We would love to have your input for the next venue for an economic party. If you know of a restaurant that would welcome the event, please feel free to share. Everyone is welcome to particpate, especially those who feel we focus too heavily on one particular type of restaurant.

57 Thoughts to “Let’s vote on the next venue for an Economic Party!”

  1. Moon-howler

    Rick, I wouldn’t consider your attendance infiltrating. You have been a member of this blog from early on. We don’t always agree but I think we have had fairly cordial exchanges. I think it is easier to solve problems when people can sit down face to face.

  2. DB

    Has the restruant been chosen? Cuna del Sol in the Burlington Coat Factory center across from the Bull Run shopping center is a Peruvian/Mex restruant worthy of seeking out. Love the roast pork.

  3. Moon-howler

    DB, I haven’t heard. I don’t think an economy recovery party is planned for the same night as the film but I do think people might socialize afterwards. There are several watering holes in the vicinity.

  4. Elena

    I am trying to see figure out what were some of the favorite sites.

    Let me make a list and people vote:

    Kirkpatricks – Haymarket
    Seoul BBQ on the end of Dale blvd
    Tandoori Village -Manassas
    Chinese Imperial-Manassas
    City Square Cafe-Manassas
    Asian Garden-Bristow
    Cuna del Sol -Manassas

  5. Rick Bentley

    Thanks Moon-howler but I think you guys will have a better time without me angrily contradicting eveything you say!

    It is generally cordial here but I am a bit disturbed about the IP Address outing. The message was duplicitous but not particularly profane or disturbing. I think that was the wrong thing to do, a real overreaction.

  6. Jorge Pollo

    Boo Hoo!!

  7. DiversityGal

    Tandoori Village or Seoul BBQ

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