FAIR and IRLI are clearly very busy orchestrating their long term strategy. With McCain and Obama, advocating some form of legalization, immigration reform, and enforcement, FAIR’s appetite to stop immigration, legal and illegal, just won’t be satiated. Once again, we see Mike Hethmon, I.R.L.I/F.A.I.R. attorney, using unsuspecting localities for the ultimate immigration legal experiment, so far they haven’t won, but they keep trying.  Isn’t compromise the most reasonable and humane response to our immigration dilemma,  compromise that the majority of Americans will find themselves willing to support?   Why is FAIR so vehemently opposed to reaching a consensus?

Excerpts below, full article link posted at the bottom:

Although heavily supported and highly organized, those who oppose illegal immigration suddenly find themselves without a champion.”That’s the reality we’re dealing with: a choice we don’t consider a choice,” said Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, which advocates stricter controls on legal and illegal immigration. “These two guys were pretty much at the bottom of all the candidates. They’re the worst, the bottom of the barrel, that ended up winning.”

The picture looked much rosier a few months ago, as far as these groups were concerned. The field of Republican presidential candidates included two — Reps. Duncan Hunter of Alpine and Tom Tancredo of Colorado — who ran campaigns based largely on their opposition to>illegal immigration. But Obama and McCain are seen as generally indistinguishable on the issue. McCain, while toughening his stance recently, has backed proposals providing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Obama favors a similar mix of enforcement and legalization.

The staff of the Immigration Reform Law Institute has been working since 2002 to aid state legislators concerned about illegal immigration. Every step of the way, there have been legal challenges to the bills they have written, said institute director Michael M. Hethmon, and with each challenge, they’ve found ways to make their bills stronger.”We were constantly learning,” Hethmon said.

“We’ve spent the last seven years separating the Republican back bench from the party leadership with tremendous success,” said Beck, who said his sights are now on the Democrats. “We’ll continue to push that line hard.”


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  1. Censored bybvbl

    I think that it’s important for more of the MSM to cover the connection between FAIR and some of the legislation/resolutions being implemented in this country. The sooner the better. We, as PWC residents, have witnessed the costs – both fiscally and socially – when an organization with no ties to the community influences legislation. We like to think of ourselves as being reasonably well-educated, socially aware, and financially secure compared to other areas of the country, yet FAIR managed to pull the wool over the PWC BOCS’s eyes too with their ginned-up emails from other parts of the country.

  2. Elena

    Excellent suggestion Censored!

  3. Censored bybvbl

    I did a search on Michael Hethmon and came up with his 2005 testimony -on behalf of FAIR – before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims. This was a hearing on H.R. 2933, the Alien Gang Removal Act of 2005. I’m sure that FAIR’s stance on immigration is detailed elsewhere but this was at least stated under oath (I assume) before the House.

    In an attachment to he says:
    FAIR’s Seven Principles of True Comprehensive Immigration Reform
    True comprehensive immigration reform, as FAIR — the nation’s largest immigration reform organization — and the overwhelming majority of Americans believe it to be, must adhere to this set of immutable principles:

    First Principle: Cut the Numbers
    Second Principle: No Amnesty or Mass Guest-Worker Program
    Third Principle: Protect Wages and Standards of Living
    Fourth Principle: Major Upgrade in Interior Enforcement, Led by Strong Employers Penalties
    Fifth Principle: Stop Special Interest Asylum Abuse
    Sixth Principle: Immigration Time Out
    Seventh Principle: Equal Under the Law

    These are fleshed out in the attachment. Very telling is this statement about the sixth principle:

    “We must restore moderation to legal immigration. Beginning with the recommendations of the Jordan Commission in 1995, we need to restrict immigration to the minimum consistent with stabilizing the U.S. population. Overall immigration must be reduced to balance out-migration, i.e., about 300,000 per year while still permitting nuclear family reunification and a narrowly focused refugee resettlement program. A moratorium on all other immigration should be immediately adopted pending true comprehensive immigration reform. We should abolish the extended relation preferences.”


    This is what immigration reform will look like if left up to FAIR. If this had been in place in prior years, many of the BVBL posters who have immigrant spouses – or they themselves – would be living very different lives right now.

  4. Elena

    GREAT find Censored, thank you!

  5. Rick Bentley

    I don’t care about any of this. I only care about what laws we the People choose to implement. Whether any racists are in approval or not, pedophiles, illegal aliens, whoever, it’s pretty irrelevant to the larger question of how we deal with issues on a local, State and maybe someday Federal level. I’m sure racists and pedophiles supported hurrican relief too, that doesn’t turn me against it.

    Where’s the post about how crime is going down in PWC? And houses starting to sell?

  6. Censored bybvbl

    Rick Bentley, crime in PWC has been going down for the past five or so years. Houses sell when the price hits rock bottom. But will they sell to investors or families?

    Unlike you, I do care about who controls public policy.

  7. Rick Bentley

    Believe me, I care too. Thank God for Corey Stewart.

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