The family that planted corn in the front yard of their $500,000 home is gone from Carrie Oliver’s street. So are the neighbors who drilled holes into the trees to string up a hammock.

Oliver’s list goes on: The loud music. The beer bottles. The littered diapers. All gone. When she and her husband, Ron, went for walks in their Manassas area neighborhood, she would take a trash bag and he would carry a handgun. No more. “So much has changed,” she said in a gush of relief, standing with her husband on a warm summer evening recently outside a Costco store.

A short distance away, across the river of retail commerce that is Sudley Road, Norman Gonzalez spoke of change not as renewal, but as a kind of collapse.

Business at his restaurant, Cuna del Sol, has declined 50 percent. Worse still, his extended family’s slow, steady relocation from the Guatemalan town of Jutiapa to the bustling Prince William suburbs has imploded. “A year ago, I had the biggest family in all of Manassas, maybe 100 relatives,” he said.

Now, Gonzalez, a legal U.S. resident, has his own list: Langley Park, Chantilly, Fairfax City. That is where his brothers have scattered, and they will not visit him. “There’s too much fear here,” Gonzalez said.

Since the day one year ago when Prince William County supervisors launched their crackdown on illegal immigration, the gulf between the Olivers’ relief and Gonzalez’s dejection has narrowed little, and possibly widened.

At least there is one thing partisans on both sides agree on: Hispanic immigrants are leaving Prince William. Whether their departure has improved the county’s quality of life, or pushed its already strained economy further downward, is the new topic of contention driven largely by views of whether the presence of immigrants was a good thing in the first place.

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  1. An Oberserver

    elvis said “a little background, elena actually supported corey stuart. she did fundraisers for him because he claimed he was anti-development. This was a cause she supported. Then she tagged on to the illegal immigrant cause funny how there are little illegals in haymarket were she lives. ”

    It would be interesting to see if any of the people on this blog who are so actively pro-illegal immigration live in any neighborhoods where there are any illegals present. My guess would be no, they don’t – they all live in fancy communities and never have to deal with illegals living close to them.

  2. junkyard dog


    Were you the guy who was wearing the glasses and fake mustache? Or perhaps the hat?

    Does your wife know of your obsession with Elena?

    Elena states that she was not only a Corey supporter but also held a fund raiser in her home for him. You aren’t really tattling on her.

    Would you like Elena to go get a job ‘in the real world?’ Sigh, you conservatives sure keep me hopping. I thought it was a good conservative value to stay at home and raise your children.

  3. Annabel and Eric really did a superb job getting to the meat of process. I know one lady said she wanted more narration, but in fact, the absence of narration and the linking of one BOCS scene to another lent more credibility to a piece that I’m sure some would say was “doctored” or “skewed.” When there is live footage of meetings and BOCS members interviewed and NO commentary from the film makers, there IS no doctoring as some people on this blog have claimed.

  4. Elvis was the guy in the hat asking how to get unfounded criminal charges expunged from the record without having to pay attorney’s fees. (Am I right?)

  5. Moon-howler


    I don’t know if my neighbors are legal or illegal. They just won’t show me their papers, regardless of how nicely I ask. I live on the Manassas side of I-66 in the county. Does that answer the question?

    Very few people are pro-illegal immigrant. I wish you would explain that expression.


    An Observer:

    I also live in a neighborhood with plenty of immigrant families not that far off of Lomond Drive…maybe a 1/2 mile. Whether or not they are “illegal” or not is not my place to ask to find out. My own household is mixed status. Neighbors I suspect of not being here legally are all fine neighbors and don’t have rowdy parties with music blasting, dirty diapers strewn around and 8 kids per household, which is how “illegal” households are portrayed.

  7. Elvis, after your really bitter post on BVBL, I have to say that what ever little smidgen of pity I held for you is gone now.

    From now on, what ever verbal abuse you score here is WELL DESERVED!!!!!!!

    From BVBL…


    elvis said on 11 Jul 2008 at 10:10 am:
    these are the people that elena, alanna and 9500 liberty support. They fail to cover these stories for their “documentary” which is so clearly leftist propaganda it’s pitiful.

    alanna and elena are just a couple of fat broads looking for a cause to support. they out to be hitting up jenny craig instead of hitting up the bocs meetings. Apparently they dont have a job and have plenty of time to play activist. And we wont even go to the subject of Kathernine Gotturd, she loves the illegals! I wouldnt doubt if she actually boards them in her house.

    as for 9500 liberty? They honestly look like gay versions of leni reifenstal i.e. the nazi’s favorite filmmaker, in fact they take alot from the nazi propaganda playbook”


    Please do us all a favor and deport yourself, we don’t need your hatred.

  8. My gosh, is Elvis Mullet-man?

  9. anon

    Evis is the MAN!

  10. TH

    Elvis showing his Pelvis!

  11. Cat Scratch Fever

    Before Elvis has his nightly toddies or 3 or 4….he might want to redraw that bullseye he just painted on himself. Elvis, my friend, you are marked man. You stepped over the line. The mouth that roared will become the mouse that squeaked.

    No more Mr. and Ms. Nice-guy here.

  12. Was Elvis in the building last night?

  13. Moon-howler

    statistician, 11. July 2008, 2:33

    There are plenty of people here who have been thrown off bvbl for voicing an opinion contrary to the management. They may speak up if they choose. There are also people who continually had comments disappear. They too many speak out if they choose. I know who some of them are. There were also little immature tricks played so people thought they were posting and they weren’t. They would go to work…no posting.

    A blog owner may handle things as he or she sees fit. They just shouldn’t be surprised when the people take their marbles elsewhere. What I find amusing is that the black velvets who hated us all so much then now beat a pass over here to see what’s going on and for a good fight.

  14. Censored bybvbl

    What I find amusing is that the black velvets who hated us all so much then now beat a pass over here to see what’s going on and for a good fight.

    That’s true. Some of them will present a valid argument but others just hope they can spin a tale that the two blogs are the same. They seem desperate.

  15. Michael

    Some people like Elvis are so consumed by anger, they can’t even calm down enough to have a factual and sensible debate. Sadly all groups are judged most by their most radical “associates”, regardless of the weakness of the association. I too wish Elvis would just “get lost” and we could focus on the main reason why our communities are so angered and normally peaceful people are “up in arms” over the anger they have for “illegal” immigrants, who continue to just take what they want, and do what only benefits them, regardless of the “hundreds” of “abuses” and “crimes” they inflict on the average citizen and legal resident.

    Its people like Elvis who prevent rational people from understanding the entire problem is a result of failing to enforce a legal, fair, and just immigration law on ANY individual in its entirety who knowingly and willingly “chooses” to break it. All citizen’s and legal residents have a right and a DUTY to rise up against law breakers when the breaking of those laws significantly affects their own lives “PERSONALLy”.

    Simply enforce the law, remove all illegal immigrants and the problems created by “illegal” immigrants will go away.

  16. Michael

    The “decline in population” WE WANT is a decline (to zero) in the number of people who are here “illegally” regardless of what ethnicity they represent. I want “illegal” europeans out just as badly as I want “illegal” people from any other continent out of my community and STOP the abuses and crimes they are perpetrating on me and my family in hundreds of WIDELY DOCUMENTED WAYS.

  17. Michael:

    Simply enforce the law, remove all illegal immigrants and the problems created by “illegal” immigrants will go away.


  18. Michael

    I do not agree that the “solution” is to simply give everyone “legal” documents after they have broken the law. This has been tried before and it was a MASSIVE failure, only ENCOURAGING a SIGNIFICANT increase in the numbers of people willing to break the law even more, (by example of its successful route to citizenship in 1986 for 10MILLION people). To stop this exponential increase in lawlessnes and future encouragement for MILLIONS more to break it again and again and again, begging for all of you to sympathize with them again, and pass amnesty again, we CANNOT give anyone amnesty or encouragement that breaking the law got them what they wanted. The result is equivalent to giving your kids “CANDY” everytime they disrespect you. You ALL know what the result of that would be!

  19. Michael


    Provide proof of your statement. Your opinion has little value.

  20. Michael:

    the “solution” is to simply give everyone “legal” documents after they have broken the law.


  21. Michael

    Well I waited, Time for me to leave to “date my wife”. I’ll return mackie if you want another honest and factual debate, to counter your current belief that lawbreakers, mean people, and criminals should be felt sorry for.

  22. Michael

    Yeah, like giving candy to children that throw temper tantrums, that really is an “intellectually mature argument” Mackie…

    I’ll return to this, got to go.

  23. Moon-howler

    Tell me this conversation isn’t true. Please. Someone throw cold water on me, slap me, but convince me in some way I am having visual hallucinations!

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