171 Thoughts to “McCain on Immigration”

  1. Emma

    I already explained that in my dialogue with Chris. I don’t know what Red Dawn has to do with what I was saying.

  2. Emma:

    My teenager and I both saw a little girl burst into tears when the devil creature got in her face.

    You mean how the children of immigrants were bursting into tears at the BOCS in october when they were begging the BOCS not to deport their parents?

  3. Cat Scratch Fever


    I think I have made my point. I don’t know why you would think Chris would be brain-picked and Red Dawn not. The point was made that both left the Order of the Red Circle.

    Interesting concept, that of the poster child. Perhaps you would be surprised to learn how long Chris has been commenting on this blog. She went by another moniker. She is not a newbie here.

    You are aware that this blog is not associated with any organization?

  4. Emma

    I didn’t know the BOCS had the power to deport anyone. You’re drawing a spurious relationship here, but if it gives you something to get excited about today, by all means.

  5. Cat Scratch Fever

    Apparently Corey doesn’t realize he can’t deport anyone. Listen to that video on the first thread. The children did not know the exact details of how deportation worked. They thought the bocs held the power in their hands.

    I agree with you that the devil at the Christmas parade was bad form. It is also past history.

  6. Emma

    Yes, it is past history that Chris happened to bring up in the first place, and I responded to it.

  7. Chris

    What can I say. I heard the “horns and talon” bit and thought about the devil in the Parade. I had no idea it would’ve turned into all of this.

  8. Emma

    Neither did I, Chris. I’m just responding to the nitpickers here.

  9. Chris

    I too can be nitpicky. Can’t we all at times?

  10. Emma:

    I didn’t know the BOCS had the power to deport anyone. You’re drawing a spurious relationship here, but if it gives you something to get excited about today, by all means.

    The relationship is definitely not spurious. The BOCS made it possible for the deportation process to begin for something as trivial as jaywalking.

    Please stop ignoring my point and trying to change the subject by insulting me.

    How can you ignore the tears of children who see their parents leave for work in the morning without knowing if they’ll be coming home?

  11. Censored bybvbl

    Indeed, Mackie, not spurious at all.

    From an article in the WaPo today about how immigrants here illegally are taking measures to prepare for the risk of deportation:

    They are designating who should take custody of their children, indicating what should be done with cars and homes, ensuring that relatives have power of attorney to access bank accounts and key documents, and memorizing phone numbers they might need to call from jail. Some are sending their U.S.-born children for visits to their home countries so they could adapt more easily if the family is suddenly forced to move back.


  12. Emma

    What makes you think I am ignoring anyone’s tears, mackie? You are drawing conclusions on your own to try to back me into some kind of corner that has no relationship to my earlier discussion. It wasn’t intended to be that global, but you can run with it if it gives your day meaning. Have fun.

  13. Elena

    You can choose to create this pretend “hate” that happens on this blog, but we are absolutely nothing like BVBL. If the truth hurts, that many posters on BVBL use language IDENTICAL to white power groups, that is not my doing, that is the doing of their own fingers and what they type. Greg promotes that kind of prejudice, that simple. Be buddy buddy with Elvis, if that is really the type of person you choose to defend, it says alot about you Emma. Furthermore, Rod was clearly being sarcastic and actually apologized to you for his “elderly” comment. Please, we don’t call people cockroaches based on their ethnicity or degrade their children by calling them parasites, or suggest people are dog food, disease ridden, stupid, having no contribution to mankind, peasants, and on and on, soley based on their hispanic heritage.

    Many of us have empathized with several posters here, concerned about their neighborhoods, offered neighborhood solutions, and yet, many of those same people take NO action to learn about the help that is out there.

  14. Emma

    Welll, I don’t choose to view everything in extremes, as you seem to assume, Elena. I think there are worthwhile opinnions on both blogs. I don’t think I’m “defending” the things that you find objectionable simply by saying that people have the right to express those things. Elvis says what he says to get attention, in the same way that some posters here freely throw out the words “racist,” “nativist,” the way they ridicule the way people speak and look when caught on camera at an odd moment, etc. You can deny that it happens, but if I felt like spending the time (which I don’t) I could easily find many posts to back up what I am saying.

    There is so much concern about the feelings of illegal immigrants–ok, fine, that is humane–but sometimes no concern for the feelings of posters who have a difference of opinion and some genuine concerns about the effects of illegal immigration. Do you suppose that Mackie’s response to me on this thread would help win me over to his point of view? Look back at what was said, and put yourself in my shoes for a moment, and see how someone might be put off and maybe a little more alienated by that sort of talk. Maybe Mackie feels like he scored one, but at what cost? To lose ground someone who was willing to listen to you all in the first place, and who has taken the time to find some common ground here?

    I was offended by the devil thing in the Christmas parade, and I only mentioned it because Chris brought it up, and all of a sudden it gets turned into my lack of compassion for children whose parents might get deported. And you would wonder why I would think, “WTF?”

  15. Moon-howler

    Emma, some of the people who have had various things mentioned about them (speech, etc) have made some pretty hideous remarks about individuals here. The question asked by Kgottahardt was very kind in comparison to some of the things that person said about her and others. She didn’t make fun. She inquired what was wrong.

    Elvis is being shunned. He doesn’t play well with others and attempts to harrass and intimidate several of the people here.

    I think most, not all posters here have compassion for other posters. You either have to ignore them or tell them off. I don’t think you have crossed the administration over on bvbl. Wait till that happens. We will look like a Sunday school picnic.

    You might want to check out what happened with Diversity Gal over there. She had a different point of view–a polite different point of view.

  16. I read that thread, MH. Honestly, what did she expect after posting the same information multiple times? I got the impression she was baiting them, and I don’t see where anyone insulted her personally. Greg’s response was obviously tongue-in-cheek. What if I repeatedly posted articles here about recent crimes perpetrated by hispanics? What could I expect for a response?

  17. Emma,

    I don’t mind if you want to get into an insult contest with me. I would enjoy it.

  18. McCain is Awesome, He risks his career by refusing to bow down to the bigots, We need more Republicans like him, I Myself am an extremely conservative person but I supported the Amnesty Bill.

  19. Last word on McCain and immigration…

    Immigration is one of the few issues Bush got right. The fact that McCain got it right also is not a strike against McCain. The Anti-Immigrant Lobby has been sitting in the corner of the GOP class room for decades, and only because of the disastrous Bush administration did they ever even come close to seizing control of the party.

    During the primary, McCain got beat up a lot for having a sensible approach to the immigration issue. But he stuck to his guns. The closest he came to a pulling a Mitt “Bend-Over” Romney was saying he “learned his lesson” and saying today he would vote against the McCain Kennedy path to citizenship bill. Mitt “Bend-Over” Romney, made a deal with the Anti-Immigrant Lobby after their previous piss boy Tancredo dropped out of the race. Now McCain is considering the Bend-Over Boy for V.P. Danger, danger.

    This is especially troubling to me because on other fronts, McCain is showing a weakness for powerful special interests like Big Oil, and the Mortgage Lobby that put us in the current foreclosure crisis. This is kind of desperation that put Romney in the Bend-Over position with the Anti-Immigrant Lobby (F.A.I.R., Numbers USA, etc.).

    Choosing Mitt “Bend-Over” Romney as V.P. is not a maverick move. It is a Bend-Over move. McCain’s dubious relationship with corporate lobbyists seems to be a necessity that is unavoidable. But if he thinks he can lightly pander to the Anti-Immigrant Lobby by tapping Romney for number two on the ticket, we are all in trouble. As Corey Stewart learned, if you give these people an inch, they take over the campaign.

    What happens if “Bend-Over” Romney assumes the position vis a vis the Anti-Immigrant Lobby? Will McCain be there to straighten Romney’s back for him? I hope we don’t have to find out.

  20. Moon-howler


    She was having trouble posting. She asked several questions about posting here. I know several people that has happened to. You post, you don’t think it went through, you post again. Actually you are in moderation. Most experienced bloggers have had it happen to them. How was she baiting them?

    As for tongue in cheek, sorry, I do not buy that. Are pit vipers tongue in cheek? It was nasty. Consider Mackie’s comments to you tongue in cheek.


  21. Emma

    Mackie, do whatever you need to do to feel big. Wallow in your vindictiveness. Have at it.

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