What would your reaction be if this man, Davi Rodriguez drove up and down the main drag in the City of Manassas? How about past Coverstone 7-11?

Is his method better or worse than the course of action taken by Mr. Fernandez? You be the judge.

According to Channel 13 news out of Sacramento:


A story from CBS 13 in Sacramento, California featured one man ennobled by his passion for confronting day laborers with a trailer-mounted billboard saying “DEPORT THEM ALL.”
Davi Rodriguez drives the sign up and down the streets of Sacramento where day laborers wait for work, sometimes videotaping the reactions and uploading them to YouTube. Workers we talked to say they feel harassed, and they’re losing jobs


If you squint your eyes, click your heels together 3 times, you might just think you were back in Kansas.

182 Thoughts to “The Flip Side of the Sign: Thumbs Up, Down or the Finger?”

  1. es_la_ley

    Emma, 17. July 2008, 22:48

    SA, haven’t you heard the mantra of La Raza: “For the race, everything, for everyone else, nothing”?

    Just picking nits…. I believe it started out as a MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) slogan, but La Raza adopted it too.

    ‘Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.’ – ‘For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.’

  2. Juturna

    O thank goodness someone else thinks the Asian component at TJ is signficant!!

  3. Emma

    es_la_ley, where did you ever learn to nitpick like that? 🙂 It sounds so much more inclusive that way!

  4. Elena

    You are incorrect regarding the meaning of La Raza. I posted, from their website, the ACTUAL translation. Please stop propogading misinformation.

  5. Elena

    Are purposely obtuse? The League of Women Voters was formed when women were DENIED the right to vote. Now they focus on inclusive democracy for all groups.

  6. DiversityGal

    It seems that some people think that GROUP=EVIL. So does that mean that churches should be abolished (the members may come to view themselves as a collective and share a point of view that differs from another group)? Fraternities and sororities, even for service purposes…should they go away, too (they are often selective or exclusive in their membership and promote that members will enjoy an advantageous network after college)?

    For that matter…maybe the sports teams should go. Those team members get too chummy with each other. The fans are so rabid…they cheer only for their team, and those cheerleaders shout supremacy chants! No more scholarships for anything, I say. Sports scholarships only help athletes! Academic scholarships only help nerds! Scholarships for the disabled only help those with disabilities! Those guys are getting all the advantages, and someone should put a stop to it.

    Maybe we should throw all school clubs, book clubs, informal game nights, and slumber parties out the window, too. If the members of these organizations start talking too much, they may form opinions, develop bonds with each other, want to take care of each other like a little family. Don’t they know that you have to feel exactly the same about every individual person on this earth for this world to work? If we don’t stop all this group membership while they are young, these kids will eventually become interested in joining organizations as adults, which everyone knows will lead directly to WWIII.

    Sorry for the lampoon…I just felt like the demonization of the group was getting a tad out of hand.

  7. Moon-howler

    If everyone had equal status in the world they lived, there would be less need for advocacy groups. It is human nature to associate with those who have similiarities and who have similar needs. To suggest that people abandon this element of not only being a human but being animal, is ridiculous. Look at a few words in the English language that describe an animal’s tendency to group: flock, herd, pack, team, Methodist, alumni, league….Michael, you get the general idea.

    What you are suggesting (and don’t you dare give me your usual list!) smacks in the face of everything we know about psychology, anthropology, zoology, sociology, history, just for starters.

  8. DiversityGal

    THANK YOU, Moon-howler. Well said!

  9. Elvis


    that’s what LA RAZA says their name means, that’s objectivity for you. Dont you think they have a reason for putting that on their website? I’m sure you are smart enought to search and find out the definition somewhere else other than them. I’m seriously starting to doubt your intelligence level, I’m thinking it’s somewhere between a rock and a pile of dirt.

    La Raza is literally translated to mean “the race” they are a racist organization hell bent on ensuring reconquista here in the united states. of the SPL should profile anyone it’s these.

  10. Moon-howler

    Elvis, Why don’t you check with TH about La Raza. Why are you so threatened by that group? What does the NAACP do for you? How about that? Actually, I would tend to let those who have a keener sense of idiomatic expression in a language set the tone for what La Raza means. I seriously doubt if they give a rat’s ass what you think.

    I find nothing revolutionary about their website. From everything I know about that organization, they are what they say they are. Sort of like the Hibernians, regardless of how many people tried to associate them with Sinn Fein in the past. Your enemies will always find some vague association with some radical group.

    Actually, I have done the same thing to your radical group. Each and every time your group will attempt to make a point, there will be someone from anti blog pointing the Order of the Red Circle out for hatefulness and personal agenda. Just something to think about.

  11. Interesting thread you got here,

    I picked up and couldn’t help but see how it wandered. I was the sign driver. This sign is nothing new. r We’ve had it for a couple years. What’s new was that we had been using it 99.9% of the time challenging our government at their offices downtown with messages they had a hard time defending. Yes, I drove by the day labor area too. Stands to reason since that is my neighborhood, and I would drive that road on my way to do something many people just talk about doing. giving hell to my representatives. These day laborers are no angels. They have moved in and due to their sheer volumne have began dictating terms in this neighborhood. They and their proponents think they are above all laws here, not just immigration related ones. The truth of the matter is that before I started fighting back, people had a difficult time walking down the street to the store without them disrespecting the girls, forcing you to walk in the busy street, or blocking your driveways. They are not welcome here to most residents, but somehow they are left unmolested by authorites so a transient group of employers can make use of them, and a band of criminal gangs can manage them. I’m sorry, but they and their protectors must go. The only jobs they seem to get here are under-the-table, untaxed, and uninsured ones. The only ones profitting by that are the workers and the scamming employers. And no, I’m not wealthy. I’m actually quite poor. And no, i don’t drive up and down the street wasting fuel. We plan the trips carefully, and spend our time parked in front ot choice locations like the state capital, the courthouse, and the local politicians haunts. You’d bet I’d take donations for that. But right now, and for the past 2 years it’s been on what few dimes I have. All this race BS just serves as a big smokescreen for fraud. Somehow race and circumstance are now supposed to trump equal protection. If you take away the immigration law, you still have under the table income.

  12. Emma

    Sorry, you won’t find “equal protection” here, Davi, unless you defy zoning restrictions by attaching your sign to the remnants of a burned-out building, cover it with inflammatory, hateful rhetoric against white Americans, ignore the feelings of people in the neighborhood–oh, and change your last name to “Fernandez”–and no one will touch you, because they will run in fear of your lawyers. Welcome.

  13. Elena

    Welcome Davi,
    I am wondering, was there a specific event that happened that gave you the desire to put the sign on your truck? You mentioned that before you starting fighting back people were afraid to walk down the street, what has changed due to your actions? If the day laborerers were no longer there, would you still be driving with your sign? My belief is that many of these immigration issues are tensions within neighborhoods.

  14. Censored bybvbl

    Is Saveourstate relationed to any of the “Save” organizations that we know locally – Save the Old Dominion, Help Save Manassas, Help Save Virginia, Help Save Loudoun? The Minutemen? ALIPAC?

  15. DiversityGal

    Censored bybvbl,

    I’m not sure that SOS has a formal, if any, connection to the “Help Save” organizations. However, the Southern Poverty Law Center writes a little about SOS in its bio of Chelene Nightingale, whom they deem a Nativist. They may have a connection through FAIR, however. According to the following article, Chelene Nightingale used to be a field worker for FAIR, and took over as spokesperson and event coordinator of SOS from its founder, Joe Turner, who moved on to a job in FAIR. As we know, FAIR has had a relationship with HSM. Some have theories that FAIR works through grassroots organizations like SOS and HSM.


    The SPLC has classified SOS as a hate group.

  16. Elena

    Thanks for the info Diversity Gal.

    Have you had contact with F.A.I.R? I believe they are masters at using people, concerend about immigration, but unable to effect change through positive local county measures. I think our neighbhorhood services has been very effective in dealing with some of these tension, but they are just the beginning of change for some communities.

  17. Censored bybvbl

    “relationed”=”related” above

    DiversityGal, thanks for the info. When I did a google search on saveourstate, an ALIPAC forum showed up and a spokesperson mentioned that the two organizations worked together on projects.

  18. Michael

    No Elena, I’ll say it again, and again. Women got the right to vote, but the LWV continued to fight way beyond that for other women’s issues, exclusive of men’s issues after that purpose was achieved, which was the equal implementation of the voting law. Once the law is equal, what is the point of retaining the title, the League of Women Voters? They should change the name to league of voters (LOV) and equally balance the issues of most concern to men as well as the issues of most concern to women. This political organization does not do that and as a result is a hate group that refuses to include men’s primary political issues. No, the organization is not concerned with “just” the equal implementation of the law, but primarily and most vocally an organization supporting the views and opinions of women and women’s issues and is an organization dominated by women and women’s legal interpretations. I cruised the site and found it entirely biased in the eyes and interests of women, without an equal representation of men’s opinions, representation by men and men’s legal issues. These issues are “excluded” in large areas of political interest to men, and only include men’s issues when they just happen to coincide identically with women’s viewpoints, education, voting, and community safety.

    I see them as a hate group, with hate rhetoric, until they change their name and equally balance the most critical legal issues men face today (Such as child support, child custody, divorce court, alimony, male medical support, crime and crisis support clinics for men, violence support clinics for men, job support and educational resources for men, and financial responsibility law changes, currently biased toward men in favor of women ” in the married woman’s acts”.) None of these significant male issues are fairly dealt with by the LWV, in fact they favor women almost exclusively.

    That makes them a hate group to me.

  19. Michael

    DiversityGal 21″18

    I have a simple, legal concept that ONLY 4 groups of political alignment should be made illegal to operate politically,

    Groups that support race, gender, religion and ethnic group politics in “exclusion” of all other people in these same groups they identify as “different” That is a hate group, that is hate rhetoric. It is that simple, and matches the Supreme Court ruling, Equal opportunity for all, but not equal outcomes, and that “discrimmination and privilege” based purely on race, gender, religion and ethnic group is ILLEGAL”.

    What part of this concept do all of you NOT UNDERSTAND?

  20. Michael

    Diversity Gal 21:18
    “Sorry for the lampoon…I just felt like the demonization of the group was getting a tad out of hand.”

    You obviously weren’t paying attention to the “content” and “context” of the argument, hearing only what you want to hear.

  21. Elena

    I just will not argue with that kind of twisted logic. Seriously, they are a hate group, give me a break Michael. Now you just sound silly.

  22. Michael

    Moon-howler 0:11

    Every racial, gender, religious, ethnic “group” goes way beyond its initial charter to “rectify the law” and make it equal. As soon as they achieve that, they begin to heavily advocate for “privilege” and special laws just for themselves in “exclusion” of others not in this group.

    Do any of you not know, that Abraham Lincoln (A Republican), issued the emancipation proclamation, and stated the law of the land was “equality for all” and that all men were created equal?

    As soon as he did this, the radical political arm of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, supporting the politics of the most powerful senators and congressmen of the South, immediately went WAY BEYOND the current law (which was equal), and FORMED a political party group aligned along ethnic lines of power (called the KKK). This group operated outside the law, helped to support the making of NEW law that favored only one ethnic group. If the forming of this political group along racial, gender, religious and ethnic group political lines of power, had been made ILLEGAL, there would be no Jim Crow laws that could be passed, no political movement to advocate for them “exclusive” of all others, and no need for the later formation of the NAACP (also a radical political group of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY aligned along ethnic lines of political power), to at first protect themselves from “unequal law”, and make the law equal again, but once this law was obtained in the 1960s, continued to go way beyond that law, to discrimminate against any “individual” not a member of the NAACP ethnic group and pass new laws in the 1970s and 1980’s to force school bussing, force educational numbers balamcing policy and admissions ofices to discrimminate, and to force mandatory quotas, and to create new laws that favored ONLY their ethnic group “exclusive” of others, until 1990s Supreme Court rulings make the law equal again to avoid discriminating against any member of a group who had LARGER numbers than minority numbers, who’s members of that minority group discriminated against ALL others by favoring laws which benefited them ONLY because of their race, gender, religion and ethnicity?

    Both the KKK and the NAACP, now the ADL and NCLR are using the same radical tactics as political arms of the DEMOCRATIC party to do it all over again.

  23. Michael

    Elena, Obviously you cannot see the injustice that this “hate” group inflicts on men by women. I wonder why? Could it be because you belong to this “gender biased” organization? That is like a member of the KKK not being able to see the injustice it is imposing on people who are not a member of the KKK ethnic group.

  24. Michael

    Interesting tidbit, Andrew Jackson arguably one of the worst and most evil President’s next to Nixon, …was a DEMOCRAT, and was called a “jackass”, he liked the reputation so well, he had his party adopt it as the official mascot!!!

  25. DiversityGal


    Hmm, I wonder how many elected officials (Democrat OR Republican) and Supreme Court justices share your interesting view point on the law and all these hate groups…

    It’s Michael’s world…I just don’t feel like I live in it:)

  26. DB

    Look Michael knows what he is talking about.. Diversity Gal, when a group of people declare themselves “Native Americans” they exclude others. When a sign owner vilifies “White Europeans” he erects walls that create racial tensions. When any group segregates themselves according to gender/religion they breed resentment. We need to understand that there is no such thing as “race”. Race is a sociological/historical construct ONLY. Race is a concept created and supported by man. When a person can step away from their ideas about race and realize that race is fluid, when people can realize that skin color does not denote a race, then maybe we can actualy be free enough to solve our issues.

  27. Elena

    Are you comparing the ADL to the KKK or Neo-Nazi group or any other group that dehumanizes other people? You have twisted logic, you really do. Yes, those horrible people for wanting to make sure that never again does a holocaust happen, yes, those hateful jews for promoting tolerance of others. How DARE the ADL promote equality for all people!

  28. Elena

    You know Michael, upon reading your posts again, it is clear you are just pulling my chain! I fell for it, you got me 😉

  29. OK,

    Joe Turner has not worked for FAIR for quite some time. Chelene never did. We have members that belong to ALIPAC, MinuteMen, etc.
    SPLC calls us Nativist because they cannot prove we are racists. they call us anti-immigrant too, but that really is a sham. Morris Dees is just a race huckster with a law degree. He fits the typical ambulance chaser characterization. He’s just found a gravy train and he doesn’t want it to end.
    Have things changed since we started using the sign? Good question……I’d say things have started to change. And there is not tension between neighbors. there is tension between neighbors and outsiders. Most of the day laborers don’t live here. they bus or drive here. Some walk. Their customers don’t live here either. they swoop in and pretend they are helping the downtrodden, but all the while deny them workers comp insurance coverage, unemployment insurance, safety training, and in a few cases, actual pay. It’s all a scam. Foriegners scamming the neighborhood, the country, and themselves really. the employers scamming the tax and employment system. the government scamming those who play by the rules by not enforcing the laws equally.
    What drove me to do it?
    I’d say it was all of it at once. The neighborhood turned into a human marketplcae by day, and a war zone by night. Gangs giving me the evil eye; And most annoying was my competitors plucking their help off the street there and cutting my economic throat while my complaints to authorities of unfair competition went unaddressed. truthfully, the sign is the very least of what’ they deserve. all of them

  30. Moon-howler

    Michael, I am not going to engage in your reinvention of American history. Now lets see…why might I feel that way….you stated that the radical wing of the Democratic party formed the KKK? Enough said. Game over.

    I don’t live in your world either.

    I am going to be brutally honest. Stop saying ‘ race, gender, religion and ethnic group politics. ‘ You sound like a head case. Your rhetoric denies everything known about human beings.

    Think up something new to talk about.

  31. Michael

    Moon-howler, go take a close look at the constitution. In it you will find that the concept of political advocacy and favoring the law to support any race, gender, religion or ethnic group in a disadvantaged or privileged way by biasing the law, is ILLEGAL.

    It is BECAUSE we act the way we do as human beings the Supreme Court has made such action against others of race, gender, religion and ethnic group politics to bias the law ILLEGAL. There is nothing to talk about new because this problem will never go away as long as we have racists and ethnic hate groups of any race, gender, religion or ethnic group aligned that way politically.

  32. Michael

    BTW, If you don’t believe the KKK was formed by Democrats you have not studied enough history.

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