier this year, or the four people who showed up to pick up garbage and intimidate day labor guys a few weeks ago.

  8. Lucky Duck

    I just heard that the UN Official, Mr. Bustamante, has cancelled his visit to Prince William County this afternoon. He did not give any specific reason.

  9. Just Cause

    Second Alamo- I agree with you, We need to take care of our “neighbors” first.

    Elena- Stop using the race card and historical events as your only form of argument. Its getting pretty old and annoying..thats old school propaganda..

    Kgottardt: If I wanted to hear from an ASS, I WOULD have FARTED…LMAO

  10. Rick Bentley

    What a biased ending … the foreclosures are proof that we were becoming a go-to area for illegals. That too shall pass. Most residents would rather have the houses empty for a year or two than have them continue to be boarding houses for illegals.

    BTW some of those houses are empty because they are so hard to sell because illegals WRECKED THEM and LEFT THEM.

  11. you wish

    “I never claimed to have “class” nor do I care about it”

    So I could say the same about you and your kids? “Ugh, KG makes me want to barf. Look at her with her kids outside – I think I need to go poke my eyes out with hot needles.”

    WHAT-EVA yourself, you middle aged freak.

  12. You wish, you really ought to tone down the personal attacks. Isn’t that what you would tell me?

    It’s not the KIDS that make me sick. It’s his hypocrisy and illness as he has the joy of having a family but is happy when others are denied theirs.

  13. Makes me wonder if Greg reads this to his little ones at night…


  14. Just Cause

    Denied their family???

    NO one is denied a family, You can have a family anyplace and anywhere…just be a legal, law abiding citizen and the joys are endless…but breaking the law in the name of family is selfish…

    and besides I personally think Greg is doing all this in the name of his family..after all isnt that what its about, protecting our children so they will STILL have a future when they are adults?

  15. you wish

    “It’s not the KIDS that make me sick. It’s his hypocrisy and illness as he has the joy of having a family but is happy when others are denied theirs.”

    Go back and re-read your statement
    “Him with his kids….

    I gotta get outside for some air.”

    And listen to his statement again – he didn’t say “Oh, thank the Lord! I’m tearing apart families! My job is done!!” What he wants (and a majority of PWC) is for people to be held to the law. If you are here illegally, and KNOW that you are here illegally, then do the right thing – apply for citizenship.

    Just Cause is right – you can’t break the law and then say “it was for my family!” – it doesn’t work that way.

  16. Ed

    Kgotthardt is an unstable person. That is the conclusion I have come to. I have seen her speak before PWC BOCS, read her blog, and her rants here. Her obsession with Greg, and claims of persecution and threats made against her by Greg and others, points to paranoia. I hope she can get the help she needs. I really do.

  17. TWINAD

    You Wish,

    You said: “If you are here illegally, and KNOW that you are here illegally, then do the right thing – apply for citizenship”.

    This is the whole point of the “immigration debate”. They CAN’T apply for citizenship…they can’t even apply for a work permit under the current laws! That is what “people like us” are trying to change. We want there to be a path for people here illegally to get on so they can first, become legal residents, and then after they have done everything required, gain citizenship. There would be no debate if an illegal immigrant could apply for residency based on their job, family home or whatever it is they have here that keeps them here. There has been no path since 2001…that is why there are so many more illegal immigrants now than there were then…prior to 2001 there was a path they could get on to become legal residents even if they came here illegal initially. There is really no reason why someone who has held a job, been paying taxes and contributing to society, with no trouble with the law shouldn’t be allowed to get on a path to legality. A large percentage of the legal immigrants were once here illegally…there is nothing different between those people and the ones who have not been able to gain residency.

  18. More or less this is pretty much similar to 9500 Liberty’s videos. What I don’t like about this are the church scenes. It’s implied that these good Christian people go to church on Sunday and the other six days of the week they’re passing laws to make life more difficult for some of their neighbors.

    What bothers me most about it is that there is some truth to it.

    I’ve been praying for literally years that more Christian people would be moved to share God’s love with immigrants.

  19. Elena

    Just Cause,
    You may choose to dismiss history as a learning tool, I will choose otherwise.

    I was taken aback, when Greg replied he was “happy” that someone who had lived in this country almost their whole life, had escaped an abusive father, was cared for by a mom who had more guts then most of us to risk her life to give her children a better future, was scared she would be separated from her young children. I found the contradiction of his happy family picture, laughing and giggling in the light of day, to her hidden in the dark profile, a very depressing contrast. We have a broken immigration system, and people want to be legal, and her circumstance is the perfect example of someone who should be able to come out into the light.

  20. Emma

    Breaking the law has its consequences, and the consequences are not generally supposed to be pleasant.

    No negative consequences for lawbreaking=more lawbreaking.

    How do you think the Mexican government, for example, would react if you showed up at their door without papers? Would you expect a welcome mat?

    And since they don’t generally roll out the red carpet for foreign lawbreakers, does that make them a racist country?

  21. you wish

    Emma –

    My thoughts exactly. If I were to show up in El Salvador and expect my children to get a free education, health services and not pay taxes, do you think I’d be able to live there very long? Doubt it. In fact, in the first six months of 2005, Mexico deported 130,000 undocumented individuals.

    I wonder if there are any other countries that have over 10 million undocumented residents. After doing some research, the closest is Iran with 2.4 million. Why is it that we have to continue to carry the burden?

  22. you wish

    Ed –

    So true. Her rants make no sense and as she’s shown on this blog and others time and time again, she is unable to back up her claims. While she feels sorry for Greg’s family, I feel sorry for hers – who is taking care of her children while she’s out protesting and speaking to the BOCS?

  23. note2self


    When have we ever cared about the poor in this country? You make it sound as if we weren’t spending money on the “illegals” we’d be using that money to help the disadvantaged here in America. We both know that isn’t the case.

    Its funny that you should use the name Alamo. Many Mexicans (Tejanos) fought alongside the Anglo settlers against Mexico in the War for Texas Independence. However, after the dust settled, they made life for them in Texas very uncomfortable, forcing many off their land. It kind of reminds me of the plight of the “illegal” today. When business was booming, you didn’t here a peep from these so called “patriots” now that the economy has turned, its time to send these “leeches” packing.

  24. note2self

    Just curious as to how many ALIPAC’er are on this board?

  25. Bring it On

    There’s alipac.net and alipac.com. Not sure of the technicalities between the two. The dotnet looks immigrant friendly; the other .com is opposed to a pathway to legalization. Why do people do this to us with names so similar?

  26. Bring it On

    you wish,
    if they live in a home, whether or not they rent or own, they or their landlord is paying for the real estate property tax. The revenue from the real estate tax is the largest component of the County’s budget which in turn funds the educational system. Now, if they are multiple unrelated individuals residing in a home with unrelated children who are ‘piggy-backing’ then they might not be paying their fair share. The problem is with the alternative, by depriving US citizens an education or separating them from their parents is equally detrimental to our collective long-term well being.

  27. note2self


    I was referring to ALIPAC.us. I wonder if this blog has been flagged for an action alert.

  28. frazil

    I can no longer keep this secret. I know GL. He was my housemate circa 1992- 1994 before he “immigrated” to PWC. I do not recognize him anymore. I want to know what happened to my dear friend.

    By his account in this video he is “illegal”. You see he used to be in the national guard. At some point he absconded with a few grenade simulators use in training and set a couple off on the 4th of July in our neighborhood (Admittedly it was impressive. It shook the whole neighborhood). Since he committed an illegal act at one time many years ago, by his definition in this video, he is also illegal.

    He is no longer the man I once knew. The GL I knew was a generous, kind, and caring man. What happened to my friend? I miss him…

  29. Leaving Point of Woods

    All I can say about that video – what a slanted propaganda piece! Talk about one sided…

  30. Leaving Point of Woods

    And I like the scary sounding drum beating music, helps to add the sound of imminent danger! Actually, this is a rather well put together propaganda piece – the authors should be very proud of the efforts to instill a sense of impending doom and fear! Some really great work there and not at all an impartial view of the “immigration debate” in PWC!

  31. Alanna

    Let’s not give anyone any ideas. Honestly, I do not believe that any action alerts have been given to act on this blog. My personal belief is that the majority of people who are posting are local individuals that care about the issue. I don’t do any significant analysis of the log files, but if you are interested, click on the site meter logo on the far right column and you can choose ‘Who’s On’ from the left hand navigation menu. This will tell you a partial ipaddress, location, etc… of the current visitors.

  32. Emma

    Oh, frazil, you have got to be so full of it…

  33. Ruby

    I think most know he was in the National Guard. But, other than that your story seems quite fabricated. Emma’s right, you must be full of it.

  34. frazil

    Ideas? Action alerts? I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me.

  35. Alanna

    I took that to mean that alipac would issue an alert to their mailing list to take action on this blog but maybe I misinterpreted what you were saying.

  36. Alipac dot us and alipac dot com are websites started by a group that some consider a hate group. Alipac dot net was intended to be an anti-alipac whereby positive opinions would be expressed about Hispanic persons and Latinos.

  37. anon

    I think Frazil was just being sarcastic.

  38. Just Cause

    Elena- I never said DISMISS history, Everyone needs to learn from the past but you are “using” the past for the present to justify your argument. I simply stated we need to MOVE ON from the past and start thinking about the FUTURE~!

    Twinad- Not ALL illegal immigrants are as goal minded and family oriented as your Husband, some are actually here to benefit from the free Medical, tax free wages, Free Food, free education.. and those are the ones that deserve no amnesty and a free one way ticket. I am sorry Twinad for your situation but after hearing both sides of the coin I am afraid that I have no sympathy left..I have to think about MY family and Their future..Just like you are…That doesnt make me bad, or racist..It makes me a Mom.

  39. Marie

    I just watched the “Battle of Manassas” video. It made me sick and brought me to tears. That is just all I can say right now.

  40. stw

    Marie, 11. June 2008, 8:24

    I was brought to tears as well … over the fact that we should have started fighting against illegal immigration a whole LOT sooner.

  41. Elena

    thank you for clarifying Frazil.

  42. Elena

    I think maybe people are “suspicious” of your story regarding your relationship with Greg, that may have set off some alarms 🙂

  43. Elena

    but Just Cause,
    Isn’t that how we ensure we don’t repeat mistakes of the past, by remembering their example and integrating the lessons of the past with current circumstances?

  44. Just Cause



    Sometimes I wonder how long the “white” race is going to have to continously apologize for the actions of our “fathers” before us…

  45. hello

    I would somewhat have to agree with Just Cause, remembering past issues is a good thing. However, some here tend do dwell on it, plus some of the things brought up are so long ago my parents weren’t even alive then. Sure, remember some mistakes that have been made in the past but lets not dwell on it or we will never move forward (the Tuskegee Experiment?????, makes zero sense why that would be a topic).

    Elena, I’m not trying to be a smart a$$ but if you run out of topics to put up just dig thru the archives and post some old atrocity, it’s getting old. It doesn’t do anything but lead to negative conversation and it holds up any constructive debate on issues of today.

  46. hello

    sorry, just DONT dig thru…

  47. Elena

    What other “old” topics have I introduced for discussion? I brought up the tuskegee experiment in hopes of stimulating a conversation about issues that may be dead and buried/in the past, to you, but may still be very alive to people that felt personally affected by such an atrocious event. Understanding someone elses perspective doesn’t excuse unacceptable outbursts (like Reverend Wright), but it does shed light on the issue.

  48. Red Dawn


    What about mental patience and LSD or Agent Orange. I am too young to remember or cared to be knowledgeable but heard about it while growing up. The one thing I did hear about and don’t know the outcome was “Gulf War Syndrome” and also something about a sickness from the ash and debris of the 9-11 towers.

  49. Red Dawn

    Speaking of mental patience, the torture experiments??? They make shows, like “ghost hunters” or “most haunted”.etc., etc., on places where it has been know to take place.

    See what TV can do to a person? 🙂

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