For all the speculation about a “surprise” in the 9500Liberty preview screening scheduled for tomorrow night at Casablanca, what I found most compelling was the clarity and precision with which it explained some complicated truths I already suspected, as well as a few I didn’t suspect. There are indeed some surprises. In fact, a few of them were bigger than I was expecting, but no, none of them included Corey Stewart at 7 Eleven with Greg Letiecq. The most striking thing about the film is that, taken as a whole, it depicts the Chairman in battle mode as only his colleagues know him, and as the average citizen has never seen him before.

Some of the scenes inside the BOCS chamber have the feeling of a showdown at high noon, with John Grisham style dramatic tension, only the suspense in this case is not dramatized; it’s real! I don’t want to give anything away. I really recommend you see it for yourself. If you do, I predict you will be on the edge of your seat, squirming with suspense, EVEN if you already know how the story turned out.

By getting perspectives from Board members, the Police Chief, the County Executive and others, the film illustrates the consensus view of recent PWC history, from a fascinating perspective inside the county government. Specifically, it explains what went down behind closed doors, so to speak, during the budgeting process, the long recesses and closed sessions, and how the risk of racial profiling lawsuits, and the high costs of avoiding them, led to the scaling back of the county’s illegal immigration policy.

I felt like Corey Stewart was treated fairly. At times I actually sympathized with the impossible situation he faced as the champion of this unfortunate “experiment” (yes, the word “experiment” comes up again but I won’t spoil it by saying who said it this time).

I know I am being vague, but I am determined not to give too much away. Let me just say THE BEST THING about the film is the inside view it provides us into the Supervisors’ approach to this controversial issue. There were several times when I was shocked at how honest people were being, and how comfortable they were just telling the truth, when we’d lived with so much confusion the past 2 months about what really went on.

There will inevitably be grumbling from the extreme right saying this is not their version of reality. No surprise there. But despite all the confusion, it’s a relief to know there is a consensus about what really happened. And, if you watch this film, it’s very possible you’ll understand it in great detail. If not, you will have a hard time discussing local politics with someone who has.

Casablanca 7:00 p.m.
7911 Centreville Rd

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  1. Elvis

    Listen here, as Elvis speaks from his grave!

    I’ll no longer be frequenting this blog and here’s why:

    1. the owners have been proven time and again to be liars, they care not about illegal immigration and finding “solutions” unless those solutions involve amnesty.

    2. the owners live no where near an illegal immigration hotspot (out in haymarket for god’s sake) thus have no clue about the problems experienced by people in the thick of it (one ride along with a cop doesnt count)

    3. the plugs for 9500 liberty i.e. leftist propaganda machine, is about over the top.

    4. they say they support the economy, but only where immigrants are concerned. hate to break it too them, but other people live here besides immigrants.

    5. they whine too much, for gods sake one of them was on the verge of crying at one of the BOCS meeting (hormones anyone?)

    there’s much more to list but the point is that this blog really serves no purpose, it should be just called “9500 liberty” and that’s that.

    Good Riddens and when either obama or mccain grant amnesty and open up our border dont say I told you so when the U.S. becomes a third world country. Dont say I told you so when your car gets hit by an illegal and you front the bill and dont say I told you so when an illegal commits a violent crime (again).

    Illegals need to go, they need to go now. I would pay to send them back if I knew they wouldnt sneak across the border again.

    See ya’

  2. Moon-howler

    Remember what a shunning means, bloggers.

  3. Also posted on McCain on Immigration thread, but below I’m completing a thought I began on this thread about Mitt “Bend-Over” Romney as possible V.P. choice for McCain:

    Immigration is one of the few issues Bush got right. The fact that McCain got it right also is not a strike against McCain. The Anti-Immigrant Lobby has been sitting in the corner of the GOP class room for decades, and only because of the disastrous Bush administration did they ever even come close to seizing control of the party.

    During the primary, McCain got beat up a lot for having a sensible approach to the immigration issue. But he stuck to his guns. The closest he came to a pulling a Mitt “Bend-Over” Romney was saying he “learned his lesson” and saying today he would vote against the McCain Kennedy path to citizenship bill. Mitt “Bend-Over” Romney, made a deal with the Anti-Immigrant Lobby after their previous piss boy Tancredo dropped out of the race. Now McCain is considering the Bend-Over Boy for V.P. Danger, danger.

    This is especially troubling to me because on other fronts, McCain is showing a weakness for powerful special interests like Big Oil, and the Mortgage Lobby that put us in the current foreclosure crisis. This is kind of desperation that put Romney in the Bend-Over position with the Anti-Immigrant Lobby (F.A.I.R., Numbers USA, etc.).

    Choosing Mitt “Bend-Over” Romney as V.P. is not a maverick move. It is a Bend-Over move. McCain’s dubious relationship with corporate lobbyists seems to be a necessity that is unavoidable. But if he thinks he can lightly pander to the Anti-Immigrant Lobby by tapping Romney for number two on the ticket, we are all in trouble. As Corey Stewart learned, if you give these people an inch, they take over the campaign.

    What happens if “Bend-Over” Romney assumes the position vis a vis the Anti-Immigrant Lobby? Will McCain be there to straighten Romney’s back for him? I hope we don’t have to find out.

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