Crime Statistics in Prince William County INCREASED for the second-half of 2007 after the passage of the “Immigration Resolution”, numbers were higher for the July thru December timeframe for: burglary, auto theft, larceny, assault, robbery and homicides.

Here’s the breakdown:
Note: January-June 2007 prior to Immigration Resolution and
July-December 2007 is after the passage of the Immigration Resolution

  Jan-Jun Jul-Dec
Burglary 469 527
Auto Theft 302 310
Larceny 2466 2872
Assault 1370 1401
Felony Assault 175 137
Robbery 124 148
Rape 15 13
Homicide 4 5

According to the 2007 Crime Statistic Report,

The crime rate, which is a percentage of the total number of crimes per population, in Prince William County has been consistently decreasing over the past several years. Violent crime represents a small portion of the total crime in the County, with crimes against property accounting for 92% of the total crime.

Prince William’s overall crime rate — the number of crimes per 1,000 residents — dropped from 21.6 in 2006 to 19.8 in 2007, down from 24.5 in 2004 and 22.8 in 2005.

Some year-to-date crimes against people for 2008 have also increased from last year’s numbers through the same time period.

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  1. NotGregLetiecq


    I think it’s time for Corey Stewart to stop being Gospel Greg’s “ideological rag doll.”

    All he has to do is say, “I can’t do it anymore, Greg. I’m going to be my own man. I have to put the county’s interests first, that’s why they elected me.” HOW HARD IS THAT???

    How about we start a petition to show support for our Chairman, and give him the political cover he needs fortify his own spine? I’m tired of watching as Corey Stewart plays the part of a rag doll for Gospel Greg and the clowns from FAIR to have their way with.

  2. Does anyone here ever worry about something like this happening to them?

  3. Elvis

    thats a lot of posts for 6 whole months (more or less) of crime stats. those are typically the worst parts of the year for crime anyway. want a good baseline? look at other years and those months. you’ll see they are likely all high, depending on who/what/where you get your stats from.

    didnt one of the blog people post that crime is going down? then the blog owners post this saying it’s going up? I think someone needs to remember which “facts” they are posting. the resolution was a farce for sure, the 287g however has some teeth and is in fact removing undesirable criminals from our community. the crappy economy is removing people from our community, better someone elses than ours.

  4. Juturna

    Elvis, I saw your comments on THE OTHER. Since we have the equivalent of an 8th grade education, why do you bother?

    The second half of 2007 went up. Overall, trend analysis (try to grasp that) shows a decline.

  5. Juturna

    KG, we could be the first local jurisdiction to sell our elected leader on Ebay?!! I am sure Stewart would love the publicity.

  6. Red Dawn


    It has been attempted before, along with the half eaten grilled cheese sandwich. 🙂

  7. “KG, we could be the first local jurisdiction to sell our elected leader on Ebay?!! I am sure Stewart would love the publicity.”

    He would, but no one would bid.


  8. Anonymoose

    Im totally willing to buy into these stats, however they are not stated on the source. (either that or it was taken out of the PDF?). The 2007 Crime Statistic Report does not list anything by month. Did I miss this on the document? Please help!

  9. SecondAlamo

    So based on this info, if ALL the illegals left PWC we would have a HUGE crime wave, and thereby if we had thousands more moving back in crime would plummet. Hardly make sense, and you forgot to list fraud and identity theft.

  10. Juturna

    Kind of flawed logic there pal but you are correct only Major crimes (Part 1) reported have beeb discussed. However arrest data includes Part 2 which would include fraud and identity thef. Those numbers increased.

  11. hello

    The source provided doesn’t have monthly data. Where did these stats come from?

  12. Moon-howler

    I believe they came from PWCPD, Hello.

    @anon-100, 14. July 2008, 13:14
    The latest video on the new thread should clarify what Corey was referring to when he said that crime was down by 20% since the resolution passed. I believe this is a direct quote: “Our crime rate plummeted by about 20% in the past year. “

    Where did he get those statistics? Perhaps he has a different source than the PWCPD.

    He needs to be honest. It is that simple. He needs to separate the 287(g) program from the Resolution. It pre-dated the Immigration Resolution approved July 10, 2007.

    Corey needs to stop taking claim for a resolution that has basically become toothless and expensive. He needs to come clean with the public and admit that the 287(g) at the ADC is not part of the resolution.

  13. “Where did these stats come from?”

    Alanna talked to the Police Department.

  14. Juturna


    Click on the “crime statistics report” at the top of the thread. It takes you to the PD’s Crime Report located on their website.

  15. Michael

    Lucky Duck, (my response to elena’ double dog dare( IIt is my understanding that 287g was being “ignored” as an op-in program, by the Chief of Police. None of his officers were checking illegal status during traffic stops and reporting them to ICE. He had policy that he would not support the “opt-in”. The board made it official that he was to be over-ridden, and the policy mandated to cooperate with the federal 287g program as county policy set by the BOD if the police chief would not support it. The additional resolution efforts were to remove “illegal” aliens, not just criminal aliens, from our neighborhoods by our local police by reporting them to ICE (I also advocate for that), and to remove the payment of taxpayer services to people who are not legally entitled to them as a result of their “ilegal” status. (something I also support). None of these issues have anything to do with race, gender, religion or ethnic group, and only have to do with “illegal” and “legal” behavior. I do not support “illegal” behavior in any form. I simply want the existing law enforced, regardless of nationality.

    I never have and never will support policy that will remove services from people who are legally entitled to them as a result of their “legal” status. I do support removing all illegal alien criminals and support removing all “illegal” lawbreakers, and support welcoming all “legal” non-lawbreakers according to the rules and laws of our nation to allow a sustainable and controlled immigration process.

    Why would anyone think illegal behavior and lawnessness is GOOD for our community, unless they think only in terms of supporting their specific racial, gender, religious, or ethnic group AT ALL COST, including supporting crime and lawlessness.

  16. Michael

    There are many communities who have “elected” to not support the 287g program. If they can elect to not support it, politicians and communities can “elect” to have it enforced. That is what happened in PWC. It needs to happen at the state level next, other counties next, especially since the current “governor”, does not “elect” to have the state police support 287g, which is to require law enforcement to report criminal illegal aliends to ICE for deportation, rather that keep them in our communities where they wil commit future crimes again, and again, and again…

    To not support such an ANTI-CRIME program is lunacy, inviting even more crime as a result of failure of law enforcement to enforce existing law.

  17. Lucky Duck

    Michael, 287(G) cannot be ignored by the police department because it is located at the jail. So anyone the police bring to the jail will/must be checked by jail employees for residency, the police department has no say in that – so 287(G) was not being ignored.

    There simply was no “op-in” by the police, the jail runs the program so there was no choice in participating or not by the police department. They had to bring their prisoners to the jail and they were checked by mandated jail policy.

    As for the resolution having the police removing illegal aliens (as opposed to “criminal” illegal aliens), what the officers do is submit a form to ICE detailing the illegal alien’s information and location. I don’t know of one illegal that has been picked up by ICE after the information has been passed on to them. The officers DO NOT take the person into physical custody for being illegal. Never have, never will. They do not have legal authority to do so.

    Any action in which the officers do take an illegal alien into physical custody and hence, they are brought to the jail (such as driving without a license), they would have done that anyway before the resolution and have been doing it for the thirty eight year life of the department.

    The only people in the department that have been developed as a result of the resolution are the members of the Criminal Alien Unit. They have ICE powers. However, they, by mandate, focus on the “worst of the worst” criminal illegal aliens, who would have been discovered and reported to ICE by the 287(G) program at the jail anyway. So you are back to square one – the 287(G) program at the jail.

    So Michael, I once again ask you, what did you get for your $4 million that you didn’t already have?

  18. Moon-howler

    I would say that Lucky Duck has the final word on the above question:

    what did you get for your $4 million that you didn’t already have?

    I am guessing the answer is nothing. Lucky Duck, you rule the day.

  19. El Guapo

    So the crime rate was steadily decreasing for several years and then increased in the second half of 2007.

  20. Michael

    Lucky Duck”

    What we got from the resolution and the $4 Million was spent on the new officers to support 287g, was also increased capacity to expand the numbers processed of the “worst of the worst”, to the “not as bad as the worst, but deport them anyway”. In addition we got “policy” that over-rode the “mandate” to just check the “illegal” status of only the worst of the worst, to more than just the worst of the worst, and to “require officers to report “illegal” aliens to ICE. That report was not “mandated” before, and was under the “mandated” version of the resolution. Due to the political activities of those opposed to the resolution, it is now up to the “discretion of the officer based on probable cause”, which is different than the mandatory checking of “illegal” status (at all encounters or stopping of individuals with the police as a result of any suspicion of lawbreaking regardless of race, gender, religion or ethnic group”.) It is the actions of those opposed to the resolution who are “wasting” $4 million”. If the resolution had passed in its “mandatory” version, we would have gotton more reporting of “illegals” to ICE and an increase in capacity to deport more “illegals” to the limit of available manpower that ICE can take them. I personally favor the police to have the authority to take any “illegal” into custody, as “illegal” is a law, like many other laws that should be enforceable at all levels of law enforcement. I will continue to support community efforts to have this done by our local police, and state police until it happens and federal capacity for ICE to take them and deport them is increased.

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