As I read this story, I wondered, why haven’t they mentioned that F.A.I.R is considered a hate group. Is Plainfield the next “rat” experiment for F.A.I.R, having accomplished what it wanted to do in PWC ? Will I.R.L.I just continue trying until they see what they can get to “stick” legally and rid of us this unwanted menace from our southern border? With Mike Hethmon, playing his favorite role as the “mad scientist”, I cringe when I envision what unsuspecting county is next on F.A.I.R ‘s hit list.


PLAINFIELD, N.J. (AP) – A federal lawsuit using a novel method to challenge a landlord’s right to rent to illegal immigrants is stoking tensions that have been rising for years in this diverse city of 50,000 south of Newark.

A prominent group that opposes illegal immigration sued a Plainfield property management company this month, seeking to set a legal precedent by using anti-racketeering legislation to crack down on landlords who rent to illegal immigrants.

The suit was brought by the Immigration Reform Law Institute _ the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform _ against Connolly Properties on behalf of a former Connolly employee and two tenants who are U.S. citizens.

The tenants allege they were steered into buildings occupied by illegal immigrants who were too afraid about their legal status to complain about decrepit conditions, according to Mike Hethmon, a lawyer for the group that filed the suit.

Flor Gonzalez, head of the Plainfield-based Latin American Coalition, worries that her city may become the latest battleground in the nationwide debate over immigration. The suit comes as tensions over the city’s large immigrant population are rising to a boil, she said, with police ticketing day laborers, a recent spate of beatings and robberies against immigrants, and raids by federal immigration officials.

“This is the worst it’s been. There is a lot of unfriendliness and disrespect against immigrants, and a lot has been happening quietly,” Gonzalez said. “We need big help in this town.”

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act _ or RICO _ prosecutes organized crime and immigration-related offenses, including human trafficking and harboring and smuggling illegal immigrants into the U.S.

Hethmon said his group decided to take on the case as part of its strategy of “attrition through enforcement,” or urging illegal immigrants to leave the country by making it more difficult for them to find employment and housing in the U.S.

91 Thoughts to “F.A.I.R and its legal strong arm, I.R.L.I , file lawsuit in N.J.”

  1. Leaving Point of Woods

    And one final point: if someone had valid identification, at least an arrest warrant could be put out for them if they skipped town. They might eventually be able to be tracked down. In this case, they can’t be. And I dislike the fact that his housemates (who probably were also involved) are covering up for him. Several days after he skipped town, the neighbor who identified him and also wasn’t sure about the other occupants of that house being involved, had retribution in the form of rocks tossed at his house in the middle of the night. It is not a stretch to believe the people in that house were involved.

    Very nice people – the people in the house are next to me. Wouldn’t you say? And unfortunately, they aren’t the only people in the neighborhood like that. Two houses across the street were similarly terrorizing the neighborhood but their owners stupidly bought at the height of the real estate market – and paid $350,000 or $360,000 for their townhouses. Now they are in foreclosure for $160,000 or $170,000 each. And I will submit the resolution had nothing whatsoever to do with those two houses going to foreclosure, even though the owners’ names were Hispanic – as can be seen easily by going to the City of Manassas website and looking up those houses on the tax assessment database.

    And the fact those houses are in foreclosure, is good and bad, as it is bad for someone like me who would like to sell and get out of the neighborhood completely. Instead, I’m forced to rent, although I’ll be one step removed since the rental will be managed by a professsional firm, and not directly by me, so that’s a good thing.

    And actually, I have before mentioned where I am moving to, so I wasn’t keeping it a secret. I mentioned it awhile back in another thread, that you didn’t read apparently. Not that I see what the difference is, you make it sound like it was incumbent upon me to mention where I’m moving to – not sure what difference that makes. And my wife might have been more comfortable staying in Point of Woods if her friends hadn’t all moved out, for the very same reasons we are moving. In fact, those people were Asian, and felt that their Hispanic neighbors (not ours) were very much racist toward Asians, as they engaged in some behavior toward them that let them know with 100% certainty they did not like Asians. I won’t detail it here, and I only heard it 3rd hand – and I don’t like repeating 3rd hand information – as they lived on another street in Point of Woods from us. But it was the reason those people who were friendly with my wife moved out.

  2. Leaving Point of Woods

    Actually, the comment about where I’m moving to should have been directed to Moon-howler. I put it in my post answering Censored – and that was wrong of me. Again, I’m not sure where I’m moving to is really germane to what I’ve posted regarding Point of Woods. The fact is, I’m moving away from Point of Woods. If it had been my preference, I would have moved closer to work, to a townhouse – in the Ashburn area. As my wife wanted a single family house, and a fairly large one at that, it forced me to move to Gainesville as that’s about the only nice ones in a nice neighborhood in the price range I was looking at, taking into account the fact that I’d be renting my townhouse and not selling it, for the foreseeable future. If I could have been sure I’d sell my townhouse for a reasonable price (not the foreclosure price of $160,000) then I might have gone for a single family home closer to work.

    Again, I’m not sure the fact that I’m moving to Gainesville, has much bearing on any of this debate. I’m curious why you wanted to know that Moon-howler? Did you think I was intentionally looking for a 100% Hispanic-free neighborhood. Again, I wasn’t, but I know that will disappoint those of you like Censored who seems to want to once again point me to some baseless accusation that I post on BVBL. That accuasation was laughable, for one thing if you look at the style of writing of that post, you will see it is not mine. If you want to believe it is me, to fit in your neat theories about linking people to Greg and BVBL, I guess that’s fine too. I tire of having to repeatedly defend myself against those kinds of baseless accusations.

  3. Ed

    “As I read this story, I wondered, why haven’t they mentioned that F.A.I.R is considered a hate group.”

    Because maybe, just maybe, not everyone buys into your view of the world. Just because you think that organization, group or individual who is opposed to illegal aliens living freely within our society MUST feel this way because they are racists, doesn’t make this so. I think you and many on this board are socialist-liberals, but my believing this doesn’t make it so.

    Ronald Reagan said it best: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.”

  4. Leaving Point of Woods

    Actually, Censored, if you believe the following thread that was posted saying this proves I’m a poster on BVBL – it shows just how quick you and others are to lump me in with BVBL based on highly scant evidence, from a poster who seems to be an equal opportunity attacker (he makes baseless attacks and claims against those on both sides of the debate). Here’s the “proof” you wanted me to look at – just to show how baseless and silly it is:

    One For The Road posted the following piece of “evidence” from some post on BVBL:
    # AnonGuy said on 18 Jun 2008 at 1:25 pm:

    Did the usual supects show up to “observe” HSM? Was Eric “I wanna be a skinny Michael Moore” there? Did John “I love Che’ ” on the scene? I wonder if Annable “Bobble-Head” Park will show up to do an after-action interview. You know, the one where she asks a bunch of leading questions and gets responses like this:

    “HSM showed up in full military tactical gear and started shouting insults to us, telling us to quit pissing on walls and being drunk at 7:30 am. Then Greg unleashed four german shepard attack-dogs and threw tear-gas grenades, while Maureen Wood hit us with a water cannon. It was all very tramatic. I have to feed my kids, which is why I come here and drink beer in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

    and then there is a BS text overlay that says:

    “HSM denies the accusations, but the details have been confirmed with PWCPD”

    OneForTheRoad, 20. June 2008, 12:45
    AnonGuy is none other than anon AKA Leaving Point of Woods AKA the idiot who likes to dominate every discussion here. I told you guys before anon was a liar and a fraud. The proof is in the two posts above.

    Yes, that is most excellent proof! I suppose for you Censored, that means “case closed, guilty as charged”!

    I’m glad our criminal justice system doesn’t convict people on such scant evidence. That’s the equivalent of a kangaroo court. Why did you waste my time pointing me at such a silly piece of evidence?

  5. Leaving Point of Woods

    Maybe I should switch my id to “AnonGuy” and then Censored can have the “proof” he needs for his “interesting accusations”! Interesting, is a word for those accusastions, but not the adjective I’d put in front of them. I’m glad you found those accusations interesting, Censored.

  6. Censored bybvbl

    LPOW, you rarely overlook minutae so I was curious about why that post was unanswered – although it could have been easily overlooked.

    You said:
    “I’m not going to waste the time to refute those “interesting accusations” about me. If you wish to believe them, be my guest.”

    I’d expect the same treatment from you. You have had a problem with terms that a few people have used. Take that issue up with those people and explain exactly to what you object. You can’t expect all people to agree with you. Afterall, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. But your point will be made clear. What I object to is your continual threat to leave this blog while painting the posters here with a broad brush. You don’t differentiate. The word Nazi is absolutely not used on a frequent basis. Maybe weeks ago it was used more frequently. If I’m not mistaken “ethnic cleansing” is newly used. To say that these terms are used daily is disengenuous. BBL.

  7. Leaving Point of Woods

    It was unanswered because that particular poster seems to just attack everyone without regard to what side they are on, so his posts are so ridiculous they could not be taken seriously.

    And yes, weeks ago the term Nazi was indeed used frequently, and I myself was labeled as a Nazi. Of course now the new “ethnic cleansing” or “bloodless ethnic cleansing” is being used.

    And I did decide in the end to somewhat refute that allegation, only because you brought it up, so that said to me instead of the original poster leveling it at me, you now were. If you werent, and using it to make another point, which it seems you were, then I apologize.

  8. Leaving Point of Woods

    Although I would argue about the frequent usage of a lot of terms here as “minutae” if that is what you are trying to say.

  9. OneForTheRoad

    I am the one who posted the evidence against LPOW. And you see how he defends himself. There is even more evidence of the fact that he is a regular BVBL poster. He is a liar and a fraud, and now he is trying to dig himself out from under all these accusations. He may be no nazi, but he is definitely all the things Censored accuses him of being and more. And Censored got it right, there is a reason he didn’t defend himself earlier. He still offers no proof that he is not a regular BVBL poster. He is aligned with Greg, and every time he protests it, it just shows how he is even more aligned with Greg and agrees with everything he says. He says I am and equal opportunity hater, but he hates every Hispanic and would like to see them all driven out of his neighborhood, so he can live happily ever after and look at a bunch of white faces looking back at him.

  10. Leaving Point of Woods

    One For the Road: You know, I’m curious why you feel the need to continually prove that I’m a BVBL poster. I’m not even 100% sure what side of the debate you are on, reading your other posts. You seem to start out on the “pro-immigration” side but when others attacked you, switched to the anti-immigration side. Not that there are two sides in this debate but rather shades of grey. And now, it seems you’ve drifted over to the pro-immigration side, or at least are back to trying to prove me to be a BVBL poster.

    Anyway, I’d be interested in seeing what other “proof” you have. If it is as silly as the proof you’ve already offered, it isn’t going to do much in proving anything.

    And what proof could I offer that I am not a BVBL poster? Am I supposed to somehow post my entire web surfing/posting history? If my word isn’t good enough for you, that I’m not a BVBL poster, a Greg sympathizer, or whatever, than that’s fine – but don’t be asking for me to submit some kind of proof. Then again, if it is proof like you’ve offered, I guess that level of proof wouldn’t be too hard to come up with.

  11. OneForTheRoad

    OK, you asked for it LPOW aka anon aka AnonGuy, you got it! Here’s another one of your anti-Hispanic posts on BVBL – more proof that you are a liar and a fraud:

    # Anonymous said on 19 Jun 2008 at 8:56 am:

    You know that Hispanic gang graffiti at the old centreville building has been there for 4 months or so and nobody has done anything about it. I see PWC police drive by there at least once a week so surely the county must be aware of it by now! They are friends of the Hispanics and thats why it hasn’t it been cleaned. Why has that building been under construction for at least the last year with little to no progress? That place is a serious eyesore and is a very unwelcome reminder that you have officially crossed over from Fairfax County into PWC and “Little Mexico”. It is a big welcome banner for everyone to see what a place PWC has become. It is about time we rid PWC of these people, look at what they are doing to our county!

  12. OneForTheRoad

    And next time I see you LPOW – I’ll be sure to greet you with a Nazi salute! Or maybe a KKK white hood would be more your style! You racist piece of slime!

  13. hello

    Little harsh don’t you think OneForTheRoad? I don’t recall anyone attacking you in the same manner (correct me if I’m wrong…). Would you say that to someone’s face? Probably not, sitting at your computer your a tough guy (and pretty rude).

  14. Leaving Point of Woods

    One for the Road: Now you just want me to stoop to your level, which I never have in any of my posts. And here’s some proof that’s at the same level of the “proof” you’ve offered here:

    I used to be anon on here. I never called myself AnonGuy or Anonymous. And never in any of my posts here did I speak that way about Hispanics.

    That’s about the same level of proof (even more) than you are offering.

    I suppose you’ll dig up some more posts from BVBL that have some variation of anon in them and attack Hispanics to offer more “proof”.

  15. Leaving Point of Woods

    I didn’t see hello’s post before I posted my latest reply to One for the Road. hello said it far better than I could have, actually.

    Anyway, it is not worth wasting any more energy responding to One for the Road’s attacks – which I didn’t respond to initially until they were brought up again in this thread. I should have held my tongue, as I didn’t want to stir up the hornet’s nest that is One for the Road.

    But hello said it best in the post responding to One for the Road, so I’ll leave it at that. You can post all the “proof” you want One for the Road, and say all the mean spririted stuff you like. It is the same as you accuse me of doing on BVBL – if indeed I really do post over there like you claim I do. I have nothing further to say on the subject of One for the Road’s accusations.

  16. OneForTheRoad

    LPOW – stop trying to deny it. You sir, are a racist, and a BVBL poster. And I think we all know you’ve been lying when you say you are not. You protest too hard when everyone calls you those things. I’m sure you have a picture of Hitler hanging up in your bedroom that you salute each night. Either that or you and your fellow klan members hold regular meetings in your white sheets. And you must have a picture of Gospel Greg that you say your bedtime prayers to. Why don’t you come out and admit it, you and Greg are two peas in a pod.

  17. OneForTheRoad

    LPOW/anon/AnonGuy/Anonymous/Racist Liar – I was being too polite by calling you sir – I take that back. I should have said – You idiot, you are a liar, a racist, and a BVBL poster.

  18. hello

    Okay OneForTheRoad, now you have gotten to the point where your a joke (and not a funny one). Your a real big man, we get it… you can call people names and be obscenely rude behind the safety of your computer, your really tough and we are all impressed. Give me a break…

    Try to debate the issues, if not, shut up.

  19. Leaving Point of Woods

    OK One for the Road, you got me! Yes, indeed I have a picture of Greg in my bedroom and that’s what I say my bedtime prayers to. You offered so much proof that I had to admit that what you are saying all along is true. Be happy with your victory – you indeed proved everything you said and more. I’m a regular BVBL poster, a Nazi, a KKK member, and I’ll even toss in an HSM membership for free.

    Well, you and Censored can go on believing whatever it is you believe – I’m too confused by it all, and now this all got started, at this point.

    Your posts convinced me that once again, I end up having to continually defend myself against these baseless accusastions – which you summed up quite well in your posts. You convinced me One for the Road – that it is no longer worth my time in posting here. So keep on showing that fantastic proof of yours, and keep on believing I’m all the things you said I am. It doesn’t matter anymore, as I won’t bother reading it.

  20. OneForTheRoad

    Most excellent, I finally proved once and for all that LPOW is the racist he’s always tried to deny he was. Now I hope he is off of here, and we don’t have to listen to his racist garbage. We don’t have any need for his kind of people in PWC, and it is too bad he isn’t moving out of this county to some other place that accepts racists like him – like somewhere in the deep south where he’d be more happy with his KKK friends.

  21. OneForTheRoad

    hello – at least use proper English. Try you’re instead of your. Or is English not your first language? The joke’s on you hello.

  22. OneForTheRoad

    And why are you sticking up for LPOW – hello. Hello hello??? He’s a racist and there’s no need to stick up for him.

  23. OneForTheRoad

    I’ve got a new name for LPOW – “Mr. KKK Nazi Racist”. That’s what LPOW should call himself. Either that or “Greg the Second”.

  24. OneForTheRoad

    It looks like, if we can believe anything that LPOW says – Manassas’s gain (getting rid of LPOW) is Gainesville’s loss. Too bad for Gainesville – they now have one more racist living there. And PWC has gained a racist too. Either stay in Manassas, or else leave and go far away from PWC, LPOW/Mr. Racist KKK Greg Lover.

  25. Moon-howler


    Send me an email please. The one I have for you isn’t working.

  26. hello

    OneForTheRoad, I would stick up for anyone being wrongly accused of something their not. I don’t personally know LPOW but from what I’ve read in his past posts I don’t think he even remotely resembles a racist.

    Your just one of those kinds of people who offers nothing to any conversation by doing what your doing, it’s just stupid. I’m not sure if your just doing it to get a rise out of people or not but I think it sucks. Would you say that stuff to someone’s face or does being behind a computer make it that much easier for you? I’m guessing being behind a computer calling people names is much easier for YOU then acting like that in person, just a hunch… does it make you feel strong or more like a REAL man? If that’s what you need to do to feel like a real tough guy I feel sorry for you. Your actions speak as to the kind of person you are and so far your actions are not painting such a good picture.

  27. OneForTheRoad,

    If you’re gonna be a troll, that’s ok with me but please at least be a funny troll. I troll over at BVBL all the time, but my posts are different. They’re funny.

  28. OneForTheRoad

    It is obvious Mackie, that you don’t share the same great sense of humor as I do. And from reading your posts here, if they are anything like the ones you make on BVBL, they are not that funny.

  29. OneForTheRoad

    Mackie, it is no big secret you are “Taco Truck Ted” on BVBL. Your posts are far from funny. Here’s an example of one of your “hilarious” posts:

    # Taco Truck Ted said on 20 Jun 2008 at 1:23 pm:

    Hello this is Juan from Juan’s Taco, we here at Juan’s Tacos understand this
    is a tough economic time for people who have to pay taxes, pay for insurance, licenses and such things. We are now offering a 50% discount to any customer recently crashed into by a person without such harsh economic liabilities mentioned earlier. Juan’s Tacos “We care about taxpayers and non taxpayers alike.”

    and here’s yet another “funny” one:

    Taco Truck Ted said on 20 Jun 2008 at 1:29 pm:

    If you were the 500th person to visit our website this month you are automatically entered into our “One free taco a week for life” contest.
    Remember here at Juan’s it’s just not about tacos it’s also about not paying taxes on undocumented, untracable income!

    and this one’s a laugh a minute:

    Taco truck ted said on 20 Jun 2008 at 5:09 pm:

    Juan from Juan’s Tacos here. In the spirit of America we here at Juan’s Tacos will be providing enourmous amounts of information on our various illegal activities. Please visit our website today.

    Remember it’s only illegal if you can’t outlast someone trying to turn you in!
    If you do outlast them it’s just business as usual! Next, how may I taco you!

    And here’s another one of your tremendously funny posts:

    Taco Truck Ted said on 21 Jun 2008 at 10:28 am:

    Hello this Juan from Juan’s Tacos. We will be having a Maryland MVA taco/license registration drive out at our house AKA our place of business. With every taco purchased today we will provide you a ride to the Beltsville Md. MVA, completed forms for license, and an individual utility bill with the address of your choice. Here at Juan’s Tacos we not only care about selling tacos we don’t need to pay tax on, we care about you, our beloved customers, getting as many Maryland state licenses in as many names as possible. After all what good are food stamps if you can’t get $5,000 worth a month! Juan’s Tacos the official tacos of the John McCain Presidential Campain! Rally ’round the taco below!

    Yes, I should take lessons from you in how to be a funny troll. You are the master, Mackie!

  30. OneForTheRoad,

    I hate to break it to you but you’re so boring that people fall asleep halfway through your name…

  31. Censored bybvbl

    LPOW, I’m sorry I left you in the lurch, but I met my mother and her neighbor in Fairfax for lunch. It appears that you were lunch in the meantime.

    I didn’t say that I believed OFTR’s statement. There’s nothing that he’s offered that proves anything conclusively to me. I was curious about why it (his charge) went unanswered when we, collectively, appear to be blamed almost daily for the words “Nazi”, “ethnic cleansing”, “Greg supporter”, etc. (I think a reply of “Bullshit! Prove it.” might have been acceptable.)

  32. OneForTheRoad

    Mackie – I hate to break it to you but you at least my name is long enough for people to fall asleep halfway through. what kind of name is Mackie anyway?

    And Censored: sorry I didn’t prove anything to you conclusively. But thank you for getting LPOW to answer my charges, it proved most entertaining! I couldn’t get him to answer my charges on his own, so you helped out and I really appreciate it.

  33. OneForTheRoad

    Consider this: every time someone told LPOW he was a BVBL poster, HSM member, or something like that he protested extremely loudly. He protested far too much for it not to be true. It is obvious he is an active HSM member, just over here to stir up trouble and complain.

  34. OneForTheRoad:

    what kind of name is Mackie anyway?

    Ahhh…I didn’t expect you recognize class when you see it…

    Look out Ole Mackies Back!!!

  35. AWCheney

    I attempted to post the following comment a couple times last night. It did not post with the “moderation” message but, when I attempted to post it again, I received a “duplicate” message on another page. I then emailed Admin with the situation, as well as the text of the comment, but have neither heard back, nor has the comment posted. You will note that there is no profanity in my comment, nor is there a personal attack of any kind…merely information refuting that which has been continually cited here. I will also be posting the links in a separate comment AFTER posting this one, so that there is nothing which can theoretically hold up my comment. As you can see from my descriptions of the links, they are perfectly legitimate links to the Anti-Defamation League.

    I did visit the Anti-Defamation League site Elena, and I have to wonder how it is that you believe they have named FAIR a hate group (or “Extremist Group,” in ADL speak). They actually have an online handbook called “Extremism in America” which specifically lists those groups and organizations (as well as individuals) that they deem to be extremist, and NOWHERE do they list FAIR. The link to the handbook is:
    (See subsequent comment)

    As a matter of fact, the ADL document most often cited by those who claim that ADL names FAIR an extremist, or hate, group actually calls them a mainstream organization. They cite concerns about some of the rhetoric coming from them in the past few years regarding the illegal alien issue, but they stop far short of calling them a hate group. The link to the document (“Is FAIR Unfair?”) is:
    (See subsequent comment)
    (See subsequent comment)

    The ONLY organization that claims FAIR is a hate group is the SPLC.

  36. AWCheney


    Sorry, error in previous comment…I only had TWO links. It was the subsequent comment (AWCheney, 23. June 2008, 4:50), now the previous comment, which had three.

  37. AWCheney,

    Some people are brutally direct. They don’t care what anyone thinks and believe in stating their point of view without filtering it like the KKK.

    However, some groups have learned that in order to actually effect the kind of change they want to see they have to speak in coded language. If they say what they really think, they will only hurt their cause. I can think back and find times in my life when I spoke on issues directly and when it was more convenient to speak on sensitive issues in a coded language. This is part of learning the subtleties of communication in a modern world. It’s hard to understand how any individual who calls themselves an adult would not have learned these skills. One would think such skills were irreplaceable when it comes to holding down a job of any degree of responsibility where you actually have to work with other human beings.

    Stop dissembling for FAIR here. You’re not fooling anyone. If you actually believe FAIR is not a hate group, you’re someone who’s walking around this earth with your eyes wide shut.

  38. Elena

    You are correct in that the ADL does not designate FAIR as a hate group, I never said they did. What I said, was the ADL is a credible organization, concerned about the rising tide of hate rhetoric directed at lantio’s. Which, is clearly demonstrated in this well reseached and thoughtfully written abstract by ADL. I will make sure to include a PSA they did in regards to the hate that is growing.

  39. ADL is probably doing it’s best to avoid appearing quick to cast judgment. Self discipline and self restraint in casting judgment earns much more respect than being brash. Until FAIR makes a mistake and does something overtly racist, ADL has to tread carefully in order to protect it’s reputation.

  40. Elena

    I read the report by ADL on FAIR, and I see nowhere that is refers to FAIR as mainstream. What I see is a methodical documentation of FAIR’s connection to eugenics, of their unapologetic relationship with white supremecy groups. ADL accuses FAIR of “reckless, distorted language and tactics that cloud and inhibit responsible debate”. You may want to re-read the summation by ADL again, I think you missed some critical connections they were clearly making. I will call ADL tomorrow, and ask if they have an updated document on FAIR, as this was written 8 years ago.
    The video only requires you click on it.

    an exerpt from the national director of ADL:

    “American historian Oscar Handlin, whose own parents were immigrants, has said, “Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America. Then I discovered that the immigrants were American history.” Almost everyone in America is an immigrant – or descendent of immigrants.

    I came to America, as a survivor of the Holocaust, with my parents from a displaced persons camp in Austria. I know what it means to be an immigrant, and as a Jew I know what it means to be the target of hatred.

    It is essential that we remember our country’s historic commitment to principles of tolerance and diversity when considering immigration policy. We can look to the teachings of our own Jewish religious and ethical traditions that call on us to “protect the stranger.”

    The tenor and outcome of our national debate over the fate of undocumented persons in the U.S. will speak volumes about where we are heading as a society. An effective immigration system must be governed by an appropriate mix of compassion, rule of law, and national security interests. “

  41. hello

    Does the SPLC consider F.A.I.R a hate group and if so is SPLC the only group that deems F.A.I.R a hate group?

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