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We could tell, from behind the scenes, that onefortheroad was not who “he” said he was.  Our mistake was wanting the “democratic” blog process to run its course and hope, with enough people here ignoring him, he would simply go away.  However, it is clear, that there was a set up, so that Greg could use the comments posted by onefortheroad to demonstrate that we are a “hate” group over on Anti.    What I have done is posted every comment, beginning with Moon-howler, calling out onefortheroads behavior.  Unlike Greg’s blog, where hateful comments mostly go unchallenged, several posters attempted to encourage onefortheroad to go away, or suggest instead we ignore him in hopes HE would go away.  This has been a learning experience for the blog, and we will make sure, in the future, that we are more aware of the duplicitous nature of the cyberworld and react accordingly to deal with hateful/aggressive  comments when they are directed at a person or a specific group.  Onefortheroad was clearly not here to discuss anything, his posts were simply to give an opportunity for Greg to “capture” the comment and use if for his own purpose. For those of us who can see behind the scene in the cyber IP world, it was clear that onefortheroad was questionable. We want to let free speech reign here, but we also want to allow people an opportunity to debate with people who are actually interested in having a “conversation”, not just playing a game that wastes people’s time.

Below are all the comments to onefortheroad, calling him out on his unacceptable comments. I’ll begin with Moon-howler as they told him he was now in moderation due to his comments:

Moon-howler, 24. June 2008, 16:21
OneForTheRoad has been placed in time out until the Blog-Mom is home and can review his posts. I did this with her approval because people felt that threats were being made.

New rule until Mom gets home: Do not threaten anyone. If you don’t like my decision, tattle to her later today.

Meanwhile, perhaps other bloggers might not want to respond to OFTR. Granted he not only enjoys talking with himself, but also arguing with himself, but let’s not give him the time of day.

Mando, 23. June 2008, 15:06
@Alanna and everyone else

OneForTheRoad/Taco Truck Ted is what is know as a forum troll.

Just Cause, 23. June 2008, 15:10

Like all “pests” if you ignore them long enough, they will go me, this one too shall pass….

Elena, 23. June 2008, 23:48 Edit This
It is clear you are not “credible”. Your posts are schizophrenic in nature and you are clearly choosing to single out LPOW for harrassment, he is neither an HSM , KKK or neo-nazi member. Most likely people will choose to disregard your comments, which I believe is the best recourse.

IllegalisILLEGAL, 24. June 2008, 8:49
OneForTheRoad- Do you feel like a “man” now? Threatening people? What’s up with you?

rod2155, 24. June 2008, 9:07
“OneForTheRoad- Do you feel like a “man” now? Threatening people? What’s up with you?”

He’s Trolling, he’s just looking to pick a fight and get attention. He plays to both blogs and switches sides randomly, just ignor him, he gets off on getting people mad.

Elena, 24. June 2008, 10:19
Just in case it isn’t clear to people, please ignore oneforthroad. I think it was Mando that had the intial suggestion, and we should follow that lead.

IllegalisILLEGAL, 24. June 2008, 14:23
OneForTheRoad- You have not answered my questions yet. Why are you threatening people? And, what’s up with you?

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  1. Juturna

    You never met my nuns.

  2. Moon-howler


    No. Were they scary? My brother called them ghosties.

  3. Juturna

    Not scary just tough and they taught us to be just as tough mentally. Will say 17 years of parochial schools/college I never had a cruel Sister as many like to think. They did teach girls not to cry. Even in the 60’s and 70’s.

    My point is name calling is just a venting for some perhaps as swearing is for others. Don’t let rhetoric become more than it is usually meant to be.
    Life is too short and it can provide some relief or difuse a tense situation.

  4. Concerned Citizen

    Elena, 25. June 2008, 22:51

    “Concerned Citizen,
    Maybe you can reduce this debate to such simplicity of pro illegal/ anti illegal, but the reality is that most of us fall in the middle, looking for reasonable and humane solutions.”

    The only thing in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead opossums. The solutions are in place. Identify and deport criminals. That is all the local governements are empowered to do. That is done, and those of you who don’t like it are going to have to learn to deal with it. That said, If they can ever get their act together at the Federal level, really secure the border and make sure that the ones who don’t deserve to be here (criminals, identity thieves, coyotes, etc.) are sent back home, I would imagine that the AMerican people might be open to a program wherebye those demonstrating they value America might be able to work towards legalizing their status. Stop the bleeding first. Then we can talk about real immigration reform. The problem is, no one trusts the Fed to do the right thing, the right way. Mass ammnesty is no answer. Mass deportation isn’t workable either. Security FIRST!

  5. Casual Observer

    Add the correction of the solutions link, to the long list of things Admin has to do already. If it were that easy she would have re-created it by now.

    Hi, Elena,
    I wasn’t cranking on Alanna. 🙂 Just reminding people that we did have a good Solutions thread going until it scrolled off the front page way back in the early days of the blog. I found it again by searching for “Solutions,” and linked to it in my earlier post.

    I was reminded of it today after reading another post from somebody saying that all we do on this blog is whine, complain and name call — without ever offering solutions. That accusation seems to come up regularly, and I don’t think it’s a fair one — hence the request to make “Solutions” permanently accessible without having to search for it.

    You ladies are doing a terrific job with the blog, so far be it for me to tell you what to do!! And I wonder if Alanna ever saw the earlier requests from me (and others) to link the Solutions thread off the front page since she never responded to the requests — probably because they were buried in other threads.

    That’s it. No worries. 🙂

  6. Elena

    Casual Observer,
    It’s O.K., I was just tired last night :)! She is aware that the solutions link at the top of the blog won’t allow people to post, I just don’t think she has had the time to figure out how to fix it yet. I wish I weren’t computer illiterate, or I would try to help 😉

  7. Elena

    THAT was funny, “yellow lines and dead opposums.”

    We may mostly agree then, deport the felony criminals, secure the border, immigration reform to allow more workers, required legalization for undocumented citizens that are here working, and my addition which is help our southern border countries build up their economies while addressing an problems with NAFTA.

  8. Ed


    Could you please explain what an “undocumented citizen” is? I am assuming that you meant “undocumented immigrant”, although according to the US Code, neither one of these status exists. Not splitting hairs here, but as many point out when critical of the things said over at Greg’s blog, words have meaning. Words have power.

    If what you meant to communicate is that there should be special considerations for those here who work hard, obey the law, and are making a genuine effort to assimilate, or those emulating true citizens, I can’t argue with that, in the context of the solution that you and CC discussed:

    Secure the Border

    Deport gangsters, violent criminals, habitual minor offenders, ie. criminals

    Make those here illegally register with the authorities, without the fear that this will cause them to be deported. Issue them TIN

    Reform the Visa system. Fed to contract with staffing companies to work as a go between both here and overseas to match employers with those wishing to immigrate here legally.

    I would add to this: continued accelerated citizenship for those here illegally who serve honorably in the armed forces.

  9. I’m sorry I missed the party on this one. Below is my analysis, posted on a more recent thread. It’s all in good fun, so don’t get mad. After all, it’s only a blog….

    I heard this crazy rumor that Gospel Greg’s little blog wagon has lost its wheels.

    His traffic has fallen off so much that the best he can come up with for an attention-grabbing headline is a bogus book report about… this blog????

    My, my, my how the tables have turned. There was a time not long ago … before Alanna and Elena hijacked Gospel Greg’s traffic, exposed his tactics, and robbed him of his influence … when the best we could do to get attention was to criticize Gospel Greg.

    Now, I’ll admit I did my share of ridiculing him. Okay… more than my share! But the honest truth is I hadn’t heard him discussed in weeks until all of the sudden his name reemerges this morning at the water cooler, thanks to a contrived whine fest about this blog (exposed by Elenna on… THIS BLOG!).

    That, my ladies, tells me that you’ve won. You’ve taken the bull horn away from the bully. I honestly don’t have an opinion about the angry people now posting here. So what if Gospel Greg’s little Hate Bunnies are now posting here. That’s just another sign you’ve won. Each time the Hate Bunnies take the time to demonstrate their ignorance and suggestibility by posting here, they only serve to remind us why this blog was SO DARN necessary! And, what a triumph it is that with it, you have communicated with your public officials, impacted county policy, and brought Prince William County’s “Immigration Policy” back to the same common-sense approach that many other local governments already have: immigration status checks post arrest.

    The policy goes into affect on Tuesday. I never would have dreamed this possible just a few short months ago. Thank you. And congratulations.

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