When I watch this story, I am compelled to reach a consensus regarding a reasonable humane immigration solution.  Is this the immigrant we want to focus our time and attention on?  Don’t you think our collective immigration energy and MONEY should be focused on real criminals, like murderers, gang bangers, and felony criminals?  If this was your sister, what would you do? 

104 Thoughts to ““Death by Detention””

  1. Michael

    BTW, even though many of you do not like my political position, I strive hard to treat all of you with respect, without emotion or personal anger and simply debate with you the facts, or logical arguments that look at all sides of an issue to find the “greatest” truth and “best path”. Any of you can argue a viable point and if it makes sense I will accept it and agree with you. Much of the time however I find many people just “flail” in order to satisfy their emotional anger without looking at both sides, or especially WHY we have laws in the first place. You should learn to respect those laws as without them we have anarchy and conflict, and lose social civility. You need to focus your efforts on understand why we have law, and explain to me why the existing law is not “just”. The fact that it makes you angry, doesn’t cut it with me, and the fact that everything can’t be perfect, even with a just and fair law is a sign of reality, rather than “fantasy” which I see most often used as a “logical though process” without any real understanding of “fairness” and “equality” for ALL. The law, ensures that “fairness” or it is changed, but first a “majority” has to agree with you. Just because you want lawlessness and anarchy, does not mean the “majority” see your point and will let you destroy society with liberal “abstraction” and destructive politics. I feel sympathy too, but I extend that sympathy to all 360 million Americans equally, by supporting the law of the land, THEY made and THEY deserve to by protected by. I fought in the US military for those same principles, arguing with angry muslims, hell bent on destroying eeach other, because they wanted to seperate into different gender, racial, religious and ethnic groups and apply the law differently to each of them for their political and physical advantage. None of them have our “common law”, and they do not enforce fair and equitable law. That is why they are fighting and that is why they are so screwed up. They want to do that to the US now, and I intend to not let them or any of you who think like they do to destroy my nation, or my community, in the same way they are destroying their own.

    Foreigners without “ETHICS” will do that to you.

  2. Michael

    I only want “ethical” foreigners in my country, and so should you. That means “foreigners” follow the same law I have to, or I put them in jail or deport them.
    Some of you seem to think there is something wrong with that. I also reserve the right to protect my society from harm, using a police force and if necessary a US military. Some of you think there is something wrong with that. I also reserve the right to protect my society from “uncontrolled” and “illegal” growth. Some of you think there is something wrong with that. It is those of you who take issue with my basic “individual” right to protect myself and my family from all enemies foreign and domestic, from people who break the law, and to preserve my individual entitlement to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” that I take issue with.

  3. Michael,

    I also reserve the right to protect myself from people like you, by any means necessary. You really are delusional if you believe peaceful immigration is some kind of threat. You’re talking about using the police force, and then the US military if necessary? Against a bunch of desperate working class people who just want to put food on the table.

    Most americans couldn’t care less about immigration law. You obviously don’t care about it since you haven’t even done enough research to determine the glaring reality that our immigration law is at odds with the reality of supply and demand. The free market is regulating the flow of immigration. We should work with it, not against it. You’ll never win.

  4. A PW County Resident

    Mackie said: “Michael,
    I also reserve the right to protect myself from people like you, by any means necessary.”

    Mackie, I am sorry but what does any means necessary mean to you? Oh, no, I did it again–I hope I didn’t offend anybody here. Gosh, I really have to stop posting because it really offends people–not that words like nazi, etc offends anyone here since we know who They are,don’t we?

    Try for once to have a civil discussion instead of …

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