According to the Washington Post, a 17 year-old daughter and her 35 year old mother conspired to kill their father/husband. Reportedly, the daughter woke-up the father, reporting an intruder and when the father went to investigate was hit in the head repeatedly with a baseball bat and is armed with a machete. The intruder ends up being the daughter’s 19 year-old boyfried who has been hired as a hitman by the mother and daughter.

8 Thoughts to “Wife, Teen Daughter Plan to Kill Husband/Father”

  1. YOO HOO

    Old news but same thing….

    posted by GUESS who? LOL

  2. Who can really know what actually happened here with this family? No matter what it looks like, who knows who the real victims are?

    Words can cause as much damage as bullets. Surround yourself with positive people who care about themselves and about you. Push the rest away even if they have the same last name. Push them hard.

  3. Red Dawn


    Your right and ALSO lets presume everyone is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. ( if not in this case, EVERY case. Sometimes the media CONVICTS before the day in court.

  4. Ruby

    This is NOT the first murder for hire case in the county. Does anyone remember back in the 80’s a lady that worked at Roman Delight at the mall, and lived in West Gate tried to hire a man to kill her husband. She wanted him castrated and the proof brought to her. As I recall.
    Red Dawn,
    Weren’t you working at the mall then too?

  5. Red Dawn


    “Red Dawn,
    Weren’t you working at the mall then too?”

    LOL, who said I was selling “wolf tickets” or had anything to hide 🙂

    Yep, and I had nothing to do with any of that at the time past, present or future but exchanged a teenie bopper kiss and held hands with the son….that was WAY back in the day when you where asked ” will you go with me?” and my parents ALWAYS counteracted that question of where? What does THAT mean….LOL

    Regardless, I have to say, he was a cutie pie 🙂 NO regrets….hah hah


    Sh$T happens and it just gets worse and worse everyday. AND I mean WORSE and WORSE everyday.

    We are in a debate of laws and compassion. Why have laws or be compassionate?
    I ask because it seems if you have the 2 they drown out each other.

  6. Red Dawn

    By the way, I realize that was too much info…but at the same time since we are talking about it, they were from NY and us group of neighborhood kids(country bumpkins back then) thought they were big and bad like ( like on TV) because they were Italian and from NY…like mafioso 🙂 Imaginations and my first “bad boy kiss” LOL

  7. elvis

    who cares? situation normal, it’s the united states people. I’ve seen FAR worse in this county and will likely see worse yet.

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