9500Liberty will present a special screening to mark the 1st anniversary of Prince William County’s Immigration Resolution.

Thursday July 10th, 7:00 PM
Casablanca Restaurant 7911 Centreville, RD, Manassas, VA

9500Liberty is cutting together an hour-long presentation featuring recent events, many of which are too politically sensitive to share on YouTube. The screening will challenge some of the misleading rhetoric that has been circulating in recent days and weeks, and will include some surprising footage that could shift Prince William County’s political landscape for the better.

We hope to see you there! Make sure to invite your friends!

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them”

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  1. Censored bybvbl

    Did HSM include speeches from Democratic candidates during those pre-election meet-and-greet type of meetings? Were any Democrats invited? If they’re a civic association, are their fund raising records open to public review?

  2. Chris

    It was my understanding that the Dems were invited. Why they didn’t accept the invitation. I haven’t the slightest. I do know Louis Dominquez(Independent) was in the audience one night, and he was called up first to speak, but he’d already left. I always thought they were a grassroots advocacy group. I would suggest visiting their website, and see what they have to say there.

  3. Censored bybvbl

    I went to their website and read the latest on monitoring day laborers. It seems to me that they could be turning in people who are doing nothing wrong. Some of those men could be here legally. They could be paying taxes. The contractors could have a small job – a day’s or half-day’s work. If the laborer is here legally and makes under a certain amount, does the contractor report it or does the laborer report it? This would be an ideal situation for a legal resident to yell “vigilante”! And if HSM posts pictures of people hiring day laborers who are here legally and smears the hirer, would the hirer be able to sue HSM or Greg for posting false accusations? I’m not sure that it’s illegal to hire a citizen or legally present day laborer from 7-11. (This would be the perfect opportunity for MWB and someone with a truck to discredit the vigilantes.)
    The owner of the store can tell all of them to quit loitering but he’d better be prepared to testify if it comes to that.

  4. We need a lawyer to join this blog….

  5. Cat Scratch, my suspicion is that high level Republican operatives formed HSM as part of the campaign apparatus of Corey Stewart and the state party. The “civic group” thing has come about lately, perhaps because the election is over and the fight over the Immigration Resolution is over. Gospel Greg has all these angry people dressed up, but with no where to go. How else could he stay relevant?

  6. anon-100

    Conspiracies everywhere.

  7. Censored bybvbl

    WHWN, I think you may be on to something…

  8. Juturna

    As a Democrat I would not feel welcome at HSM. Most of the posters on BVBL were self identified as HSM members and most of their feelings towards Democrats were, let’s just say, not nice. Greg is the President of HSM and the moderator of BVBL. Maybe I have flawed logic but I cannot separate the two in my mind.

    Besides I saw the Gospel video. I now fully understand why I was raised to believe that interpretation of the Bible should be limited to educated theologians, regardless of affiliation……

    What are the tax implications for HSM and BVBL?? Don’t they both take money?

  9. Jorge Pollo

    Per their websites they both have donation buckets. I can’t imagine with economic times such as these, there’d be to many willing to fork over their hard earned bucks to anything to with either group.
    Are either one tax exempt? This is the real question that needs to be answered.
    Any takers on answering the question?

  10. Censored bybvbl

    If they’ve made some sort of association, would it be listed with the State Corporation Commission or something?

  11. Jorge Pollo

    I don’t know why they just don’t call themselves a PAC, because that sure seems like what they are. Hmmm. Any thoughts outhere?

  12. Censored bybvbl

    There must be a monetary advantage to being one or the other.

  13. Censored bybvbl

    Is anyone going to spill the beans about the screening today? Who attended from the county?

  14. hello

    Jorge Pollo, I agree, why don’t they just call themselves a PAC?

  15. Chris

    Hello & JP,
    I’ve too have wondered that same thing. It sure worked for the local Repubs. Of course in the beginning it was said to have any affliation with a political party. What joke that was.

  16. Chris

    corr: Of course in the beginning it was said *NOT* to have any affliation with a political party.

  17. Chris, there were some Democrats who tried to address the immigration issue in their talking points, but they were always rejected by HSM. For instance, Jeannte Rishell vs. Jackson Miller really seemed like a toss up in terms of who was talking tougher on immigration. Rishell was hiding the fact that she is more sensible than Miller. Miller was hiding the fact that he is really an angry mean-spirited guy. Both thinking that they had a better chance by pretending to be more like the other. But Gospel Greg was absolutely ruthless to Jeanette, hateful in a mysegenistic sort of way. He did that same trick to her … putting the yard sign of his opponent in front of Mr. Fernandez’ inflamitory sign, hoping some of the hate would spread on to Jeanette. The sad thing was that it worked back then, because the county was siezed in a frenzy of hysteria and intolerence, and because Jeanette is half Filipina and looks ethnic enough to stir the underlying hate the fueled the whole movement, IMHO. Doensn’t quite work when he tries it on Warner though. How desperate can you get…

    Censored, you probably saw but Elena just posted her best Roger Ebert impression on the home page.

  18. Chris

    Yes, and they were quite disrespectful to our most senior Senator in the Va. Gen. Assem.
    I did not like such disrepect. I may not agree with Sen. Colgan’s stance on immigration at the time. However, hind sight is 20/20, right. I NEVER once disrepected my former neighbor, and tried my damnedist to get others to follow suit. However, some were far more interested in fanning the flames. IMHO

  19. anon-100

    Chris, Please specify who you are talking about and don’t generalize here. I was NEVER disrespectful of Senator Colgan!

    WhyHereWhyNow Said ” He did that same trick to her … putting the yard sign of his opponent in front of Mr. Fernandez’ inflamitory sign”

    Greg did no such thing. The Dem’s put those signs there and someone took a picture.


  20. Chris

    I said SOME not all. I don’t recall you saying anything, but I sure do some others. I can tell you the list of those that didn’t disrespect him is not that long. I don’t want to name names at this time. I would suggest anyone that feels the need to see those comments go take a peak at bvbl. I choice not to name names, because the guilty parties know who they are. They can be said of those not guilty.

  21. Chris

    This is one of the “pearls of wisdom” I just dug up.
    Just look at how this thread was opened and it’s title.

    Has Chuck Colgan Lost His Mind?
    By Greg L | 30 October 2007 | 29th VA Senate | 37 Comments

  22. Chris

    corr: THAT can be said of those not guilty TOO.

  23. Okay, is it just me or does Maureen make herself out to look brainwashed, still believing one of Gospel Greg’s old hoaxes from the BVBL blog back when it had an audience:

    WhyHereWhyNow Said ” He did that same trick to her … putting the yard sign of his opponent in front of Mr. Fernandez’ inflamitory sign”

    Greg did no such thing. The Dem’s put those signs there and someone took a picture.


    Maureen, how can you sign your name to such a statement? Do you really think anyone who HADN’T experienced the Gospel Greg-koolaid-drink-mix-mind-meld-hypnotism actually believed at any time that a candidate for public office, in the heat of the election season, would put her yard sign in front of a giant banner that calls the entire town and the entire county racists????

    “The Dem’s did that?” Could it be that you are well trained to believe idiotic things about people who’s ideas challenge Gospel Greg’s ideas? That way, you can dismiss those ideas without considering them, and continue to have faith in Gospel Greg.

    It’s true if it supports your agenda. And if it supports your agenda, it’s true. No other thinking necessary. If only life were so simple for those of us living in reality.

  24. Moon-howler


    Regarding WhyHereWhyNow, 9. July 2008, 10:11: Absolutely. I have thought that since last summer. It was all part of the big plan and Prince William Co. was ripe for such a political Hail Mary. It had all the right stuff. Kaine, Webb, and a failed Republican presidency make for scary times if you are a state or local Republican.

    Anon-100, it was so patently obvious last summer I would have bet my next paycheck on it. Conspiracy theory my ass. I know how political operatives and political plans work.

    As to the campaign signs near the sign, I have to agree with WHWN. The Democrats didn’t do that. I don’t know who did it. Probably the same person who left a Molotov cocktail at the site. You know better than to try to feed this group that bull crap. There were no pictures or they would have been blasted all over Manassas by the king of photo-morph.

    Chicken George (Sorry, no hablo Espanol esta noche), It was my understanding that the Democrats were too smart to walk into the Lions’ Den. Many had taken a grilling on bvbl (which we all KNOW isn’t any part of HSM) or had had HSM members attend their public appearances only to attack. I know one bvbl contributor went after the incumbent state senator with both barrels, everywhere she went because she had seen some campaign worker inadvertently put up a sign, with her own 2 eyes. There weren’t many democratic candidates but those who did run serious campaigns endured attacks like I have rarely seen before.

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