9 Thoughts to “Suspect Spokespeople”

  1. Red Dawn

    I looked into La Raza yesterday as I said I would and I could NOT come up with ONE thing negative that was not somehow related to the talking points of FAIR or that guy Jim and Numbers USA saying so.

  2. EG

    Thanks for that video. This is great stuff and this research needs to be shared. Mark Potok does a fine job with the SPLC.

    Thanks again!E

  3. Elena

    Hi Red Dawn,
    Thanks for your post, very telling I would say, very telling.

  4. Just Cause

    Everyone HONESTLY think that ALL the opposing groups (owards illegal immigration)is about hate and race?????


    What about Cause and effect?

  5. Censored bybvbl

    No, Just Cause, some of it’s just political crapola stirred up by the right wingnuts of the Republican party for political gain. They hope to snag the haters and racists but their main objective is to increase votes for their candidates.

  6. Elena

    But Just Cause,
    This isn’t about illegal immigration, this is about valid concerns regarding immigration, illegal immigration, and national security being hijacked by FAIR and all it subsidiaries to protote their hate agenda.

  7. Juturna

    We are in the middle stage of an economic war. It has been going on since Regan or before. Big business has adopted concepts such as “efficiency” (reduction of pensions), personal responsibility (elimination of health care) and has been assaulting the middle class for almost 30 years.

    I read an article that indicated over $9 trillion dollars in capital in the the US is beyond the reach of the IRS. Wonderful. All that and they feel the need to hire illegals to boot. Guess that is part of efficiency AND personal responsibility. I quote “Privatize the gains, socialize the losses. This is what laissez faire capitalism amounts to these days”.

    Economics is the core of the illegal immigration problem. We are a nation of greed, we support greed, we ignore greed and we want to be in a position to be greedy. We continue to elect people who purport to be moral but are robbing (yes, not larceny) us blind while they line their pockets and pat us on the head and tell us how bad anyone is that disagrees with them. They are pro family (against abortion) but kick their pregnant daughters out of the house, they are against gay marraige, but have affiars with heaven knows and heaven knows where

    We have let that happen. We let Corey Stewart happen. I didn’t vote for him, but I did stand by and watch. This is where FAIR and Tanton come in. They are greedy. Stewart is greedy. They don’t hate because they don’t like particular groups of people, hate is a tool they use on the simple minded citizens inciting them to futher their own greed. Beware of being used.

    On top of this, we have attracted unwanted attention from people that have been a people for thousands of years. They have a limited focus. They hate us and this kind of hate is not greed. This is a basic belief. Different and maybe more dangerous. They are patient and will, yes they will, strike when they feel the time is right and they have no mercy let alone follow the Geneva convention. This hate is out there for us to see. The other is one we must find and recognize.

    We are a powder keg. And we are arguing about who hates more, calls someone names, who has a better blog, and illegals at the 7-11. Stop feeding into the sensationalism and the rhetoric.

  8. Red Dawn

    On Sunday, I started to look more and more into what I was starting to fall for in my research to PROVE and FIND something wrong with La Raza, etc,… it was an EYE opener for me and I can even say this ONCE big supporter of Lou Dobbs, does NOT feel the same way.

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