I understand that there are legal issues with this case.  I know that many some will say “She got what she deserved, after all, she was in this country illegaly, and was given prior deportation notices.”   To the men who have NO clue what childbirth entails, this was cruel and unusual punishment, her 8th amendment rights were violated in my mind.   No woman, in the midst of labor, is going to  be a  flight risk out of a hospital.  Furthermore, she was kept chained AFTER she gave birth, for six hours, and was denied her G-d given right to breastfeed her newborn.  I am sickend and appalled by this case.    

p.s. hyperlink located on the word “case”, click on it and it leads you to the video

125 Thoughts to “Where is the humanity in chaining a woman, by both wrists, while she labored in agony?”

  1. Jurturna

    Oh, had to go to Ask Oxford. Alwasy go with your first thought. It’s onomatopoeia.

  2. Elena

    thank you for clarifying the legal aspects of this case Lucky Duck. I stated from the outset that, clearly, there were legal issues, but her treatment by the sheriff was inhumane at best.

  3. Jurturna


    There are lots of law enforcement agencies. Most of them are professional and would not consider this appropriate treatment. Think the key is the professionalism which comes from the top.

  4. Elena

    Not that it matters, or that I need to share, but I will for some of you, who feel like I have no rights to my opinion on immigration. I moved out of my house(fairfax) at 18. I moved to South Arlington( I need to clarify from a previous post). For those of you who may be unfamiliar with South Arlington, it is VERY ROUGH to say the least. I loved the diversity and didn’t think much of it. From there I started moving west to be able to afford more for less. I always rented a room in a townhouse ( I wonder in Fairfax if we were breaking zoning laws now?!) I worked for full time and went to school part time. Finally, I ended up in Centreville. The neighborhood started out pretty homeogenous. Gradually, within seven years, there was a substantial number of Indians and Pakistani’s that had moved in. I won’t bore everyone with the stories, but the issues were almost identical to what I have seen described by many posters. I met my husband, and his dream was to own land he could ride a tractor on. I had never had such lofty goals, but this was his dream and so here I am. In beautiful Haymarket by the bull run mountains. I don’t believe I have to have suffered through starvation to want to stop world hunger, I don’t believe I have to have suffered through domestic abuse to want to help abused women, I don’t believe I have to live in squalor to know that I would not want to live that way. I believe that our unique human trait, to feel empathy, is what separates us from the animal kingdom. If my empathy offends people, well, nothing I can do about that, nor would I want to change that attribute in myself.

  5. DB

    No one wants to be tied down during childbirth, and I can’t quite figure out why they expected a minimum security prisoner to run while she was in the midst of labor. I however was tied down during both of my childrens’ births. Since I had to undergo C-sections both times (unexpectedly both times) I was given a serious spinal block, then I was tied down (forearms, elbows and wrists). I did not ask to be tied down, it was decided for me. In fact I asked that my arms be released and I was told “NO!” I had to remain tied down after the birth of both of my children. I was shown them but I was unable to hold them. Honestly i feel for the mother but understand many mothers go thru the same experience regardless of their alleged race. It is often a hospital thing.

  6. Moon-howler

    Childbirth has gotten much more civilized since I had my children. Patients have more rights. There is considerable difference between surgical restraints and law enforcement restraints.

    I don’t think most mothers do go through anything similar.

  7. The police committed a crime in interfering with this woman’s childbirth. They should be prosecuted for endangering the life of the unborn child and perhaps, to a lesser extent, the mother.

    The police are not your friend. They are not here to protect you. They have no legal obligation to protect you. The Supreme Court has ruled so. They are servants of the state. They are the enforcers.

    Only you can protect you. Know your rights.

    If it had been my child, and I had seriously thought the the police officer was putting my child’s life in danger, I would have killed him on the spot. It would have been justifiable homicide in defense of the life of my child.

  8. Elena, you are an admirable person for many reasons, empathy not the the least of them.

    I know it is disappointing, but during this unfortunate period of hatred cultivated for partisan purposes, it should come as little surprise that these threads create a predictable split each time you and Alanna post them. Some people afford the same level of humanity to all people, regardless of skin color, religion, or (gasp!) immigration status. Others have subscribed to a doctrine that some people exist on a higher plane than others. They posit themselves on the higher plane of course, and thus devalue the basic humanity of certain people targeted for hate. There are countless examples of mistreatment and abuses in this country and abroad. But on a blog that tends to focus on the immigration issue, you will find the same partisans will pop up again and again to say THIS human being is less deserving of sympathy, or THIS injustice is allowable if a certain class of human being suffers it.

    Threads that ask that an equal level of humanity be afforded to all will devolve the same way each time. It’s not that I disagree with you that human rights should be a goal we strive for as Americans, and it’s not that I see the shortcomings of other nations with regard to human rights as an excuse to fail ourselves, but I just wonder if the point you are making (and making effectively) is worth the pain it causes us to read that some of our brothers and sisters do not feel the same way.

    Of course there are Americans who are not moved by human suffering if it is inflicted by “our people” on “their people.” They would not have taken the anti-immigrant side of the issue unless they fundamentally disagreed with your humanistic principles.

    What we face today is not a question of whether such views exist in our society; it’s whether such views should prevail.

  9. DB

    Moon-howler my birth experience was not so far ago, I had no rights, my DR and Surgeon claimed their rights and my husband agreed with them (Still paying for it). I ask you however what right medical staff has to tie down a woman who is in no danger of herself or others because she is so involved in her own pain. As a man you will never understand THE PAIN. There is no such thing as civilized child birth. It hurts no matter what, and in the midst of the pain one could actually plan the demise of all man-kind. No joke.

  10. Juturna

    I wonder what those officers wives said to them.

  11. Moon-howler


    Why on earth do you think I am a man? If I were a man, would I speak to having my children? I believe child-birth is far more civilized than it used to be. Mothers and fathers have more rights. I am sorry you had a bad time. I advise people to shop around for a good OB. Ask questions. Ask about hospital practices.

    No one should be tied down at this time unless they are a danger to themself. I do believe I can address childbirth across generations.

  12. junkyard dog

    Interesting that those on the dark screen are so contemptuous of PWCPD, while at the same time screaming law and order and Rule of Law. Does anyone find that ironic?

    I find it strange that people who tout the rule of law are so derisive of those whose job it is to enforce the laws.

  13. Excellent point junkyard dog.

  14. Elena

    Wow, excellent point Junkyard dog. Quite a dilema for them I’d say now that you make mention of it!

  15. Elena

    I do understand your pain, specifically as it relates to C/S’s. I don’t believe Moon-howler meant to belittle your pain, if that is indeed your impression. Many women experience traumatic births in this country, PPD and PTSD is reportedly very high. That this woman was handcuffed, because she was an illegal immigrant, is the point that people are making. I believe it may have validity. I hope this case is investigated further so that we may learn more of why this happened to this woman. It is’t like she was Harrison Ford from the movie “The Fugitive” !

  16. Moon-howler

    Far be it from me to belittle child birth pain. You are definitely right on that score, Elena. That is when I developed the expression: PAIN HURTS.

    Actually I am now finding DB’s reaction to my comment rather strange. Certainly a woman with two grown biological children should be able to comment on childbirth back in the day.

    Actually, once again Lucky Duck said how things should have been handled. I will not reiterate.

  17. Elena

    Thanks for your encouraging words. I understand that Rick and others are frustrated and feel abandoned by their government, but to wish pain upon people, that is just beyond my comprehension. How are we to come to reasonable solutions if that attitude prevails?

  18. Elena

    I think DB just may have misunderstood your point ,and clearly, there is alot of emotional pain associated with her birth experiences. I can relate to that, although not necessarily for the same reasons.

  19. Moon-howler


    I think my gender was also misunderstood.

  20. Elena

    Yes, she did.

  21. Rick Bentley

    “but to wish pain upon people, that is just beyond my comprehension”

    It’s not because I don’t recognize them as human. It’s because we either have a welcome mat out to illegal immigration, or a stop sign. Do you not wish pain on criminals? Do you not want them pinished and provided with disincentive?

    Elena South Arlington is rough, true. But you didn’t quite have the same experience as me in that it was rough when you moved there, and you probably weren’t raising a family there at the time and you probably hadn’t invested everything you had in a small townhouse. I’m sure I’m more into anger and you’re more into empathy, but to some extent I’m sure that if our situations were reversed, you’d be a tad bit angrier and I’d be a tad bit more content to have a government run by elitists who tacitly support illegal immigration and amnesties every decade or so.

  22. Juturna

    I don’t see Berry Hill Police Department or Nashville Police Department on the ICE list of approved agencies. So the ICE officers involved must have been Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. I find it hard to believe that DHS will not investigate this. When locals are granted federal authority I am sure there is some good review process. Although on the other hand (just can’t control the sarcasm) how often do you EVER recall any Federal Agency relinquishing controls to locals???? Only the stuff they don’t want???

    One of the partnership purposes of ICE and locals is (from DHS website) I am not sure where this woman fits in: “The cross-designation between ICE and state and local patrol officers, detectives, investigators and correctional officers working in conjunction with ICE allows these local and state officers: necessary resources and latitude to pursue investigations relating to violent crimes, human smuggling, gang/organized crime activity, sexual-related offenses, narcotics smuggling and money laundering; and increased resources and support in more remote geographical locations.”

    Here is the link http://www.ice.gov/partners/287g/Section287_g.htm

  23. Juturna

    You don’t see them as human?

    I have felt bad for your situation Rick, I’ve watched you here and on THE OTHER. You have let your anger consume you – totally. This is how I became involved. I tracked Lafayette for months on THE OTHER and did some drive bys. That’s what got me interested in the whole issue. However, she was able to get a grip and make some changes.

    You do not sound healthy and you should see someone. Take some personal responsibility and get yourself under control before this backfires on you.

  24. Juturna

    Oh, I misread…. however, it was not a giant leap based on some of your comments. I am serious that your anger has overtaken you. Aren’t you fortunate that we are more into empathy and can see your frustration rather than lump you into one mass group of unlucky people.

    But seriously, see what you can do to get some help from local government, public defenders or family services….. I don’t think it’s healthy to go on like this. Contact one of the empathizing administrators here contact anyone and try to develop some options. Options are good.

  25. Imagine what ricardo bentley would do if he had real power over other people’s lives. This is why our constitution was written, to restrain government. This is why the founding fathers wisely included the second amendment.

    The history of the black Americans stands as testimony. Where black Americans were unarmed, men like ricardo made them live as animals. Where black Americans kept and bore arms, they may have lived apart but they were able to preserve their human dignity.

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