52 Thoughts to “Senator Menendez: Brave Immigration Speech -Part I”

  1. Now its a university. Thumbs Down. Soon they may have fraternities and sororities, if they don’t already. Double Thumbs Down.

    What kinds of activities did you get involved in when you where there?

  2. Moon-howler


    Drinking, playing bridge, horseback riding, playing guitar. MWC also has had an excellent academic reputation in its day. I am afraid I didn’t take full advantage of it.

    I still dream I go back there. I lived in Willard, home of the 3 mile island cockroaches, and then 3 years in Russell.

    I am sorry to hear that the university status is bringing the school down. I did find the Alma Mater and post it for you back when I was trying to be subtle.

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